We got a chance to ask the PetitQ boys some questions about their brand and new collection. We hope you enjoy

You guys have been releasing a lot more collections this year. Why have you been putting out collections about every two months? 

We release 8 collections a year in the US and even more in Europe. Starting next week, we will have new products every week on our European website. Now that we have our own sewing shop, it’s easier to release new products. We have so many ideas coming that 2 collections a year was not enough. I also think that the market has changed and online, people want to see new stuff all the time and not many brands are capable of doing it.

The new collection just released has some really sexy lace pairs. How do you transform a feminine fabric into something masculine?

I think that lace trend for men came from Europe where people take more risks and don’t care as much about what masculine should look like and you don’t need to be masculine to be a man. We have customers buying sexy lace thongs telling us their female sex partners love it. Lace is actually very comfortable and brings some softness. You can go 2 ways with lace. You can be very feminine with floral patterns, knots, bikini cuts. Or you can make it more masculine by using lace fabrics with more geometrics patterns and use it for men cuts. To make it look even more masculine, we like to mix it with a harder fabric like pleather like fabrics. This hard and soft mix gives a masculine refinement look.

Producing pairs with cutouts has been one of the signatures of PetitQ, You have a lot more pairs with cutouts? What inspires you to create these pairs? 

We do have a lot of cut-outs. In the front, in the back, on the sides. Everywhere. But actually, we rarely sketch products with cut-outs. But then when we try the prototypes, we’re like: ‘this should be open here’. We know some people don’t understand why an underwear should be open but it’s usually here to make the visible parts looking better and take all the attention. Trust us, people will look at your cut out and not at the few extra pounds you haven’t lost yet. Maybe we also have a butt fetish 😉

I love the new Harness in the collection. Especially the red are we going to see more designs featuring harnesses? 

Yes, we are going to see more harnesses coming. Honestly, we didn’t see that coming. We used to have many harnesses when we first launched in the US 5 years ago. It’s not easy to make harnesses size wise. You don’t want to have the elastics lose nor look like a roast beef. It took a while for us to be ready to do them by ourselves but now we have a whole collection ready and in production. It was pretty logical to make harnesses, many customers wear our underwear for parties and harnesses are like underwear for your chest, it’s here to show your body and show what you want 😉

You guys also wear your own underwear. I see you posting pictures in the gear online. Do you each have a favorite pair from the new collection? 

Yes, we have to wear our underwear. Even though we try the underwear on us when we do the samples, there are things you only realize when you’ve been wearing your underwear all day. It’s also like this that we find new ideas.

Arthus’ favorite is the Redon Brief, the one with the leather-like fabric and lace. The design on the back is really sexy and show just enough of skin

My favorite is the Corlier, it’s like a boxer but open on the back and sides. It also has that balance between the soft lace and the strong leather-like fabric. The pouch is not attached at anything under, like a slingshot, and I like that kind of pouches.

Why should guys wear PetitQ? 

If you want something different, playful and of good quality, you should definitely try some PetitQ. We have over 200 different designs, there will always be one that fits you. We really work around the male’s body.

Find the new collection at PetitQ


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