Few things ever take me off guard in the world of men’s underwear. In the 30 years, I have LOVED underwear, it takes a lot to phase me. One thing that seemed to come out of nowhere is thongs. Yes, we have had a steady group of guys who loved the style. But, they were always a smaller group of really devoted guys.

In the last two years, thongs have really taken off. Much like the way jocks did in 2009. Now a good number of our readers LOVE thongs. This includes a lot of straight guys. Many of our guys here, like the Thongged Ginger, theBottomDrawer and Undiesdude all are the biggest thong lovers on the site. As we have posted thong content, we have attracted more thong readers. This includes a lot more straight guys. Which is awesome.

Thong Thursday was developed on Twitter to showcase thongs. I’m not sure who started it or what their purpose. But we fully support this day! We want more of our readers to post on Thong Thursday. Share your pictures, stories, and experiences in wearing thongs. They could be swim or underwear thongs.

Going forward we will be doing regular Thong Thursday posts. This will include reader experiences, highlight thongs (both new and classic thongs), swim thongs and discussions around them.  We want to get our readers more involved sharing their stories. If you are interested, just simply email us and we can tell you exactly what we need!

In the mean time, I will share one of my most recent thong purchases. A thong that I highly recommend. It was the pride thong from M-Wear. I am not a huge thong fan but the pouch and design was so freaking incredible. Totally blew me away! You can also get custom thongs made from M-Wear. Find them on Twitter.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. I really enjoy wearing thongs. The right ones make you look and feel great. I like the Joe Snyder thongs. They are actually “swim” thongs but they can definitely be worn as underwear. The look and feel of the material is great and it holds up very well; much better than cotton in my opinion. The colors are bright and they recently came out with some prints; hopefully they will add some more choices. And to tag off of a previous post, I have bought most of my recent ones on Amazon.
    (Please include me in future discussions)

  2. Thongs are awesome. I’m a straight guy and have both thong underwear and swim thongs. I also wear boxer briefs and trunks. Thong underwear is great for running and the gym, especially the brands Jockey, Papi, Cover Male, and Andrew Christian. For swim thongs, I have Andrew Christian and Gregg Homme, both of which are awesome for the remote beach on a hot day when I’m looking for a tan. UNB has done a great job recently at promoting thongs!

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