I am gearing up, no pun intended, for a trip to Vegas for the site and for some relaxation. It got me thinking this morning about packing for the trip. I was going through all the stuff I need, then that internal voice said: “How much underwear do we need to take?” I stopped and thought, well a good bit! Not that I change several times a day but I like to have options.

When going on a trip I have gotten really good at packing just enough. I used to be a major over packer. I had clothes for 2-3 weeks for a 4-day trip. Now, I have it down to a science. I usually have just enough clothes plus a change in case something happens. As for underwear…that’s an entirely different story.

I pack enough underwear for the days I will be gone. Then while I”m still packing I see other pairs I love and say “oh let’s put those in too, oh yeah, these as well.” Till I have prob 12 pairs of underwear for a 4-day trip. You maybe asking, do I wear all these undies? Nope, I don’t, I just like having the options for something to wear.

One thing I try to do as well is match my undies for the climate I am going too. For instance, Vegas is super hot this time of year so I will pack a lot of modal and other light pairs to wear during the day. It makes the day much better when you can stay cool

Depending on the trip, sometimes I come home with even more underwear. If I find a deal I will buy up some pairs I like. I haven’t become the world traveler yet to start buying pairs in each country I visit to remember the trip. Soon I hope! But luckily I don’t buy too many on vacation.

I”m curious how you guys pack for trips. Do you over pack underwear as well? Does your wife/husband/girl friend/boyfriend give you grief about it or do they encourage it? Or do you have underwear you consider vacation underwear? Lastly, do you match to meet the climate you are in?



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  1. I use to travel extensively for work. My trips would be 4-6 weeks and my destinations would change weekly. I would pack 2 suitcases. One for work clothes (everything including underwear just for work) and one for casual (consisting of a few pairs of jeans and shorts, a few t-shirts and leaving 3/4 of it for underwear/gear). My coworkers and friends gave me crap about all the underwear I packed. Both suit cases would make the 50 lbs limit. So, if I would buy anything on the road, I would have to ship it home (or keep the new gear and ship some of the gear I packed from home). LOL Being my schedule changed frequently, my flights would be booked only a day in advance and the TSA would search my bags all the time (I would get that nice little note in my suitcase stating they searched it). I often wondered what the person(s) that search my underwear suitcase thought when they saw all my jocks, thongs and leather gear.

    It did pay off many times, since I could always find a few guys in any city I was in that had the same fetish as myself. I once had an issue with a border agent coming across from Windsor, Ontario going to the Detroit Airport. He pulled me aside and emptied both suitcases, spreading my clothes all over the top of my rental car. His boss came out of the office and asked why I was waiting inside and I pointed to my car with all my stuff on it. He flipped out and went out and chewed the guy out and came back and apologized for the guy emptying out my suitcases. You should have seen all the looks the people that were going thru the check point gave me when they saw my gear on my car. The agent put everything back and approached me with a small bottle in his hand. He asked me what it was and I told him Video Head Cleaner. He smiled and said “So I guess that goes with the magazines and gear you have too.”. I laughed as I grabbed it out of his hand and said “yup!”. And was on my way.

    So I think you should bring at least 3 pairs of underwear for each day you will be gone. That way you can have a choice each day when you get out of the shower and decide if it’s a boxer, brief, bikini or thong day,

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