Rating: 10/10

  • Fit: 10 (Waistband 10.0, Legstraps 10.0, Pouch 10.0)
  • Sizing: 10 (Waistband 10.0, Legstraps 10.0, Pouch 10.0)
  • Construction: 10
  • Styling: 10
  • Performance: 10 (Gym/Workout 10.0, Night Out 10, Everyday 10.0, Casual 10.0)

Pros: Pouch breathes exceptionally well, leg straps don’t cut into glutes, excellent pouch support

Cons: Manufacturing tag needs to be a tear-off, not a plastic sheet needing to be cut off.

Jockstrap Junkie recommendation: Jack Adams created a nice all-around jockstrap that is both function and fashion. Very few jockstraps I’ve tried over the years hit all of the requirements I have for a jock, and the Nano Jockstrap knocked it out of the park.

This is my second round trying Jack Adams jockstraps. Several years ago, I tried one of their jocks and found out that I didn’t have enough ass to fill it up. Fast forward to today, I’ve done enough squats to justify owning multiple Jack Adams jockstraps. The Nano Jockstrap is a great all-around jockstrap, especially during the hot & humid summer months. The micro-mesh pouch provides excellent support while allowing the bat & balls to breathe. Another great feature of the micro-mesh is that you don’t feel like the boys are getting pushed through a strainer as with other mesh pouch jockstraps.

I wore the Nano Jockstrap while doing everything over the summer, and this jock has been in my normal rotation of jocks, and it gets worn about once a week. Whether you’re working out, mowing the lawn, hanging out & being lazy, or out on the town, Jack Adams hit a home run because you’ll be comfortable in all aspects. The breathability is the biggest asset of this jockstrap.

Micro-mesh is fantastic, being constructed from 67% Lyocell/33% Cotton, you get great support and no swamp nuts. The pouch is single-layered with a center seam as well as an accent stripe in one of the pouch corners along with contrasting piping pouch edge for a nice look. A 1-7/8″ waistband and 1-1/8″ leg straps construct this classic silhouette with the leg straps attaching under the waistband, creating a nice eye-line around the waist. On the waistband, the ‘jack adams’ name is prominently displayed on the front of the jockstrap.

Jack Adams offers the Nano Jockstrap in sizes ranging from Small to X-Large. I purchased a large and the fit is perfect. For those of us with larger glutes, the Nano Jockstrap is awesome because the leg straps don’t dig into your butt cheeks. When wearing all day outside, active, and sweating, the pouch maintains its shape and support. A word of caution for those who don’t have much junk in the trunk, this jockstrap may not be a good fit as the leg straps may sag on you.

The Jack Adams Nano Jockstrap is a nice addition to the underwear drawer. Whether you wear it in the bedroom, the boardroom, or the gym, you won’t be disappointed.

PAIR: Jack Adams Nano Jockstrap
COLORS: Blue, Yellow, Heather, White
FABRIC: 67% Lyocell, 33% Cotton
Small 27″-29″
Medium 30″-32″
Large 33″-35″
X-Large 36″-38″

COST: $29 retail

Height & Weight: 5’9” (175 cm) – 195 lbs. (88.5 kg)
Jeans Waist Size: 33″-34″ (83 cm – 86 cm)
Build: Athletic, squats are my friend, six-pack has some insulation
Bat & Balls: not braggin’ but not complainin’ either.

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  1. I agree with your review. This is an awesome lightweight jockstrap and is my favorite of all the jocks I have.

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