Slick It Up


The super soft, super stretchy, neon peachy pink sling is a standout look! Wearing this sling makes the wearer feel incredibly sexy, and it gets a lot of appreciation from onlookers. The material is a unique combination of striped solid and sheer, exclusively available at Slick It Up! Its extreme stretchability means it’s available in just two sizes: small/medium and medium/large. For those over 5’10” or 185 lbs, the Medium/Large is recommended. A person who is 6’3″ and 230 lbs comfortably wears the M/L size, even though they typically wear an XL. Like all Slick It Up products, this sling is proudly made in New York City by hot himbos, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting various charities. All orders are shipped at a low flat rate, no matter how much is purchased, so be sure to take advantage of that offer!

Who loves a thong? According to our reader survey, a lot of you guys do!! One thong that I saw pop up on social media is the Slick It Up Bubblekini thong. Slick It Up say it’s the world’s most comfortable thong in the world!

The Bubblekini comes in three different colors, Baby Blue, Bae Watch (red), and Snozberry (pink). Three fun names for fun thongs. One thing that you should know about this, and for many of you this is a selling feature, the pouch of the Bubblekini is unlined.

Slick it Up makes some very fun and sexy gear. Some of their gear is on the expensive side, but this thong is priced at $22, which isn’t bad for a pair of undies.

If you love thongs check out this pair! I think it may be a new favorite. Shope this and other pairs on the Slick It Up site.

If you’re going to wear a thong swimsuit why not go all out and have some fun with it. By wearing a bright color, bold print or something else fun. Slickitup has a new Electric Indigo thong Swim suit that is perfect for the guy who wants to rock a thong and draw attention to himself.

The thong itself has an electric blue hologram print. Meaning it will be one that people will come up and ask where you got it. We can almost guarantee it will be a conversation starter at any pool party this summer.

One thing they caution about is wearing this in highly chlorinated pools. The hologram finish may come off. They also say that if it does the thong will still be stunning in the royal color.

Pair: Slickitup Electric Indigo Swim Thong
Color: Hologram Print
Fabric: TBA
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $64.00

I love surfing through Instagram. First, it allows me to find amazing new brands. And second, I get to see who wants what gear. There have been several guys who have posted this in their stories. The Slick It Up Pink to Purple Ombre Body Suit. Now, Slick It Up is no stranger to making hot and erotic gear.

The new suit is see-through, which for some it may be a bit much. However, in the images, they have paired the suit with the Candy Thong, which is pink. The ombre is offset by the mint green zipper. It’s a pastel paradise! I like to see how Slick It Up, creates designs outside the box. Fetishwear should be black and not very colorful, well not anymore!

This pair isn’t cheap, it’s $164. The sizing is a bit tricky. If you’re tall like me, they only offer small through large. So If you’re over 6’1”, you may have an issue. I thought this was a fun pair to share. Gear should always be fun!

It’s time to embrace the fetish side! One company that I love is Slick It Up! They have some of the best spandex fetish gear on the market. The only downside is being a tall guy they don’t make my size. I could look at it as a bad thing or a good thing I don’t tell them to “Shut up and take my money.”

One of the new pairs mixes two things guys are loving. The first is a thong, and the second is spandex. The Metallic Purple Fantasy One Piece Body Thong. It’s got a really long name for something so hot and skimpy! The pair from the front looks like a brief and harness. But in the back, you see the thong and how it goes together. It’s pretty sexy. I mean, WOW. I said this as I first saw this pair.

I think it’s time we start having fun in our gear. The gay guys have been for years (but don’t get me started on guys, not into gear.). The more straight guys I talk to, they want to incorporate underwear and gear into their fun times. I think it adds something to the “fun time,” But maybe I have a biased opinion!

Where did the creativity for this pair come from? They say it’s a mix of Skeletor and Barbarella. And it could be very retro or futuristic, depending on your point of view. It’s definitely a look that will get you noticed where ever you wear it. I have a feeling many spandex bar nights may see guys in this pair or maybe some go go dances.

One last thing. They say it’s made by a slutty magical enchantress in Manhattan. If that’s the case I need to get to know her to make some awesome gear for me!

Pair: Slick It Up Metallic Purple Fantasy One Piece Body Thong
Color: Purple
Fabric: Spandex (TBA)
Sizes: Small – Large
Price: $94.00


My fetishwear of choice has been spandex and specifically singlets for many years. Back when I found them they were exclusively for wrestlers and I had to go to a sporting goods store to find them. And this was a few years before the internet. Now I prob have 20-30 singlets in my collection. I haven’t counted lately so it’s a good round number.

Here are 5 singlets you must try now. As you can tell I love the traditional singlet! There are plenty more fetish ones out there. However, many of my favorites are no longer being made. Such as those from N2N Bodywear, Pistol Pete, and more. These aren’t ones I own but ones I think you won’t be disappointed in wearing.

Go Softwear AJ Team Singlet

This singlet is my new favorite. Go Softwear did an amazing job with this Team singlet. Right when I saw the red/blue combo, I knew I had to have it. When I put it on, it felt like a second skin (you can read my review). It is not a purchase I regret at all.

Pair: Go Softwear AJ Team Singlet
Color: Red/Blue or
Fabric: 88% Polyester 12% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $40.50

Barcode Berlin – Singlet Lukenwalde

I have profiled this singlet once or twice on UNB before. It’s the color block pattern that blows me away. I don’t own it but my singlet drawer is in desperate need of this spandex. It’s amazing colors

Pair: Barcode Berlin – Singlet Lukenwalde

Maskulo Youngero Singlet

Do you want to combine both sport and fetish? This singlet is for you. Plus the singlet glows in black light! The top has more of a tank fit than a regular singlet. One thing that may make you want this is the codpiece on the front is removable.

Pair: Maskulo Youngero Singlet
Color: White
Fabric: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane;
Sizes: 2XS – 5XL
Price:  92 Euros

Slick it Up – Zip Butt All Star Singlet

This singlet is out of stock so I hope they get them back in soon. We profiled this a while back. It’s a take on the patriotic wrestling singlets made for fun. The singlet is a super low cut singlet, with longer legs. The red/white/blue pattern is pretty awesome. Throw on a baseball cap and high tops and you have a bar outfit. Note, that the back has a zipper, for well….

Pair: Slick it Up – Zip Butt All Star Singlet
Color: Print
Fabric: Spandex
Sizes: TBA
Price: $124.00

Barcode Berlin – Pino Singlet

Barcode Berlin made the list twice. That’s because they make true singlet inspired gear. To me the traditional cuts are the sexiest of all of them. Long legs and full cut up top. These have been my favorite. The design of the Pino singlet is super simple but it’s a classic to me. It shows less can be more.

Pair: Barcode Berlin – Pino Singlet
Color: Blue
Fabric: 80% polyamide, 20 % elastane
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: 59.00 Euros

These are some of my favorite singlets right now! Do you have a favorite? If so let me know.

Spandex is my favorite form of fetishwear. I love it in all forms, biking gear, singlets, runners and more. It has always been super sexy to me. One company that takes spandex gear and turns it on its head is Slick It Up. They put their own spin on spandex. One of their best gear pieces is their singlets. Now they have turned their sights to speed suits.

The speed suits, well this one, looks more like cycling gear. The skin suits for biking are one piece with a zipper down the front. Slick It Up, has taken this already sexy style and added a few new things. This one has cutouts on the front and back. The front are kind of like racing stripes. They are on the chest and down the stomach. Followed by some down the leg. At first look I thought it was different color spandex. The real deal is in the back. The back is mesh followed by two cut outs on the cheeks.

It’s not your normal skin/racing suit. This is made to be worn for a different work out! Unlike other pairs, this one is only available in two sizes, due to the super stretchy spandex. The sizes are Small/Medium and Medium/Large. This pair is not cheap. You can get a singlet for around 30-45 dollars. This one is going to cost you $136. Sexy fetishgear comes at a premium. These cut outs are not easy to create.

If you love spandex gear, then go to Slick it Up and check out all the suits. They have singlets, harnesses, underwear, swimwear and more. Oh did we mention they have leather! They are truely a fetish company that gets what guys want!

Pair: Slick It Up Racking Suit
Color: White
Fabric: Spandex
Sizes: Small/Medium and Medium/Large
Price: $134.00

Do you like the smallest thong you can buy? This is the smallest thong that Slick It Up can make. Not in the sure size of the thong on but the thong itself can fit in the size of a bubble gum piece. Making it perfect for your ever-expanding underwear drawer. If you’re like me space is a premium.

This thong as a funny name but is made for accenting your backside. The contour pouch mixed with the triangle design in the back will make your cheeks pop and show off. It is available in two colors, black and bubblegum (pink). I think these are the perfect colors and if you can’t decide on which one you want you can get a combo with both colors.

More companies like Slick It Up are designing barely there underwear. Using fabrics and technology to create the smallest and most comfortable underwear on the market. It’s awesome to see this happen. It can be said it’s almost like a technology race in the world of men’s underwear!

This pair is just $22 for the one thong and $40 for both the black/bubble gum pack! This is one of the least costly items I have seen on the Slick It Up site. It’s pretty much in line with what a thong will cost you. Especially when you compare to other brands.

Lastly, this thong reminds me of one of my very first thongs. It was a similar cut and black. I remember it very well. But something tells me this will fit better than that thong. It was 100% cotton and a bigger back. I wish I would have had something like this back then!

If you are a thong fan, we highly recommend checking out the Bubblekini out from Slick It Up. Just double check the sizes before you order.

When you think classic underwear, I’m betting that Slick It Up is not one company you would think of making classic undies. When I think of Slick It Up, it’s more fetish, spandex, mesh and barely there gear. However, they have made their own classic line called Adonis.

So, what makes the Adonis a classic pair? In most brands, it wouldn’t be in the classic line, but for Slick It Up, it definitely is! The pair is a simple design. Not saying this as a bad thing. Most simple pairs feel amazing. It’s simply a gold waistband with a brief body. The brief could be, dare I say, a bikini cut. Their official description said that they have a higher cut side, fuller pouch, and sculpted back. The fabric clings but never sags! Which is a great thing in underwear

The Adonis line is made of a spandex/cotton/modal blend. Meaning it will A. Feel Amazing. B. Fit very well and C. Just be awesome! The next awesome thing is the colors. It comes in Tanzanite Purple, Budelli Pink, and Azure Blue. Tanzanite is a rare gemstone made of an amazing purple.  Budelli is named for the pink beach in Italy where the sand is more valuable than gold. Lastly, is Azure blue, which is known as the color of the sky on it’s purest day. The colors are absolutely amazing.

Sizing in Slick It Up doesn’t come in larger sizes. Keep that in mind when ordering. The size chart is as follows.

  • Small – 28-30
  • Medium – 30-32
  • Large – 32-34
  • X-Large – 34-36

The pairs are available individually or in a three pack. It’s kind of cool these are “classic” pairs but they also put in the classic three pack. I”m sure it’s not coming bundled as one but still a great idea. If you want a pair of Slick It Up, get these now!

COLORS: Tanzanite Purple, Budelli Pink, and Azure Blue
FABRIC: spandex/cotton/modal blend
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $24.00 a pair, $60.00 for three pack.

SlickItUp is one of my favorite gear companies. They are creative, fun and always go all out in their designs. Some of you guys here love gear, especially sports-inspired gear. One of the newest pairs is the Buttless Football pants. Which are a mix of sports gear and leather?

I say this is a mix of leather and sports gear because from the front it’s very much a pair of football pants. From the back, it’s more like a pair of chaps. Well, a pair of chaps with a thong built in. These are really cool to me. Mixing two things that I really like. Slickitup is known for their creative vision in gear.

Some of you may be asking where would you wear this. Well, if you’re bold! It can be worn to a gear night at a bar. A liberal dress code bar. If you’re like me this would be more for at home and private sessions. I suppose you can pair it with a jersey and watch your favorite team as well. But this isn’t something for a sports bar.

The pants come in two sizes. They are small/medium and medium/large. I’m not typically a fan of sizes together. Being a tall guy and bigger they typically don’t feel tall guys well. Which sucks cause I really love these pants. Currently, they just come in black, but I could see these made in other colors as well.

Slickitup says it’s the mix between the best of sports and fetish wear and I totally agree. They are sexy and hot! While not for every guy, i”m sure we have quite. few who will love them. The Buttless football pants retail for $94 on the SlickItUp site. Make sure you check out all the gear on the site form swimwear, underwear and a great deal of fetishwear.


Underwear and gear should be fun. One company that does fun really well is Slick It Up. They are for guys who embrace their fun and or fetish side. From underwear to body suits and everything in between. I have been a fan of theirs for years. They have some very creative items of gear. One that I really loved and thought you guys may like is the Sports Sling.

I call this a mix of a singlet and thong. But not just any singlet a super low cut singlet with a thong bottom.  Their website says this pair is perfect for sport, well I’ll let you go to their site and read it for yourself. But I think you can guess what it is for. But, additionally, it says you can turn your vanilla sex into a workout. I could see how this would spice things up.

I am of the school that underwear and gear should at time spice up the bedroom. We don’t do over the top sexual posts on UNB just for shock value. But, we do want guys to feel super sexy in no matter what they wear. Show off for their partner of choice and have a great time. We will be touching on this a bit more over the next few weeks.

This pair just comes in blue with white stripes. As we noted above the back is a thong back. The white straps have inset stripes of mesh that gives a peek all the way up from the thong to your shoulders. There are serval ways you can wear this. As pictured with the visor and kneepads. Or I would suggest that you get the white OTC socks with the stripes at the top. Mix in some blue sneaks to match and you’re ready for your work out.

The Sport Sling isn’t cheap, it retails for $89 on the Slick It Up site. But the fun you can have may make up for the price.


This swimwear Sunday is for the guy who’s super comfortable wearing a swim brief. In fact you want something that will show off on the beach. Bring attention to yourself or just express your personality. One brand that makes such pairs described above is Slick It Up. They have made some super fun pairs over the years. The pair we choose was the Pink Panther.

This leopard print suit has pink, orange, yellow and black. Slick It Up says this pair can not be tamed. And I would agree with that statement. It’s a little over the top but if you’re going to wear this pair, you’re not going to mind at all. You have a personality over the top, we would assume The pair is lined and is made from a 4-way stretch spandex material.

Where would you wear this pair? Well, if you have the personality to pull it off I would say anywhere. If you’re a bit more subtle in your personality and don’t want to draw attention to yourself on a public beach, you may consider this a great swim party pair. Many of us are much more likely to put this on for a swim party rather than a beach.

If you love this pair we suggest you head over to the Slick It Up Site. They have this and a few more fun swim pairs. We love profiling them and note that all their products are made in the USA in Manhattan.

BRAND: Slick it Up
COLORS:  AS seen
FABRIC: 4-Way stretch spandex
SIZES: Small – XL (but see the size chart!!!)
COST: $68.00

Are you a fan of singlets? If so one to check out is the Slick It Up Zipper Butt All-Star Singlet. The singlet has a stars and stripes design with red latex look material on the side. As the name suggests a zipper in the back. Slick It Up says this singlet was designed by the former team members of the American Gladiators.

BRAND: Slick It Up
COLORS:  As Seen
FABRIC: Spandex
SIZES: Small/Medium, Medium/Large
COST: $125.00

Hey,  you patriotic kinksters out there. Let’s be real, America is a little nutso right now. I’m super not gonna get political on here, but America is divided…I’ll leave it at that. However, no matter who you support, or who you understand matter…etc. Every two years, America all gathers up around the TV to support Team USA at the Olympics. I actually stumbled upon my item for this post while doing my research for last week’s post. It is just too fun. It is another piece by the honorable Slick It Up company in NYC.

I am talking about their American Flag Sling!


Ok, so here’s what you’re getting: a thong, a really low cut singlet, an American flag.

As a bonus, if you just show your back, you can play a really sexy game of “Where’s Waldo?” 


It comes in a Small/Medium, and a Medium/Large. For these double-sizes. They are measured by height and weight, and not waist circumference. The Small/Medium is for people 5’5” to 5’10” and 120-179 lbs. The Medium/Large 5’11” to 6’5” and 175-235 lbs.

It is made out of a shiny nylon spandex blend. Blue with white stars make up the right side of the singlet, and red and white stripes make up the left side and back of the singlet.


Now, while you could wear this while watching the Olympics on tv, I think the fun should not begin there. Maybe gather an Olympic themed dance party with all your sexy friends. Or a sexy gear only patriotic barbeque.

I personally think the designer of the U.S. Men’s Gymnastics singlets missed a golden opportunity here. This would not only show off their bodies, but also spice up the floor routines. Women’s floor routines are always full of pizazz and choreography. Men’s floor routines are incredible but lack a certain flair. I would love to see Sam Mikulak try and not have some sass while competing wearing this (ok,  you caught me, I’d love to see him wearing this, period.)

Just in case  you have a sunburn on your shoulders or something, Slick It Up also makes an American Flag Thong.

So there ya have it, T’s Official Suggestion for the US Olympic Fan’s Sexy Outfit (O.S.U.S.O.F.S.O). Have fun watching the Olympics. I”ll be away at summer camp for the next two weeks, so I won’t get to watch it live. I have a gymnast friend who will record everything so I can watch when I get back. Until then, keep it kinky!

TtheAmazing, over and out!

Hey kinksters,

Hope you’re having a great week. Sorry to have missed you last week, July has been quite intense but have no fear. I am back, and this week, I have quite a fun unusual trend I’m seeing pop up here and there. I cannot say this is a fetish I know about, but I had to write about it, cause it’s definitely out there.  I think it’s pretty dang cool. It definitely is not a traditional underwear/fashion idea. It evokes a kind of Tron-like aesthetic to me, and the concept is fascinating. Wondering what I’m talking about? I don’t know exactly how to describe it. I could call it Illusion Mesh Play, or maybe Floating Fabric Gear? I don’t know…but below is when it popped up for me as a thing happening in men’s underwear.


It was the Marco Marco fashion show video, and all of a sudden these models were coming down the runway. With what it looked like panels of fabric somehow stuck to their body in an artful way that created line and shape. What was actually occurring was the designers had sewn patches of opaque fabric on top of a garment. In order to create the illusion that the patches were wrapping themselves around the body.


Now, for those new to the term “illusion mesh”, it is a fabric found most often in dance wear/figure skating. It is a very thin fabric that is made of a very fine mesh, ideally made in a skin tone. When worn by a person with a close skin tone, the fabric essentially disappears against the body. For a very long time, I had only really seen illusion mesh in figure skating routines. Then, on Project Runway, Dmitry Sholokhov made a dress where all the panels were connected with a strip of the illusion mesh. It give all the pieces a slight floating effect.

Now, unlike mesh we’ve previously talked about. The whole point of this mesh is to disappear. Giving any fabrics sewn to it the look that they are magically stuck to the wearer. In my opinion, the magical nude non-nudity is a really sexy look. You get the tactile sensation of spandex, but the visual sensation of the person’s skin. That’s pretty dang cool.

Now, Marco Marco, while awesome, doesn’t necessarily read as a fetish brand. But, yet there is a champion out there. Catering to a wonderful stretch fetishwear audience, and that champion is Slick It Up. Based out of NYC.  Slick It Up focuses on using spandex alternatives to rubber, leather, and latex. While keeping the sex appeal extremely high. The piece I’d like to draw your attention to is called the Neon Nude Suit


This suit is part latex-like spandex, part nude mesh. The latex covers up the most essentials. Then roams around a bit creating pleasing contours on the body. I find this quite hot. I could see this at a super cool dance club, or a electronic themed strip club, or hacker/cybertopia roleplay.


What I also find interesting about this look (and I am hypothesizing here). Is that I feel like it can cater to a wider range of body types than a lot of fetish wear on the market. This could work on the beanpole twink, having the contours of the spandex create more definition in the body, and it can work on the beefy guys. The negative and positive space play using the nude mesh and opaque accents create sensual lines no matter what.


If you’re more into the Marco Marco undies, those can be found at the Marco Marco Site.

If you wanna show me how you look in the Neon Nude Suit from Slick It Up Site.

So please, help me out, send me pics of you in this suit. I wanna collect *ahem* as much data as I can. Show me how it looks on you. Tell me where you are gonna wear it.


The guy cheering for you, and helping you zip up if you need. (Trust me, as a circus artist, I know how important it is to have a friend zip/unzip you in a time of need.

TtheAmazing, over and out.

Hello Kinksters, Happy friday!

I hope you had a wonderful week. I know it’s my birthday month, so everything is supposed to be fantastic. But today, I bring you a fetish-wear trend that I am NOT about. I know, I know, I am usually brimming with enthusiasm about my friday topics. Unfortunately, I can’t just be super positive about EVERYTHING. Or else eventually I’d bore myself, and all of you in turn.

What is it that has me so forlorn? Readers, I am talking about mesh pouches. I just can’t handle them. Now, I am specifically not into mesh pouches. I am not declaring a war on mesh in general. Mesh in other parts of fetish-wear is entirely welcome. To me, a pouch is to present a bulge, and a bulge should be just that. If I already know what you look like uncovered, down to the minuscule details. Then the pouch covering it is irrelevant, and irrelevant underwear makes me sad. Even more, if not only can I see everything before you take it all off.  But it looks smushed and constricted, I am even less into it. To me, it evokes the packaged sausage links at the supermarket. You buy it cause it’s gonna be tasty, but you don’t love how it looks all confined and uncomfortable.


Now, since I am of the opinion that you shouldn’t rant about a problem to everyone. Unless you have a solution to offer. I’d like to suggest some alternative meshy looks that I am totally down with.

MESH Clever

I am all for butt mesh, because it’s hard for butts to look bad. The Clever Mesh Bars boxer is mesh everywhere but the pouch, which I love. It gives the sensual preview, while still presenting the bulge in the best way.

MESH n2n

N2N makes a bunch of sheer gear, and I love a lot of it, and I dislike some of it (if the junk part is mesh). Their R10 Sheer Skin Singlet is great because it gives you a whole lot of sheer to work with. While also curving around your body in a really appealing way.

MESH Slickitup

Slick It Up does mesh in a way nobody else is doing. I love their aesthetic, and they have a very specific customer. They make a whole wardrobe for that customer. This Killian Suit is one of my favorite of theirs. It is so well designed with anatomy and proportion in mind.

So there we have it folks. Mesh pouches, how do you feel? Share your opinion below. Speaking of opinions, last week’s What’s Your Reveal? Post had some delightful results:

1st Place: Snaps won with 53%

2nd Place: Velcro and Zippers tied with 17%

3rd Place: Flaps got 13% of the vote.

Next FETISH FRIDAY is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Get ready for something wonderful. I don’t actually know what it’s gonna be yet, I have a few options, but haven’t chosen yet.

For now, keep it kinky!

TtheAmazing over and out!

tailored_harness_site4Harnesses are BIG right now. In the world of fetishwear harnesses are the new singlet. Just about every company has one these days. In the years gone by the harness was a piece of clothing you would just find at a leather bar or S&M club. The only other place you would find them worn would be at Pride celebrations around the country.

Now they are going mainstream. Its not uncommon to see them on the net and in stores. What is making this happen? I think its guys want to have fun and wear something to show off in. I could be wrong but I think we will see a lot more harnesses going forward.

Now onto Fetish Friday! When I was thinking who we should pic to feature a harness, Slick It Up was the first company that came to mind. They make amazing fetishwear in spandex and other fun, tight materials. After looking through their site the Tailored Harness and Perfect Jock were for a lack of better word, perfect!

The Tailored Harness is not an over the shoulder harness you are familiar with. Most go like an X across the chest or on the upper chest and arms. This harness is tailored like mens clothing so it will accent the body. The design minimizes the waist and brings attention to the parts of the body you want to show off. That means it is the traditional harness on the chest but goes down to your mid thigh. The Tailored Harness retails for $84.

The Perfect Jock is paired with the Tailored Harness. It doesn’t have to be worn with it, but does make a nice combination.  The three panel design of the jock has the look of leather. However, its not leather but a spandex material made to look like leather. If you have ever worn a leather jock you know it can be very hot after a while. This will give you the look of leather with the wearability and ease of care of spandex. That means it can wear it under anything! The Perfect Jock retails for $38.

Find both of these pairs on the Slick It Up website.


The swim brief challenge is on! We have brought you some really great pairs over the last month and this pair was too much fun not to include. If you are a guy who’s comfortable in swim briefs and love to show off, the Slick It Up Psychic Giraffe brief is just for you! I say this because the pink print will draw plenty of attention to yourself.

The first thing you notice about this pair is the electric print. I mean pink giraffe print is just super fun. Animal prints are either hit or miss with me, but this is a big HIT. The pink overprinted the yellow just is fun. It’s a print I don’t think we’ll see ever again! Partly because it’s a limited edition pair from Slick It Up. The brief also has a built in pouch so it will be comfy all day on the beach or by the pool

Yes, it’s a limited edition pair so if you are interested you better act fast before it’s gone. The second thing I need to talk about is the price. Regular price for the pair is $84. You heard me right 84 big ones. So if this is your first time wearing one you may want to consider another cheaper pair. But, if you want something that will set you apart from the crowd this pair is worth the money. It is unlikely you will see many guys in this suit this summer.

The sizing for Slick It Up runs on the smaller size. It runs small-large and the large ends at size 35! So currently on this pair I’m out of luck but I really want to get one. If you’re looking for something unique and fun this pair is made for you! BTW if you get one take a pic and share with us!


modus vivendi underwear fisherman 02

We all believe that underwear should be fun. If you read this blog have discovered the joys of underwear and will never go back to buying it at Wal-Mart in packages of six. The underwear you wear now is a brand name, one pair costs more then those six packs and you believe in quality over quantity. With that said, have you noticed a trend in the world of men’s underwear of more “fetish” underwear?

I’m not talking thongs or jock briefs. I’m talking underwear that is made to look like rubber, wilder cuts and barely there undies. It’s a trend we are seeing more and more. This is not limited to just the gay guys even straight guys are venturing into the fetish world. I think this is because guys want to feel sexy and don’t want the women to have all the fun in underwear. Guys want to show the wilder side of their personality. We have heard from guys in the past telling us what they wear under suits. Underwear is the one area you don’t have to be conservative; you can be as wild as you want.

We are going to start a series of profiles on companies in the fetish wear that we think you should check out.  However, in this one we are going to profile a few pairs we think you should check out.


K’mando pouch – We had a review on this a few years ago and it’s been one of our more popular post of all time. As you can see by the picture it’s just a pouch that covers your goods. Would you even classify this as underwear?  Since it covers the goods we do! The pouch comes in a few colors and is supposed to fit any size guy. It’s not widely available but check the K’mando site for retail locations.


Modus Videndi Latex Bottmless Boxer – Modus Vivendi is one of those companies where what do you pick for a fetish post? They do have fun designing underwear and have a lot of fetish inspired pairs. However, this boxer is part of the new Fisherman line that is all latex inspirited line. The boxer has the back cut out, jock boxers are a whole new trend, and made in the Modus Vivendi silhouette with a drawstring waist. Modus Vivendi has so many fetish inspired styles that you should go check out the site for all of them.


Gregg Homme Haze Single Brief – Gregg Homme, like Modus Vivendi, is one of those that does a lot of fetish inspired pairs. I have always said that Gregg Homme does fetish/sexy undies  where you get the best of both worlds, a sexy pair of undies and an amazing fit. Every pair of Gregg Homme I have owned has fit amazingly. The new line is out tomorrow there are some fun things coming but the Haze Single Brief is one that has the look of Latex/leather but easier to care for, because if you get a pair made out of either you know it’s not easy to wash. This pair has a buckle and key hole above the pouch.  It’ sexy and fun, but check out the entire Haze line, they even had a matching tank.


Slick It Up Cobra – If you aren’t familiar with Slick It Up, they are a fetish gear company. They make underwear, swim, spandex gear. The pair that has been getting attention lately is the Cobra. As you see in the picture it’s a pouch and a strap on the right side, not much more to it. This pair leaves little to the imagination. The Cobra is made out of black latex snake skin spandex print. Oh and we know what you are asking and here is what their site say “”Perfectly well!”- Thats the answer to the question you just asked of “But how does it stay on?!” It actually stays there perfectly fine hugging your junk comfortably,”

These are only a few pairs we have seen. Do you have a favorite fetish pair or company? Let us know we are going to profile some of these companies in this latest trend in men’s underwear!