SlickItUp is one of my favorite gear companies. They are creative, fun and always go all out in their designs. Some of you guys here love gear, especially sports-inspired gear. One of the newest pairs is the Buttless Football pants. Which are a mix of sports gear and leather?

I say this is a mix of leather and sports gear because from the front it’s very much a pair of football pants. From the back, it’s more like a pair of chaps. Well, a pair of chaps with a thong built in. These are really cool to me. Mixing two things that I really like. Slickitup is known for their creative vision in gear.

Some of you may be asking where would you wear this. Well, if you’re bold! It can be worn to a gear night at a bar. A liberal dress code bar. If you’re like me this would be more for at home and private sessions. I suppose you can pair it with a jersey and watch your favorite team as well. But this isn’t something for a sports bar.

The pants come in two sizes. They are small/medium and medium/large. I’m not typically a fan of sizes together. Being a tall guy and bigger they typically don’t feel tall guys well. Which sucks cause I really love these pants. Currently, they just come in black, but I could see these made in other colors as well.

Slickitup says it’s the mix between the best of sports and fetish wear and I totally agree. They are sexy and hot! While not for every guy, i”m sure we have quite. few who will love them. The Buttless football pants retail for $94 on the SlickItUp site. Make sure you check out all the gear on the site form swimwear, underwear and a great deal of fetishwear.



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