We asked a few readers to share their experience wearing swim thongs in public. Here are a few of our reader’s tales of rocking the swim thong:

GD (picture above):

The first time I wore a swim thong in public was on a secluded beach in WA. It was a turquoise Joe Snyder bulge thong that I was wearing under my shorts. There weren’t many people around so I thought “why not?” Taking off my shorts and feeling the breeze against my legs (and rear) was exhilarating. After embracing and getting comfortable with this very new and very exposed feeling. I walked to the water’s edge and dove in. The freedom of movement that a thong provides in the water is amazing! I almost felt like I was wearing nothing at all. I swam for just a few minutes and then got out to dry off on the beach. I layed out on a towel on my back still wearing just the thong. I closed my eyes since the sun was so bright and I heard people walking by. What I did NOT hear was any laughing or judgement. The way I see it, if they want to point and state that have their own insecurities to figure out. I am comfortable in my own skin and will continue to wear whatever I want! I hope my story might help others interested in trying swim thongs in public. Just go for it!


I’ve worn one to tan in the back yard before, but took the plunge and wore one in public. All be it, on a more secluded beach. It was exhilarating and freeing. Would I wear it on a crowded beach, not yet, but one step at a time


I love wearing it on the beach and overall gives the best tan. I feel confident knowing I work out every day and have been given compliments. Then if you’re going to a local beach bar just put on a pair of shorts. Nobody likes the netting of swimsuits anyway.


n our last vacation, we stayed at a gay resort with a group of our friends. The resort is clothing optional but I, like most of our friends, prefer to opt for something, even skimpy, rather than nothing at all. One night when we got back from the clubs we decided to all get in the pool. I told my fiance let’s just go in our underwear. He was wearing a 2xist brief and I had on a Joe Snyder pride frame thong. I wear a Joe Snyder thong practically every day. It was great… the feeling of being looked at in a wow kind of way. It was great also that one of our friends the next night upon our return from going out also wore a thong in the pool. I wore another Joe Snyder thong of course. Can’t wait to go back LOL


I’m a straight guy and occasionally wear a swim thong in public. I have found it to be a great style for several reasons. First, I enjoy thong underwear and find it comfortable. The same applies to the right swim thong if you get the right brand and style. I own two swim thongs which are very comfortable. Second, I often bring a swim thong with me on a hike or walk to a remote beach where I know it’s unlikely I will see anyone else. As a hiker, I always try to minimize the weight I carry and a swim thong is a very light weight and if it gets wet I just clip it to the outside of my hiking bag. It’s much better than carrying around wet soggy board shorts. Some places I go I could probably get away with skinny dipping, but I prefer a thong just in case. I avoid wearing a swim thong on a crowded beach or pool out of respect for those who may not want to see me in such skimpy swimwear. But on a remote beach, it’s not so much an issue. Finally, swim thongs are great on a hot day where I want to soak up the sun rays and get a full body tan. Board shorts and swim trunks can be too hot. Every guy should try a swim thong! It’s scary at first but it can be addicting.


I was actually in SW Florida at the time when I saw swimming briefs in the mall. I then wondered casually through the department store looking for other swim briefs, I stumbled upon thong underwear only. Then began to do research online and found the trend expanding to the US. I then decided to order my first swim thong online. Feeling confident and driven to work out more.Then I tried the Jor swim thong which completely changed my beliefs on swimwear. I LOVED them. I wore them to the public condo pool and the beach the first day despite being nervous. I received several compliments from men and women at both places. Answering questions “Is it comfortable?”yes of course and is the best support and overall tan”. I am ordering more soon because of the encouragement from friends and strangers. JOR makes a great suit and Pikante does as well. Hopefully, other companies catch on. I wear them all the time to the pool, tanning bed, and beach.I find them overall the best underwear and probably will wear forever to the public beach and pool lol.

Have you worn one? Let us know!


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  1. Great post! Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories. Hopefully more men will try a swim thong.

  2. LOVED reading these! Thanks so much to all the guys who shared. Would love to hear more. I especially love hearing the kind of comments and interactions you’re all having with people while you’re sunning your buns.

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