UNB writers have previously discussed different ways of organizing an underwear drawer.  But the problems in organizing underwear also arise when trying to keep straight a growing swimwear collection.  Here’s what I did recently to try to contain the clutter and ease the process of selecting the appropriate swimwear for my chosen watersports activity.

I started with a Skubb drawer organizer from Ikea  ($7.99).  It’s inexpensive, and the seven divided compartments of varying sizes helped group different swimwear by style.  The organizer also takes up only two-thirds of my drawer, leaving a large additional space for more swimwear.  Here’s a look at the final outcome:

And here’s how I got there:

A. I first folded lengthwise my three pairs of swim trunks and put them stacked in the open space to the left of the Skubb organizer.

B. I folded and placed my single pair of board shorts in the top left square of the organizer. These are Andrew Christian board shorts, so they’re neither as thick or as long as most board shorts.

C. One pair of square cut trunks resides in section C. (The other two pairs of square cut trunks went to section G.)  There’s room in section C for at least 1-2 more pairs.

D. The sections marked D hold swim briefs that would be appropriate to wear at any beach or public pool. I folded and turned each brief so that the back faces the front of the drawer.  Folding and storing in this manner provides the largest possible view of each brief’s pattern when later selecting which suit to wear.

E. The small, top right corner of the organizer holds swim thongs. I don’t often wear these, but folding and stacking them so that the pouch faces front makes choosing easier when the right wearing opportunity does arise.

F. I utilized the organizer’s two medium sized sections to store the swim briefs and bikinis that might be too immodest to wear to the neighborhood pool. (These swim briefs typically have a profile pouch or are custom-made swimwear from designers such as Muscle Skins, Beach-N-Dance, or Jovana Design.)  As like before, I folded each so that the rear of the suit faced forward, making the pattern more visible and easing a later search for a specific suit.

G. Finally, I folded and placed two of the more modest square cut trunks next to my all-locations-appropriate swim briefs. The square cut trunks in this section lack the profile pouch of the square cut found in section C.  (Think “more James Bond” and less “Magic Mike.”)

In total, the Skubb organizer provided an inexpensive solution for organizing and storing over 35 pairs of swimwear of varying styles.  All my swimwear had previously been just stuffed randomly in the drawer.  I am pleased with results of my attempt at organization, and I hope I can maintain this level of order through the end of next summer.



Osgon is a certified fitness instructor living in the Dallas, Texas, area.

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