This month we take the Rear View – the first of a two-part report from where male thong and string briefs have been a hit with customers since day one. Their buyer’s challenge today is to keep finding something new and restocking best sellers from international collections (

DGU’s partner brands offer everything from practical cotton via silky sheer to lace and see-through men’s strings. Your preference might be the finest straps or a wider thong back, but perfection is only achieved with the right size and fit. Take care with pouch shape and capacity – are you after prominence or a neat nest, a touch of control or a personalised, adjustable look?

Beyond that, the effect you want to create with that wisp of fabric between your buttocks is an open book…

HOM Freddy String £15.00

What IS it about this men’s underwear string that makes it unbeatable? Could be the 93% cotton fabric, could be the short string back, could be because it’s been around for so long and gents are loyal. Along the way HOM have updated the design and added a ‘d’ – it was originally just Fredy. This string has a particular fit, which means you might prefer a size larger than your usual.

Sukrew Stirling V Thong £16.99

New and very different – Sukrew’s Stirling design goes for the string-plus-jock look. In silky white microfibre this is one of the latest additions to the British collection. If you love a few degrees of separation up front and a marvellous picture behind, this is the one.

Olaf Benz RED1601 Mini String

Sometimes simplicity is also luxury. The Olaf Benz RED1601 range has five tops and four bottoms to co-ordinate, all in black or white cotton, including this carefully fitted thong.

Manstore M101 Tower String £25.00

Colour can make all the difference but DGU’s advice is to buy quick if you fancy a new shade – because they tend to be seasonal and unrepeatable. Like this turquoise in Manstore’s extensive M101 line. NEWS: summer 2019 colours are the last, this sexy enhancing string will be available only in black or white going forward.

Doreanse 1889 Boxer Thong £17.00

Whatever takes your fancy – Doreanse combine a string back AND boxer brief in their arty baroque pattern design. In a mix of modal and cotton, the fabric is delightfully soft.

Ergowear MAX Mesh Thong £19.00

If you prefer a deeper waistband, sportier styling and an aerated pouch and string, this is the one for you. Ergowear’s men’s underwear designers know about enhancement, comfort and making an impact, front or back!

Joe Snyder Shining String Body 27 £25.00

How much fun could you have in this? Erotic men’s underwear in ‘Body 27’ by Joe Snyder designs come in six colours in Shining, but also patterns like rainbow stripes and snakeskin from DGU. Personal adjustment essential.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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