It comes as no surprise that face masks have quickly become a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Whether you like it or not, wearing a mask isn’t just about your personal welfare, rather, that of all of those around you. It is a courtesy and sign of respect to strap on a mask whenever you leave the house, so why not make the best of it? I always say ‘Don’t Hate, Coordinate!’ so why not take this opportunity to have some fun with things, by trying to match your mask to what you’re wearing below the belt!

I took the liberty to put on little fashion show, if you will, featuring some of the masks in my rapidly growing collection, as well as some of my favorite underwear! This sporty mask by Hercules NYC is great for hot summer days, running and working out, as it’s made from swimsuit material! I’ve paired it with a skimpy tie-side thong from Amazon. Heading to the Beach? No problem, it also pairs well with this sporty Joe Snyder Frame Thong, and my personal favorite, the Charlie by MZ Swim Thong!

A friend of mine crafted this mask to bring out the blue in my eyes. I paired it with a Pikante Jock Brief, as well as one my favorites, the N2N Ice Thong!

You can’t tell, but this mask I found by a local artist on Etsy looks to be a classic toile motif, but once you get closer, you can see the pattern actually features a plethora of penises, which make up the pattern. I paired this cheeky mas with a Peekaboo Thong from Candy Man, as well as an almost-sheer Dream Thong from N2N

Up for some pattern play? I love this geometric mask gifted to me by my neighbor, which pairs perfectly with this striped CockSox Thong!

Is the Luxe Life more your style? Check out this Gucci Mask created by a local artist, who sacrificed some of her older Gucci bags in order to keep people safe and stylish. I went simple with this one, and wore a feather weight, nude thong from N2N.

Do you have one of the standard medical masks? No problem! I paired mine with a sporty N2N Thong, as well as a fun little N2N Swimsuit!

This mask satisfies the Prepster in me, with it’s cute, innocent little floral pattern. That said, I recently paired it with this N2N Camouflage Thong, as well as something a little sexier, a barely-there N2N Mesh Thong. Not so innocent after, all 😉

And there you have it – a quick, inspirational post on how to make the most out of your masks! Remember, we are still in the middle of a global pandemic, and wearing a mask is the simplest way you can do your part in helping us beat this!


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