What’s Hot in Texas – Swimwear – July 2018

While most mall-based retailers only stock swimwear during the summer months, Skivvies in Dallas is one of Texas’ few brick-and-mortar stores to carry a full range of men’s swimwear year-round. Need a pair of classic trunks for Labor Day in South Padre? Need a new speedo for that a post-Thanksgiving cruise or a square cut suit for Halloween in Rio? Skivvies has you covered! Topping Texans’ swimsuit shopping lists are clothing from Savage, Tribe, & Bwet.

Shorts in bold prints, such as those from Savauge Swimwear have drawn the eyes of many Texans. These blue hibiscus print shorts feature an on-trend shorter length hemline. A logo tag on the left thigh completes a refined, classic look. This pair retail for $72.

Square cut suits from Bwet Swimwear remain consistent best-sellers at Skivvies. Key to the Spanish designer’s success lies in its attention to detail. In this Sentosa trunk one notices the hanging “B” from the waistband, the Bwet signature drawstring, the coordinating leg elastic, and the Bwet moniker on the left thigh. All those details establish that the wearer (like the suit itself) are worth a second look. This pair retails for $59 at Skivvies.

Finally, Texans looking for a “modest” swim brief turn to Australian design house Tribe Swimwear. Tribe’s line of low rise briefs, such as the Riviera Shimmer, show slightly more thigh than a traditional square cut or Brazilian sunga but aren’t quite as revealing as a typical men’s swim bikini. Tribe’s pouch also offers a cowboy more room up front than one might find in a 2” Solar from Speedo. The coordinating signature drawstring keeps the suit on tight even in Galveston’s roughest surf. Skivvies offers this suit for $59. It may also be ordered directly from Tribe Swimwear, where it retails for $73.95 (AUD$).

Many thanks to the generous owners and staff at Skivvies for spending time with UNB. We talked and photographed – and shopped – for nearly two hours on a recent Monday.


Osgon is a certified fitness instructor living in the Dallas, Texas, area.

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