There’s this thing about colour in the underwear business. Bit of a Marmite thing with male undercrackers too. You love colour or loathe it. Men who wear black undies wear only black undies. Ditto white. But the appetite for true colour is deep and never quite satisfied. Sometimes a different colourway transforms the appeal of male briefs or boxers, some shapes just work better in colour and occasionally a colour is so irresistible even the Only Boys stray from monochrome., leading purveyors of pants in the UK, reveal their latest colour drops this week. The best ones are in and gone in days – sometimes hours – they tell us…

This Chilean brand’s X3D designs have a lot going for them in terms of fabric, shape, oomph… Now three new colours join the line-up for their ergonomic undies – Sunset (pictured), Night navy and Fog, a warm grey.

Ergowear X3D Suave Bikini Brief £23.00


FEEL from Ergowear comes in a dozen colours, but stock dwindles fast. Their newest trio of shades for the fab enhancing male slip are Dusk (pictured), deepest Night blue and Fog.

Ergowear FEEL Suave Bikini Brief £23.00

Sporty men’s underwear looks so much more dynamic in the right colours – check out Ergowear’s new Cooling blue and Boiling red on this athletic slip. The Mesh designs also include a Midcut short, Boxer Brief and Thong.

Ergowear Max Mesh Bikini Brief £20.00



Top of the range in the sultry M800 line is this fascinating two-in-one combo. Take a closer look – and fall in love because you get a boxer brief and string that work solo or together. Great in plain black or white, but in zebra…

Manstore M800 Ero Pants £57.00

Modus Vivendi know how to do indulgence, opulence and elegance – all in a single pair of Greek Lux men’s underwear in sleekest black with a gold waistband or cobalt blue topped with silver. Colour choice is a matter of personal preference, the effect is dramatic either way.

Modus Vivendi Greek Lux Tanga Brief £29.00

That’s not a misprint. This cheeky men’s underwear micro slip really is a tenner. You might not think of Doreanse for enhancing undies but they do a few (and well) – this one comes in purple, black or fuchsia. And if you love colour this is a go-to collection for constant colourful updates.

Doreanse 1377 Bulge Brief £10.00



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