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Along with the Neo Jocks, we also received a big shipment of our own JC Athletic Jocks and they are also once again fully back in stock – both 3 Inchers and Swimmers in black or white.

As you know by now, Jockstrap Central launched our own line of sports jockstraps last year. We did so, partly because it was always part of our bigger plan but partly because of the loss of Bike, Flarico and Activeman. We took our 12 years of experience wearing jockstraps and running Jockstrap Central to create what we feel is the ultimate sports jock. It was based on our favorite jocks with improvements like adding a soft inside to the waistbands and contouring the base of the pouch to eliminate the excess fabric found on most sports jocks. Well, the reviews are in and based on customer reactions and testimonials, our Classics are destined to become, well, classics. Here’s just a few of our customer’s testimonials:

“I love the JC athletic jock! I can’t believe how comfortable the pouch is, it’s soft right out of the box even before washing. I plan to get more of them in the future.” Dennis M, New York

“I got the jock yesterday and I’m wearing it today! It’s so soft and comfy. The waistband sits perfectly and doesn’t feel like it’s cutting into me. The pouch is soft and feels great on my junk. It’s a great jock!” – Chris W., Virginia

“As a working man, your new JC jock is the jock I’ve been waiting for someone to make all my life.” – Dave C, Montana

“Love your JC Athletics jocks! Great quality, durable and *amazing* fit” – John M, California

…along with a whole bunch of regular customers who bought one, wore it, loved it and immediately bought 5 and even 10 more.

So, if you haven’t already, now’s your chance to pick one up to try them for yourselves. Currently, we have either a 3 inch or Swimmer version and both come in either black or white. Although both have a plushed inside to the waistband it’s more apparent in the 3 Inch Jocks and finally, we hate the excess fabric at the base of the pouch of most sports jock so we contoured it more so simply fits and looks better.

Please note: all the new JC Athletic Jockstraps now have the back size and info label on the inside. True story: We initially put the label on the outside as it’s tradition with many sports jocks but during our Jock Nights on Thursdays, we found many of the dancers showing up on stage with our jock on inside out, so the label is now inside so there’s no confusion. Only the original stock we have have the tags on the outside.


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