As you know, we launched Cellblock 13’s all new and improved modern day sports jocks last year and they were an immediate hit, well now you can get these awesome sports jocks in hot-pink, lime-green and purple – just in time for summer.

Inspired by the classic sports jocks of yesteryear with a respectful nod to the Bike #10 now in 12 awesome colors: black, white, royal-blue, gold, red, orange, military-green, steel-grey, navy-blue and now pink, lime-green and purple.

These jocks have everything you want in a sports jock and more. With a tough and masculine 3 inch wide waistband complete with traditional micro sports striping and as expected, a woven mesh pouch and because this one’s made of a nylon, cotton and spandex blend, it’s a bit softer to the touch than its predecessors. It’s also slightly contoured to ensure a better fit and sturdy enough to keep things in place during a rigorous workout. Finally, solid one inch elastic leg straps not only frame your ass but ensure everything stays in place.

Don’t be misled by the name – whether you’re a fullback, quarterback or line back, this jock will make you happy but if you’re a tight end then you’ll have your teammates lining up for a chance at your end zone

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Time to get PUMP!ed, whether it’s to get your first PUMP! jock or freshen up your collection. From now until Tuesday, June 23rd, our entire collection of PUMP! jockstraps and underwear are on sale for 20% off. We have tons of styles to choose from.

In case you don’t know, PUMP! is designed in Montreal, Canada so they’ve got Montreal’s fashion flair – but it’s not just style, PUMP! gear is incredibly well made using only the finest and most modern fabrics. Bright bold colors are their signature yet there’s also some more subtle and serious designs to choose from.

One of PUMP!’s more recent creations and our favorite so far is the PUMP! Access Trunk: From the front, these are sexy fitted trunks with panels of sports mesh and micro-ribbed fabric but in the back thing heat up with a full cut out exposing your best ASSets.

The newer Free-fit Jockstraps are also a must-have. These are stunning jocks made with a super-soft and breathable micro-mesh with plushed waistbands and leg straps – in amazing bold colors combinations you’d expect from PUMP!

Along with the above mentioned newbies, we also have most of PUMP!’s original jockstraps that never go out of style.


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