This is an on going debate with our guys and a few readers I talk to on a regular basis. Who should model underwear? Not just for us at UNB but in the industry as a whole. It’s always a divided issue some want models to be models and others what real guys. I think there should be a mix of both guys.

Why use Models

Male models are important to the world of underwear. Brands want to show you their underwear in the best light. Put their best foot forward so to say. Next, it’s aspirational as well. When you see a guy in an ad/pic/packaging for underwear, you want to feel you look as good as he does in the undies. This can be subconscious, but it does work in selling undies.

Lastly, models can create fans. Fans that will pay attention to what he wears and what companies he is used as a model. The primary example of this is UnderGear. They created a few celebrities in the world of underwear in their day. Today we have models like Steven Dehler, Eric Turner, Bruin Collinsworth, and Murray Swansby. The right model can add personality to the brand.

Why use Real guys

The biggest advantage is that you can see how underwear fits on real guys. Not models with washboard abs and 30-inch waists. We have a lot of readers who want to see this kind of guy in undies. We are starting to see more of this in social media. More brands are sharing their fan’s pics in undies. Nasty Pig is a brand that is embracing guys of all sizes in their content on Instagram. It’s not the “in shape, abs, and pecs.”

So far very few brands have used real guys for their campaigns. Brands that do use them always get rave reviews online for promoting a positive body image. It shows all guys can look great in their underwear no matter your size. Body Image is something that is growing in importance and should be addressed by all guys.

Each one of these has positives and negatives. I’m curious as to which you guys prefer and why? Or should there be a mix of both?


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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  1. Blake Nelson Reply

    I would like to see more real guys in underwear. Why? Because we all don’t have a perfect body, have a nice booty or are hung like a horse. Being able to see a range of guys in the style of underwear I want, can give me an idea of how they are going to fit. Myself, like many others, have purchased a pair that looked really cute or comfortable (based on a model wearing them), and finding out that there is extra material in the butt or smash you balls in the front. Models are hot but i want to see your ordinary average guy in gear. That is what reality of how they fit.

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