Ergowear is one of those brands that just fit a man and make you feel amazing all day. They have three pouche designs the X4D, Max and the Feel. The new GR8 colleciton has the feel pouch. It very much reminds me of the Sauve collection a few years ago.

This collection is a smaller collection, as you know most of the Ergowear collection consist of about 3-4 styles and 3-4 colors per colleciton. This one features the GR8 in a boxer brief, trunk, bikini, and thong. The colors are Cobalt, Night Blue, and Dusty Pink. My personal favorite is the Cobalt, I love undies that are bright and fun, but I wouldn’t turn down any of the other colors either.

If you aren’t familiar with the Feel pouch, this is how Ergowear describes the pouch. “FEEL stands for Fully Ergonomic and Elasticized. This is the world’s first three-dimensional pouch with no irritating seam in front. It simply adapts to your genital shape, size and wearing habit (both front/down and sideways. The material used in the pouch area and the remaining parts of the garment is Modal-Spandex, a natural fiber with a look and feel similar to cotton, but softer on the skin.”

You can get 20% off the GR8 collection and other select Ergowear at the UNB Store with code ErgoFeel until Sept 21! Shop the GR8 Colleciton


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