We just posted about underwear for bigger guys and here is a company that is listening to its customers. I got a singlet from Gruff Pup that I loved but it was a little tight. If they had a size bigger, It would have been perfect. Wait no more! They now are making their most popular singlets in XXL, which is amazing.

Sizing for singlets is a little different than Underwaer. It’s not just the waist size you’re looking for but also height. Being tall you will need a larger size and if you’re like me, being tall (over 6’2″), you need an XL or XXL. If you don’t have that size the shoulder straps are super tightened will dig in.

I”m excited by this and will be checking them out more often now that they have a larger size! Check out all the singlets at Gruff Pup.


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