It’s a good news and bad news kind of day:

The bad news is Meyer just informed us that they are raising their prices on all their jockstraps and we’ll have no choice but to raise them as well. BUT…

The good news is we’re not only offering them at the old price for the next week but we have them all on sale for 15% off. More good news is that we just recieved a restock shipment from Meyer and are now fully restocked. The sale ends on Tuesday, January 11th.

In case you’re just tuning in, here’s the scoop: Meyer was the licensed European distributor for the the most iconic jockstrap brand out there. Meyer approached the original factory to start producing these classic jock using the exact same fabric, sizing and specs – the only thing different is the brand name. Size, style, fit, fabric and even the label are identical except the logo is MM (for Meyer Marketing).

Sure, there’s a lot of poor copies out there but these are the most authentic you’re going to find next to Bike’s own jocks.

We’ve got the classic #10 jockstraps in white, black, blue, red and gold plus the more modern Performance jockstraps with the softer grey waistbands (both 2 Inch and Swimmer styles) in white, black, scarlet, blue and gold.



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