Todd Sandfield has really taken his brand to the next level. The underwear and swimwear have been top-notch and I know many of you have been wondering when he will release a swim thong, well that wait is over. He just dropped the Shore Thong!

This new swim thong is available in three different colors. Those colors are Sand (tan), Onyx Sand (black), and Otter (brown). The one interesting thing about this new thong is it has an inner drawstring. Most thongs don’t have this feature, so I’m curious how this will work out. I have a feeling that it won’t cause too many issues.

The cost of this new thong is $70. Which is a premium for swimwear. However, the quality of Todd’s line has been impeccable. I do think that you won’t be disappointed with the pair. If you get a pair let us know!


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