I’m not the biggest thong fan on UNB. I do have quite a few of them but they aren’t my daily pair I choose to wear. I usually wear them when I”m feeling super sexy or have a reason to wear them. My go-to style has always been the bikini brief or pouch brief. When I think back to when I got my first thongs. I’m trying to remember the very first pair I bought.

I remember seeing a brand in the 80’s in one of the fitness magazines. Either Exercise for Men Only or Men’s Workout or there was another back in the day. There was a brand called, I think, Michael David. They had a guy in a yellow brief with what looked to be a black thong over it. My 18-year-old mind had to have one. I had to find one. This was the days before the internet so getting one would be difficult. Plus I didn’t have a credit card to buy the one I saw in the magazine.

One a trip to Rich’s (which became Macy’s), I would always hit the underwear section before going to the bookstore down the mall. There on the shelf was a black thong. Just what I imagined was in the picture. I already had a yellow swim brief. I could recreate the look. I grabbed my sized and walked up to the counter and bought it. Being so excited I skipped the bookstore and drove straight home. The 20-minute drive was killing me. I ran to my room and put it on. I liked it and then did the look with the swim brief. I was in heaven.

There was one problem with that thong the strap in the back was way too wide and annoyed me throughout the day. This would delay any other thong purchases for a while. That was until I started to work out. I joined a gym way away from where I lived and would rarely go. But it was open 24 hours and I wanted something fun to wear. Another store across from the mall had more spandex, swimsuit type of thongs. I went over and bought 1 and tried it out. I loved the fit and feel. Especially at the gym. I was bold enough to change in plain view of anyone in the locker room, I didn’t care. The brands of these thongs were Sauvage. Which I know they don’t make anymore.

Then I went back to buy 2-3 more and told the guy working that I wore them to the gym and we had a conversation about them for about 10 mins. Looking back he was gay too and I think wanted to pick me up. I was so clueless back then on when I was being hit on. But I kept wearing them to the gym.

As of today I still have quite a few thongs. The one thong that brought me back to wearing them after I was a teen was the 2(X)ist Y-Back Thong. It was amazing and I still have several of these in my collection. Other favorites now are Joe Snyder Pride Frame, Gregg Homme Torrid line, and Cocksox CX05 thong.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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