A Brand that reached out to us is Pothos. They have a very unique philosophy for men’s underwear. It is:

Our brand was founded on January 2018, with the aim to bring the sensuality and boldness of women’s lingerie to men’s underwear. As we looked further on the industry of mens underwear we could not find a product that had the luxury and design of it without being just a copy of women’s undergarments. Every brand that approached this type of product, did just my adjusting the fitting, not the designs itself, so most of the times the pieces are just women’s lingeire not having in consideration that men have specific needs when it comes to underwear.

Who is Pothos?

POTHOS, son of Aphrodite and God of Sexual Longing: Pothos is the greek god of sexual sexual longing, yearning and desire. Most of the times he is portrayed as playing a lyre, enchanting humans to long for a sexual partner and for someone to fall inlove with. He is part of the Erotes with Anteros (“Love Returned”), Himeros (“Impetuous Love” or “Pressing Desire”), Hedylogos (“Sweet-talk”), Hymenaios (“Bridal-Hymn”), Hermaphroditus (“Hermaphrodite” or “Effeminate”).

They shared with us their collection for this year:

Our collection took 6 months to develop: we needed to have embroideries that would be comfortable, and which could look manly. Also the fitting was a big issue: we wanted to make sure that our boxers would fit every body’s type: from big musuclar men to skinny young men and that regardless the size of their genitalia, every man could have the support and enhancing effect as well as humidity control on this specific area.

We have started with 7 base designs: one for each day of the week. Our collection had only two types of pieces: trunks and briefs.

After this was available to the market, we thought that we needed to expand our collection to other types of undergarments: bikinis, jockstraps and boxerbriefs.

If you love this brand you need to check them out! We will have more with them soon! Go to the Pothos site.


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