Rating: 9.6/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: The mesh is very soft and not scratchy like some I have worn before, the number of colors available for purchase, the stitching and construction is very top-notch

Cons: The pouch center seam isn’t seen down and can be a slight annoyance, the piping on the sides can roll and bunch cutting in slightly, and I hate the paper tag at the top of the back T. 

I purchased this pair during the “Corona-pocalypse” of 2020. Shipping was pretty prompt and only took four business days to arrive. Rick Majors is an International Jock exclusive brand. 

Initial Thoughts: This pair was a joy to see, I bought the pink color, and it was very bright and vibrant. The piping was very well stitched and pretty thick, the waistband specifically was larger than the leg bands and looks to stay put. The fabric is very soft and not scratchy like previous mesh pairs I have had. The construction overall seems very good. Most seams are covered and not noticeable from anyone, not the wearer. The waistband is connected and sewn together on the left side of the pair. The joining there is kind of clunky and would be better suited if they had moved it to the center behind their logo tag, which would offer extra strength because it is seen in also. 

Tryon: This pair is as advertised, very sheer, and absolutely no imagination is needed with these. These are definitely a sexy evening kind of underwear. The fabric is still very soft, and after just walking around for a bit, still, no scratching noticed. The waistband isn’t tight, but make sure you order the correct size, these could cut into you if you go small or fall off if you go larger. The pouch, while not enhancing, it is there and keeps everything together out and in front. The leg bands on the sides do roll-up, a minor inconvenience. The back sits like a T, and the back strap rises higher on the lower back but is very comfortable. 

Daily Routine: The great quarantine of 2020 continues to make daily life boring af. My normal job is a CT technologist, and that requires a lot of walking and pushing hospital stretchers around, but since my start date was moved due to COVID-19, I have been doing a bunch of nothing. So I helped the kids do their work and sat around and watched Tiger King. Everything was comfortable, and minus the rolling on the sides, it stayed in place. 

Final Thought: Very sexy pair of underwear that would be good for a night out and/or bedroom sexy time. You could wear these for a day at the office or work, but I would recommend against wearing these for a workout or strenuous activity. I would recommend these to anyone who wants to spice things up and have a little adventure. 

PAIR: Rick Majors Sheer Mesh Thong
COLORS: Black, White, Neon Lime, Lavender, Blush(nude), Orange, Pink, Red, and Yellow 
FABRIC: 90% nylon, 10% spandex
SIZES: Small – Extra Large
COST: $24.95, exclusive

Gregg Homme as a brand needs no introduction, they are known for the highest quality and creativity in the male underwear business. I bought this pair a good while back but took a little break before I did a review of this pair. Well, now I am back and will give you a reason to look at this thong.

Rating: 9.6/10

  • Daily Fit: 10/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10

Pros: The elastic borders, retro styling, stretch material

Cons: Price, Paper care tag

GH is one of, if not, my favorite brand to wear, I have yet to be disappointed by any of their products. This pair is no exception to that opinion. When you look at this from afar they have a very retro look and will draw your attention to them in a basic way. They won’t stand out if next to a rainbow or multicolored print at first but they can hold their own in that regard. While I wore this pair on a very rigorous day, I would recommend keeping these for those special nights due to the fragility of the fabric.

I work in a hospital and I have to push around patients all day and lift them to opposing beds, they can range from low 100s to over 400 lbs. I have to have something that can hug my body in the right way, keep everything in place, makes ne forget what I am wearing. I also occasionally do some gym work and the same principles apply. This thong passed the daily work and gym test for me but I wouldn’t want to purposefully keep wearing them on heavy work days.

The fabric is of the very same quality you see from the torrid line and has the same stretch. The cut of the pouch is more for a straight out instead of an out and down like the torrid. The elastic on these is very good and hugs you right where you want them. I found that they didn’t move much if at all. I personally like that the elastic and pouch covered my junk and didn’t move making me unaware of their presence. The back strap itself is like a normal T back thong in shape but the straps never moving and contouring to my curves was the most surprising.

I bought this pair in a size medium and they fit correctly. Over the past two years, I have gained a little weight and have grown from a small to a medium. While this is a problem, I have only had to get rid of a small few of my previous GH products. You could go a size smaller if you are an in-between size and still get a great fit. The pouch also allows for some spontaneous growth for those special nights.

The GH touch thong is a great pair of underwear that can be used for any daily activity. The overall construction is just great and you won’t be disappointed with this purchase. This thong will hug you in all the correct ways and give you that little bit of extra swag to “seal the deal.”

PAIR: Gregg Homme Touch Thong

COLORS: Black, White, and Red

FABRIC: 76% Nylon and 24% Spandex



I recently purchased this thong during Gregg Homme’s mid-summer sale

Rating: 10/10

  • Daily Fit: 10/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 10/10

Pros: fabric is very good, waistband doesn’t bind or pinch, sits well and doesn’t move regardless of activity

Cons: the care instructions tag and the lack of color options

I am reviewing the Menz thong by GH, it was one of their newer lines that were introduced in spring. I have quite a few pairs of GH thongs and have generally loved all of them. This brand was indeed one that looked forward to sharing with everyone.

For this pair, I did a normal day’s work, some lounging, a little working out, and some sleeping. A full day for the normal male. I barely, if at all, noticed this pair during all my activities. I felt great during all my activities and have no complaints at all.

The construction is top of the line, I have never had an issue with GH’s underwear construction. The fabric was seemingly made to be worn during highly active activities. The pouch was not enhancing but plenty large enough, the seat was rather large but once placed no issues were encountered.

The pair was ordered in a medium, and they were true to size. Generally, I would advise for most men on the smaller side of a size to size down but these felt true to their size. The waist band and fabric have a pretty good stretch to them and can accommodate most.

This was a great pair for the money that I had paid and would definitely consider buying more at a later date if more color options were offered. True to size, very well made, and great for physical activities means these could be used for anything and everything. The Thonged Ginger recommends this thong to any and all men, who are looking for a luxury thong to wear.

BRAND: Gregg Homme
PAIR: Menz Thong
COLORS: Black and White
FABRIC: 93% Micromodal airjet, 7% elastine

COST: 27.00 USD

We got the chance to talk to M-Wear. The Thonged Ginger conducted this interview.

How long have you been making thongs and underwear? What made you start to make it?

I’ve been making them inconsistently for about 5 years. Only in the last 6 months have I spent a significant amount of time trying to perfect underwear patterns to look and operate the way I like them to. I’m still working on a brief to offer customers hopefully in mid-2017.

I started making underwear for strip/burlesque shows in NYC and that’s where I realized I LOVED making men’s underwear.

What made you decide to pursue making undies for the burlesque/strip shows?

My “real” job is costume design for theatre in NYC and there have been several shows I’ve been involved in that required custom men’s underwear for any number of reasons.

Thongs have really taken off with all kinds of men, gay/straight, married/single, what made you start your own custom Thong/underwear business? Why do custom over a ready to wear line?

Working on burlesque/strip shows for several years, where I’ve had to fit each dancer’s underwear individually, I realized that guys really love to have underwear that fits them specifically-especially when they didn’t know it was possible. I give my customers the option of pairing their thong with whatever size pouch they feel that they need. If there’s a guy who says the waist is a tiny bit tight or the thong strap is a little loose, I’ll make notes and adjust it for the next time they order. For guys that live-in Manhattan, I offer the option of a complimentary initial fitting. This lets them try on the underwear before it’s complete so I can adjust the waist, thong strap, and pouch to fit their body and then I forever know what fits them for future orders.

Not only do they get to customize their thong sizing, but they have complete control of the fabric. If they want half the pouch to be one color/fabric and the other side to be different, then that’s what they get. My library of colors, prints, and sparkle is endless!

Since I’m still very new to selling my work, custom orders are easier to accommodate than a ready-to-wear line because I don’t have to worry about making a bunch of underwear that may not sell or fit. Eventually, I may have a ready-to-wear line in addition to my custom work, but for now it’s just made-to-order.

Where do you want this venture to take you? Do you want a full-time gig making men’s underwear or more of a hobby? Have you considered a brand name?

The brand name is “M Wear NYC”. I’ve constantly been thinking about where I want this to go and it all depends on how well I do. A lot of brands start out with a business loan to get their momentum going at the beginning. I’m really trying to take it slow and make sure this specific type of company is something worth investing before I make a bold move like that. If it works out, I’d love to make it my career but for now I guess you could say it’s more of a hobby that I get paid for.

How does your custom-made underwear process work? How does a guy order?

Well, the business is literally just a few months old and since I’m doing it on the side of my normal design job, it’s a pretty straight forward process. New customers, who I don’t personally know, reach out to me via a direct message on either Twitter or Instagram with an inquiry. From there, I’ll explain briefly how it works-I let the customer know the fabric selection process which is still literally just sending photos of fabric swatch cards to them while ensuring them that if there is something specific they have in mind (pink and blue zebra print, for example) that the sky is the limit and I can always get follow up photos from my distributor. From there we discuss fit. I ask what size they tend to wear in other underwear brands and try to base it off of that while allowing them to go up or down in pouch size based on what they think they need. This process can get much more precise if the customer lives in Manhattan since I can do an initial fitting.

If someone was to visit NYC could they arrange a meeting with you as well?

Absolutely! An in-person fitting is the ideal situation because the underwear can be totally custom in every way (fit, fabric, etc.). If someone knows they are traveling to NYC, I’d love to schedule a complimentary fitting with the purchase of a thong or jockstrap.

I have seen that you are traveling to Chicago, are there any other cities you plan on visiting? Have you had several requests to do custom fittings when you get there?

Yeah, I’m in Chicago Jan 26-29 and I already have four fittings scheduled and am hoping to get some more on the calendar for that weekend. No other cities on the radar yet, but it’s still early. I’m definitely updating my Twitter followers as I schedule trips. I’m hoping to get a Boston trip scheduled at some point this year.

I know you said you want to introduce a brief, any other styles you want to eventually come out with as well?

Hopefully a couple different brief options and a singlet. In the distant future, hopefully some fetish wear.

What has your general clientele been? UNB_Tim believes more straight men are catching onto the thong craze, do you agree?

So far, it’s been mostly gay men. I’ve had a couple straight men express interest, but no orders yet. I imagine that would change once I’ve made my website active. The reason I’ve had most of the clientele I’ve had is because at the beginning I reached out to gay porn stars, go-go dancers, etc. as a way of fast, maximum exposure (see what I did there?). Also, it may be more of a hassle for straight men to think about making creative decisions about their underwear versus just picking out something ready-to-wear (which I hope to make an option once my website goes live).

Why do you think straight men are less creative with their underwear decisions?

I target more to gay men, because that’s who wear them in a more public way. I imagine that straight men wear something more for their partner and less for social media to see. Although, I am certain there are straight men who wear them more publicly. As time goes on, I really hope to target straight men in addition to gay men.

Let me ask about you, where are you from?

I’m a southern boy. Born in Charleston and raised in Arkansas. I lived in Chicago for most of 2015 and now thankfully live in Harlem, NYC.

What made you decide to stay or leave?

I had to go where the work was. As a costume designer for theatre, my chances of getting constant work are greater if I’m in NYC.

Do you have any other hobbies?

Besides making sexy men’s underwear, I enjoy going to the gym, cooking (and eating), playing with my dog, and traveling.

Do you like to watch sports? Favorite teams?

I’m sorry, what is a “sport”? Haha! I enjoy watching college football if I can attend the game but watching sports on TV is not the slightest bit interesting to me. My favorite team is my alma mater, the Arkansas State University Red Wolves.

Favorite movies, tv shows, Netflix?

I rarely watch tv. It makes me feel like I’m wasting my life. If I’m watching TV, it’s 1 of 3 shows: The Barefoot Contessa, Will and Grace reruns, or more recently, The Big Bang Theory.

Anything else you want people to know about you or your brand?

I am so thankful for all the retweets and shout outs on social media from my customers! I get giddy every time I get a notification. The reason I’m taking this venture slow is

because I want to make sure I’m able to do business fairly and efficiently and I want every step of my customer’s experience to be simple, but exciting! I mean, underwear that’s made for ONLY YOUR PACKAGE should be exciting!

What are the ways our readers can contact you?

Right now, I can be contacted via Twitter Direct Messages (@m_wearunderwear). I hope to have a website together by the end of 2017.

This will be my first time bringing you anything for Thong Thursday and I hope that I can show off something good. If you were to know me I am a huge Gregg Homme fan. Their stuff can be a little pricey but in my experience, it is well worth it. So, I want to bring attention to the Gregg Home Nude Jock.

The first thing you should notice about the garment is the torpedo style pouch and the how thick the straps are on the sides. The thickness of the side straps is to enhance the wear’s bum to achieve a more “bubble” butt appearance. The side straps are also a sports mesh material and are highly breathable. No one ever hates looking at a good bum, women make spanx to achieve that same look.

While the rear lift is a key achievement the torpedo itself is also a looker. The material is the same from the Torrid line, which is 76%nylon and 24% spandex. This gives the fabric a great 8-way stretch that can accommodate virtually anyone. From my experiences with the fabric, you will never be disappointed but this is most definitely a lounge or night out piece. While you may see the name, and wonder why is TheThongedGinger spotlighting a jock on thong Thursday, well the garment is more of a jock thong than just your normal jock. That gives a nice middle ground for both styles. I don’t own the piece but I do plan to purchase this jock thong in the future. If you are really wanting to grab some GH stuff they have a sale
going on now till the 12/30/16, go over there and get you some

BRAND: Gregg Homme
LINE: Nude Jock
STYLE: Jock Thong
COLORS: khaki, pink, lime, blue, purple, nude, white, black
FABRIC: 76%nylon 24% spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $45.95
LINK: nude jock (

First, we want to welcome the Thonged Ginger to the UNB Family. He’s our newest writer and has already posted about the Gregg Homme Break-In collection. He’s an awesome guy and here is a bit more about him!

Tell our readers about you: I am a 28 y/o, wife a wife and 3 beautiful children. We currently live in Nashville, TN. I tend to think that I am guarded, and most wouldn’t know about my undie collection unless you saw it or I told you. I am trying to break out of my shell and hope that working with the fine gentleman at UNB will help.

When did you first discover underwear? My first discovery of undies came when I was around 14 and where I grew up a Frederick’s of Hollywood was the store across from a GameStop. Naturally, I couldn’t  look at the chicks in lingerie but I one day caught the sight of a guy wearing sexy undies. Now I saw him in them and I wanted to be him and feel that sexiness and masculinity. So I had my mom buy me a silk thong and from there on it was over.

What was the first pair of good underwear you bought? What made you buy that pair? I would say that a Something Wild in California thong was my first “designer” thong. I loved the homemade feel and bought quite a few pairs and loved each one. I chose SWIC cause men’s thong undies hadn’t really caught on like it has now.

How did this first pair influence your journey into the world of men’s underwear? Over the years my collection has grown to house bikini briefs, trunks, and a few boxer briefs, but I always go back to the thong and g-string. I do like some of the others but a good thong is head and shoulder above anything else.

What are your current favorite styles? What style do you wear most? Thongs are what I wear the most, but I do like the cheeky cuts on boxers and briefs, and jock thongs

What are some of your favorite pairs in your underwear drawer? Gregg Homme is my favorites by far, they may be pricey but worth IMO. Agacio, Andrew Christian, Clever, and Joe Snyder also make some good undies.

Are you open to friends or partners about your love of underwear? If you have a partner do they encourage your love of underwear? I don’t really talk to my friends about undies, remember I am guarded about my personal life, nut I am very open with my wife. She is very accepting and would be more accepting if I wasn’t overweight, a problem most have.

Has wearing great underwear boosted your confidence? A good pair of undies can make your day, not only due to a confidence boost but knowing everything is secure and riding on a pillow. If you wear good undies you tend to have a good day, get something that makes you fell sexy and you will act like your sexy.

Where can our readers find you on social media?

Twitter- @ThongedGinger  I’m not twitter guy but I made this special for anyone wo wants to hit me up to chat undies.

1420-break-in-2If you are new to the underwear world, then you might not know what Gregg Homme is if asked. If you are not new then you know exactly what this brand is all about. GH is one of those brands that seemingly push what we would like to see from fantasy to reality. Today, we have the opportunity to purchase the Gregg Homme Break-In line. If this line of products is anything like the past Gregg Homme garments I have worn. Then you are in for a treat!

The interesting part about these undies is the zipper incorporation and faux leather trims. The thong has a zipper running along the midline and the boxer briefs. The brief has the zipper flanking the pouch to the right along a diagonal path. The shirts also have a zipper where buttons would normally be positioned. The fabrics are a fine Italian sheer mesh and a soft knit fabric. The mesh is 82% polyamide and 18% elastane, the knit fabric is 73%polyamide and 27% elastane. The current styles you can get are a mesh brief, a boxer brief with a knit pouch, the rest being mesh, a full knit boxer brief, a mesh pouch G-string, a mesh muscle shirt, a knit t-shirt, and a long sleeve knit shirt. This overall like seems like it is meant for a night of fun or lounging. It is a very suggestive and seductive overall look and feel.

This style looks like it is meant for the man who is going out to a party and expects to come home with someone. If women wear sexy panties to feel confident enough to go or take someone home, why can’t men? I really like the look of this line and this would be great for those nights out and you want to make a splash in the bedroom. This looks like male lingerie and I mean that in the best way possible. This is an eye candy type of undies that just makes you feel sexy just looking at it and imagining yourself in a pair. The shirts look to fit tight and show off a figure. These have a tight fitting muscle feel to them.

These are pricey of the garments. They can make a great Christmas gift for you. Or it could be worth the splurge to surprise your significant other, or for yourself to look super sexy. The only other issue would be the comfort of the zipper. That would only really come into play with the thong bit maybe the other undies. I haven’t worn any zipper undies so I don’t know how well the zipper conforms to the undies or if they can scratch or cause irritation. I can see the inside of the undies, but as long as there is some sort of fabric covering the tracks then this is a non-issue.

In summary, this is a killer looking line with a nice male lingerie look to surprise that special someone on a night out or a naughty night in. The fabric, along with the zipper and faux leather trim look really good and give the confidence to go up to anyone and expect to  get them home. The issue are price and unknown details on the zipper having a covering on the inside of the pouch. The Break-In like is available now for you to buy at Gregg Homme’s main webpage.

BRAND: Gregg Homme
PAIR: Break-In Briefs
COLORS: Black, Blue
FABRIC: Sheer Mesh
COST: $56.00
LINK: Break-In Briefs

BRAND: Gregg Homme
PAIR: Break-In Boxer Briefs
COLORS: Knit Black
FABRIC: Soft Italian Knit  
COST: $62.00
LINK: Break-In Boxer Briefs

BRAND: Gregg Homme
PAIR: Break-In Pouch G-String
COLORS: Black, blue
FABRIC: Sheer Mesh
COST: $36.00
LINK: Break-In Pouch G-String

BRAND: Gregg Homme
PAIR: Break-In Mesh Boxer Brief
COLORS: Black, blue
FABRIC: Sheer Mesh, Knit Pouch
COST: $60.00
LINK: Break-In Mesh Boxer Brief

BRAND: Gregg Homme
PAIR: Break-In T-Shirt
FABRIC: Soft Italian Knit
COST: $98.00
LINK: Break-In T-Shirt

BRAND: Gregg Homme
PAIR: Break-In Long Sleeve Shirt
FABRIC: Soft Italian Knit
COST: $98.00
LINK: Break-In Long Sleeve Shirt

BRAND: Gregg Homme
PAIR: Break-In Mesh Muscle Shirt
COLORS: Black. Blue
FABRIC: Sheer Mesh
COST: $69.00
LINK: Break-In Mesh Muscle Shirt