As a thong lover, there are many fun and flirty aspects to wearing one. From the way they hug you like no other pair of undies can, to the sexy feel, and lustful tease they can be. One thing I personally find attractive with thongs is sometimes accidental and sometimes intentional ‘maletail’ that can occur. For those who don’t understand what I’m referring to, ‘maletial’ is a play on the term ‘whale tail’ which is common when a lady’s thong is showing above her pants and creates that ‘Y” like shape similar to the tail of a whale. Not as common in guys, as not as my guys (unfortunately) sport a thong, so, the term ‘maletail’ came about.

Personally, I love the subtle tease and taunt that showing off a thong can offer. Many guys wear their pants low with boxers visible at the top. For some reason, this is accepted as ok, which I cannot understand. Yet if I wear my pants the same way, and my undies show, but my undies are a thong – it’s looked at a bit more salaciously.

That’s why I’m posing the question to you UNB readers? Is a MALE TAIL Classy or Trashy? Granted, maybe classy it will never be. But perhaps the right question is if you see a guy and he bends a bit in a way to lift up his shirt or slide his pants below their comfortable home on his hips… is that attractive of inappropriate?

I love the readers here, and expect the response to be skewed, which only makes me feel more at home among my undies loving brethren… but hope to hear what others think. Yes or No to a visible man thong?


  1. First of all, have to say I love thongs myself; no issue with the style at all. But going out on a limb here. Don’t think it’s either/or. To me it’s more about whether the guy is attractive or not and can afford to show off. A scrawny or overly hefty heinie leaves me cold no matter how it accidentally makes a public appearance.

  2. I would definitely love to see more visible male tails whether from thongs or G-strings. I just love the thought of men nearby also wearing my favourite type of underwear. I’m not a fan of the sagging craze but seeing a male tail above a pair of low cut, well fitting jeans would be a real turn on. Classy? No! Trashy? Maybe! Sexy? Absolutely.

    P.S. Showing a jockstrap waistband and perhaps the top of the straps would also be a huge turn on.

  3. i agree with Jason, it’s welcomed. I give any guy credit in wearing what he likes to wear and feel sexy in. If he is smooth, skinny and young, cool. If he is older, hairy and over weight, fine I think that is hot. I may not be attracted to or get horny from him And you never know.
    I hooked up with a commercial pilot one time. He saw me at a bookstore and saw my thong showing and he was almost passing out checking out my maletail. He was dressed in his uniform and said he wanted to show me his underwear. He had a blue satin thong on. And it had a big ol’ wet spot in the front when he showed me them. I would never had guessed that is what he was wearing. I didn’t find him attractive with his pilots uniform. But he looked completely different knowing he had a thong under his uniform. I made him late for his flight from SD to NYC.

  4. Jeremy Sulak Reply

    I go both ways, sometimes i think it looks hot, other times i dont. For me, there are 2 reasons why.

    First, if it’s being shown off on purpose, then i dont find it as hot as if it was seen by mistake. I understand that intentionally showing it off has a time and a place and i can see why others would find it attractive. but for me, it comes off as semi-desperate, whereas if it was accidental, then you know the guy is probably a little more edgy, but not necessarily in your face about it. Kinda goes with my mantra of “Confidence is sexy, arrogance is not”.

    Second, and again, this is just my own opinion, the type of thong determines if it’s sexy for me or not. Although i am a huge huge huge fan of all things skimpy and low-cut, i kinda find it more sexy when i see a guy with a thong that has a waistband on it. Honestly, im not really sure why. Maybe it harkens back to my idea of the jockstrap band showing above the waistline.

    Anyway, i know everyone has differing opinions, and i fully respect that! And in the end, as long as youre happy and comfy, then wear whatever you want, no one else’s ideas should really matter anyway, haha.

  5. As a thong lover myself, I don’t see other males very often wearing thongs. But when I do, i find it to be pretty sexy. I have enjoyed seeing many people wearing thongs. As a bisexual, I find it attractive on males and females.thongs are sexy but confidence to wearing one is sexier. one night i was working at walmart. after unloading a truck, i had responsibilites of sending unloaded merchandise onto the sales floor. so since about 2010, i only wore thongs and g-strings to work under my pants. idk if anyone ever saw but pretty sure there were a few maletail moments i made. anyway, after unloading that day’s truck, i went out to health and beauty to put away stock. i turn my cart into an empty space as i park, i turn around and a woman in her mid 40s was bent over in yoga pants and her white thong was showing. then she squatted down and her thong started whaletailing and i was incredibly turned on at that moment. not that long after, a guy in his twenties went into the soap aisle and as he bent down, his pink thong poked out. he bent over quite a few times. i was so aroused, i had to go to the bathroom and talk myself down. classy, probably no. trashy? maybe but when i see ppl in thongs whether by accident or intentionally, i am in heaven.

  6. It’s a big yes from me! Personally I think it’s confident and sexy and looks great on men and women. Now that the exposed thong look is coming back into fashion, I hope the maletail will become more common! Maybe this would be a good topic for the a thong talk podcast?!

    I’ve been a full time thong wearer for five years, and have been experimenting with the maletail look for the past couple of years. When I first started wearing thongs I always made sure the thong straps stayed hidden. Now I take the attitude that “if it shows, it shows”. So although my thong isn’t sticking out all the time, if I’m sitting down in a park or café, there’s a good chance of a maletail and I don’t worry about that or try to hide it.

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