The show is over and it was a good day for UNB at the show. I was accompanied by The Thonged Ginger. We met with Tulio, Skull & Bones, UnderJeans, Ginch Gonch, Cocksox, 2EROs, Olaf Benz, Man Store, Gregg Homme, and Freedom Reigns, now known as FR. It was a full day! I say that because I only now get one day at the show rather than the entire week

We had an issue with registration for the first time ever. We went to the Press registration and was told we didn’t have access to the Project Show. Being calm I was like “WHAT?” I register about a month out of the show and get a confirmation. They were about to send us to another area when they contacted the PR person and found out we were good to be press.

Here are some of the highlights. I won’t go into a lot of detail because when new lines are coming out we will write them up.

  • 2EROS turns 10 this year! They will be revisiting some classic 2EROS from the first year and release some amazing prints in swimwear (not like that’s a surprise)
  • Tulio is sending us some lace, Tulio is known for doing some great stuff in swim and underwear but he’s sending us lace to review. One of his biggest sellers currently
  • SKull & Bones really impressed me with their gear. The prints are just amazing. Just wait to you see whats coming up next for them. Super fun and it’s for the print lover
  • Olaf Benz and Manstore – These now have a US distributor! This was one of the most exciting things of the entire show. SO many guys love both brands but having to order from overseas makes it difficult to get. Not anymore. We will be informing you where and how you can get both of these
  • UnderJeans continue to make amazing swimwear. Which will come soon and super fun work out wear? Just in case you forgot they have rebranded from Junk UnderJeans
  • Ginch Gonch, you thought they were gone, didn’t you? They have something very classic coming up. It caught my eye in their booth.
  • Cocksox has a new Italian mesh line that is out now. I saw the email go out on Thursday. More on that next week. They have some amazing new colors in swimwear! I think you guys are going to go crazy for the mesh.
  • FR (Freedom Reigns) is all about workout wear and swimwear. They have some underwear but shifted the focus for the brand. The new gear looks amazing. Also, I have one hint of something in the line. Flamingos. That’s all I’m saying.
  • Wood Underwear – They have new prints coming out and later this year a color you don’t see a lot of in men’s underwear. Which I personally loved.
  • Gregg Homme lastly is the brand I needed to catch up with. They continue to amaze me and create super fun underwear. I got to see the new line, the first time in two years. They do amazing undies.

Some Show takeaways

  • The attendance on the last day seemed to be down. I’m not sure if this was just what was happening or me missing the other days.
  • Fewer brands go every year. There were the brands above. I remember where there were 27+ brands. Many are seeing it more advantageous to do everything online.
  • Placement of the brands varies. Last show they had a great location and this time they were back in the corner again.

I love Vegas and the shows. No telling what the future will hold.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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