Ergowear is out with a new collection, called XV, in celebration of its 15 year anniversary! XV is stated as “the most sophisticated version of our exclusive Feel and best-selling Max pouch underwear styles,” and boy does it look it. It really is more than a regular collection. I’d call this collection super-sized, as some pairs have multiple pouch options!

The line is available in the usual range of Ergowear styles: Midcut(Boxer-Brief), Boxer(More like a trunk), Brief, Bikini, and Thong. The Midcut and Boxer are available in both the Feel and Max style pouches. The Max is more of a traditional “push up and out” style ergonomic pouch, while the Feel I less traditional but very popular. The Brief is only available with a Feel pouch, while the Bikini and Thong are only available with the Max instead. All the pairs utilize the same nylon/spandex material, with a 1’5 inch waistband that displays your brand allegiance without being overtly flashy.

These pairs are classy, coming in three colors: White, Navy, and Space Grey, with a contrasting Black or Gold waistband on the White pairs. The Navy and Space Grey changes things up with a same colored waistband.

I think the real key to this line is the mono-colored pairs. The Navy and Space Grey pairs have a great sophisticated look at them in my eyes. I’m hoping to get my hands on some pairs from this line this year, most likely those bearing the Max pouch, as I already own a Max trunk, bikini, and thong, and adore them. So which pair tickles your fancy?Which color is your absolute must have? Let us know in the comments below, email us at, or message me on twitter @underweardude. I hope you liked this look into the newest line of one of my favorite brands. Happy birthday, Ergowear, here’s to another 15 years of awesome underwear!


    • Thanks for continuing to make thongs for men! As long as you make them, I’ll buy them!

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