Today we almost wrap up our results! We get to the social media section of the survey. This year I asked a few more questions in this section due to the uncertainty of Twitter and the TOS violations.

We asked where do you follow the brands you love on social media. Most of you don’t follow brands on social media. But when you do you go for Twitter and Instagram. I think Twitter is the more popular one since it’s not as tame as Instagram.

We are curious if you share your love of underwear online. If you do, do you share it on a main account or an “alt” account. Most of you share it on an alt account so you can be more free to share what you want including pics and have underwear conversations.

Social Media doesn’t come without its issues. We are going through a transition time on social where Twitter is up in the air and we aren’t sure where to go next. The biggest issue on social media is unsure where to go to connect with others. I hope this will get cleared up as we go through the year. But currently IG and Twitter are the two places where we can connect to like minded guys. The second issue is one we all face, the unclear TOS rules, when we violate a rule they aren’t applied evenly. It’s frustrating if it was an automatic violation or a report of the post. That leads to the third issue getting posts violated. It’s a pain and the appeals process is just as unclear. One day the post will be reinstated and the next it’s not. I had one post hit with a violation and I appealed and IG said, it didn’t violate the TOS then the very next day they removed it again without any appeals process. Last two are getting your accounts deleted and having to start over and loosing touch with friends.

We wanted to know what social media sites you have joined since issues with Twitter and the rules on IG that won’t show anything remotely sexual.

Hive was a social media site that guys went to for a hot minute. I thought it would take off more but it peaked early and has pretty much leveled out and not so many guys are using it.

I personally like Mastodon but for the average guy I think it’s a lot of work to join and find people. I know people get frustrated and give up on it. It has potential but we need something a bit easier to use for those who are not technical.

No it’s not 2008, Tumblr is back and now allows some “adult” content. Meaning they allow nudity just not sexual content or such. Most of you guys don’t use and haven’t joined.

BlueSKy is one I have high hopes for, no one has joined because it’s invite only. As more get on it I think we will see a lot happen on it. I’m on a waiting list and hope to get on soon.

This is a topic we will definitely explore this year more and more. It’s a very important issue in men’s underwear and we need to find a place that is friendly for us to share and build a community. We are growing and expanding but we keep getting kicked off platforms. We will keep you posted on what is happening and if we see guys moving to a new platform.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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