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2018 is the Age of the Swim Thong and my experience in Vegas has shown me that Men can now join in the Swim Revolution. From my experiences, I have shared here and on my IG page, the most monumental and truly liberating experience was in Sin City! VEGAS BABY. From Hotel pool to the Wet Republic Day Club I braved the tides of judgment for revolutionizing men’s swimwear.

I have been experimenting, pushing the boundaries of fashion everywhere I have traveled in the last year and Vegas by far was the most rewarding. Maybe it’s the #whathappensinVegasStaysInVegas vibe or simply put, people are generally happy in Vegas celebrating something right? Why let a guy in a thong ruin that? What I learned is my carefree confidence to strut my stuff added to the magic that Vegas brings out of our ho-hum lives.

I was celebrating a birthday, and just like many times in my young adult life, friends bail last minute, even if you plan a year out. One of my best friends and my brother plus his girlfriend would elect to join along. The whole Vegas idea centered around a discounted stay at the Hilton Grand Vacation for a timeshare brief. I will leave those details at that. However, the hotel was a no frills but clean and accommodating hotel on the North end of the Strip. A little seedy outside the place, but inside, actually quite nice.

The pool was spread out in lagoon like fashion and I was excited to tan some cheeks and test out the Vegas thong experience. The first morning in Vegas I hit the pool. Turns out this pool consisted of mostly families. With families around, I have learned their attitude is: don’t-trust-the-guy-in-thong till proven otherwise. Not fair but a reality in America. This was no different, but very quickly people in my space felt that I truly was there for no one but myself. And when my buddy came to the pool to join me, any anxiety over my thong quickly evaporated.

My racy swim attire has not been truly expressed to my brother, however, much less his girlfriend, so that was actually a stressor for me on this trip. But I was adamant, if I can do this with friends and the public at large, I should at least be able to have a conversation with my brother about it. He has seen that I do wear thongs, and tights and I would say he wasn’t completely surprised but took some getting used to. His girlfriend, silent as usual, but I did come out and say “Hey I can go change if this is making you guys uncomfortable” but nope, my brother and his girlfriend supported me. I recommend to start a conversation about it. Let them have the green light to expressing concerns or support. What a relief.

The next day, my buddy and I went to Wet Republic. Now, I have worn swim thongs all over in public, but never to a club. This IS the place where people can kick you out BECAUSE THEY CAN. That fact was intimidating, so I reached out over email to the club to ask about thongs on men. I was given the green light as long as it was “tasteful.” FAIR enough right? I chose to wear my JOR Sunny Black Thong, somewhat conservative back and front, but still undoubtedly a thong. HERE WE GO.

With shorts and a t-shirt and a bag of our stuff we arrived. As we got closer, I didn’t realize the fact you really can’t bring ANYTHING with you into the club. That means no clothes other than a swimsuit. This was the moment of truth where I had to strip in line, store our clothes, sunscreen, wallet and phones with the club and then proceed to be frisked for contraband.

There were a couple of smirks as me and my cheeks were just hanging out in line with my buddy. Within seconds of actually entering the club, all eyes were on me and I could feel that I was now in the spotlight making a statement. This was the moment of uncertainty. Did I really outdo myself this time? Was I going to be asked to leave because someone complained about me? Was I going to be the butt(pun intended) of everyone’s joke that day? Even my friend, kept a little distance from me to watch the situation unfold.

The fog of uncertainty was broken when this girl and her friend came up and grabbed my butt and said “I LOVE YOUR SUIT!!!” The rest was history.

I was invited to private cabanas, asked to take pictures with bachelorettes, dudes who at first snickered were dumbfound at the amount of female attention I was getting. A girl who was, literally, across the entire club pointed at me and forced her way through the pool and booze to find me and tell me she had never seen someone so self-confident in her life. This was no hyperbole, but women were literally craving and competing for my attention. It got to the point where I had hands all over me in the pool and couldn’t keep track of whom they belonged too! INSANE.

My buddy, now was my ambassador, directing the flow of traffic to the aura of the Swim Thong Guy. He was the Remora to the wake of girls flocking to our space and had met some girls in the process. UN-FREAKING-BELIVABLE.

Best birthday of my life. That moment, in the sun, music, booze, and women flocking to me because I wore a swimsuit that people have laughed at me for wearing. Vegas not only accepted my swimsuit, it worshipped it.

If ANY of you readers out there STILL haven’t found the fortitude to go out and wear a swim thong or bikini in public- Please do. And if you need a place to do it, Vegas is it hands-down the best place I have been. It was one of the most liberating experiences of my life and I look forward to hearing your stories.

Heck, maybe I can get my boss here to throw a UNB get together in Vegas. Who wants a piece of the magic? Follow me @yourfavoritestallion

This Edipous Micro Bikini was furnished for review by the brand. The opinions expressed are that of the reviewer.

Rating: 8/10 (Average of the Rating Below)

• Daily Fit: 7/10
• Sizing 9/10
• Styling: 9/10
• Performance 10/10

• LOVE THE POUCH- Quite possibly the best pouch on ANY pair of underwear I have ever worn. Supportive, roomy, and conforms to whatever you bring to the table. Large or small the fabric and construction gives enough yet holds your good secure. Simply Outstanding.
• Breathable! Never once do I get a sweating or moist feel wearing these. For a non-cotton brief, these feel so light and refreshing.
• Waste band- Like most of its construction, very forgiving and not “cutting” into your waist. Stretchy yet not squeezing to the point it becomes a high-rise brief. Not Bad at all Edipous!


• Bikini Back- Well by now most of our readers may know, I am a thong guy or a boxer brief guy on occasion. While this is the first brief I have owned, it has confirmed my suspicion that most briefs for me quickly become a thong with extra fabric. Maybe it’s my butt construction, but slowly and surely these briefs ride up between my cheeks and low and behold its essentially a thong, a less comfortable thong.
• Does this pouch come on an Edipous thong? I hope…investigation to follow…

UNB Shawn Recommendations

All and all, it is a bikini brief and it’s got to be one of the more comfortable ones out there, but I am thong guy what can I say? The brief hints at a sexiness, but to me is not at pleasing to the eye or as functional for that matter than a well-designed thong. If I want to tone down the sexiness, boxer briefs are functional and don’t ride up my cheeks, briefs well does neither for me. Happy Shopping UNB readers. Find your style and OWN IT!

FABRIC: 77.60% Polyamide and 22.40% Spandex
SIZES: Small  – XL
COST: $19.25

PAIR: Sunny Swim Thong 0427
COLORS: Black, Fuchsia, White, Grey Print, and Yellow Print
SIZES: Small  – XL
COST: $41.60

Rating: 8/10 (Average of the Rating Below)

• Daily Fit: 7/10
• Sizing 9/10
• Styling: 9/10
• Performance 7/10


• Love the styling-I have always been a fan of the thicker waist band look. I think the wide band style gives a little modesty to an inherently un-modest swimsuit. Sometimes little refinement and sophistication rather than overly strappy and loud styling can be a little much in a thong swimsuit for me.
• Colors- Love the arrangement of solid to print colors on the suit. I personally own the black and love the simplicity in wearing a solid black thong. However, the Fuchsia, or other prints brings this thong to another notch in loudness! Great to fit the personality of the wearer.
• Buns Factor- The wide bands make your behind look outstanding. Hands down my favorite back on any thong I own right now


• Center Strap design- What really stops me from wearing this suite every time is that darn center strap, or really string. Many of JOR’s thong swimsuits’ center strap eventually becomes a simple string that eventually joins the pouch. To be honest, I have learned to hate that feeling beneath my gonads. If you are just tanning for the day, it’s really not bad, but if you are at all active, or dare I say bend over, there really isn’t a lot of coverage to save you.

• Pouch size- While the pouch is luxurious and soft and the material construction is fantastic, the size is just ok. For me its slightly constricting and not a whole lot of room to stretch. Especially with that string…nothing to save you below that pouch…Have I mentioned I don’t like the center strap!?

• Big clothing tag on the back-strap. I guess I must be splitting hairs, but the clothing tag is huge for just a small swimsuit… I promptly remove the tag because it literally hangs out the side of your suit if you are not careful. But their goes your sizing, washing, and care instructions…

UNB Shawn Recommendations

This is a great first swim thong to purchase. If you are on the fence about this whole swim thong craze here on UNB look no further than this suit. It is easy to find, pricing not terrible, lots of colors, and fairly modest backside.

I have worn this thong a few times in the sun and in the water and it really is a thong built to last. Good quality construction and for the most part pretty comfortable…Maybe you will like the stringy strap, but it all reality it’s a great piece of clothing and I am glad it is a part of my collection.

Alright readers, if you have been following my content I have been mostly writing about swim thongs. They are pretty exciting, right? Well I wanted to write to you today about Men’s Yoga Pants, especially these ones made by Go Softwear and how they have put me on the frontlines of gym dress codes of the 21st Century.

These pants are incredibly comfortable. The material is moisture wicking and actually quite roomy for the “boys.” However, I have scoured the internet to find ANYTHING like this. NOTHING. ZILCH. NADA. This is it guys, the only tight fitting yoga pants I could find.

Which brings me to my next point; Why are tights and especially yoga tights not made for men? Or better yet, why are tights maybe frowned upon today? What is…everyone afraid of?

I guess someone has to say it- I think people, even in the 21st Century are afraid of the sight of well…a penis. GASP. IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS?! Yes people, and half of the people on earth today come equipped with one when they are born. That is what I think the elephant in the room is, pun intended.

So I have a little story for you all. I strolled into a local gym to work out. I’ve gotten into yoga recently, hence the pants, and after a yoga session, I would go hit up the free weights to get my strength training in. Well, I had been doing this for several weeks at said gym, in my Go Softwear tights and all without incident.

Then out of the blue a male gym attendant is standing in front of me after I am finishing some bent over rows. He’s looking at me, half glancing, in my eyes signaling he wants to talk to me. So, I take my headphones out.


“Sir, I’ve been sent over here to ask if you have a pair of shorts to wear over your pants. You are, um, too revealing.”

Granted this is in the weight room, in front of EVERYONE, listening to this AWKWARD conversation.

“No I don’t” I said.

“Well next time you come in please wear basketball shorts. Sorry to bother you.” And like that I was crushed… I guess the future would have to wait for Shawn…At least at this gym.

The next day, I strolled in, begrudgingly wearing good ole basketball shorts and I do my daily workout. Then out of the blue, GASP, another man in tights walks into the gym and rides the stationary bikes. I keep peeking from my workout to see if the REDCON 1 ALERT is activated for this man’s egregious choice in gym apparel.

Nothing happens. In fact, no one even blinks. NOTHING IS HAPPENING!

Now I am now for lack of better words…PISSED.

I knock on the glass door to the weight room manager’s office and speak to the gym manager to explain my case and obvious inequality in gym attire enforcement.

“Oh that’s Jeff he’s been coming here for years,” the manager said.

“So then why did I have to change?” I ask.

“Well no one’s ever complained about Jeff…” the manager casually said.

Might as well have thrown a brick through his glass door.


Needless to say, the manager back peddled and insisted that MY tights were “more revealing.”

BS. Let me talk to the Director. And I did.

And guess what? Men’s tights are not prohibited on their national brand dress code and I was vindicated. Checkmate. Business as usual.

I continued to work out there for several months, but my job has taken me to a new gym, and I am now going through the same litigation to get approved to wear my Go Soft Wear tights. What is the world coming to? As I have found out surprisingly, it is MEN complaining about my attire? MEN!! Seriously!?

Being a trendsetter takes work and courage, and I will continue to fight this double standard between women and men and yoga pants everywhere I go. What do you guys think? Am I wrong?

Let us know below!

My career takes me all over, a great perk, because when the sun is out, I look to continue sparking the fire for Swim Thong Revolution. That’s what brings me here today to your screen as I share with you my adventures going coast to coast testing the waters, pun intended, of thong-ing in the sun.

This past weekend brought me to Seattle, a historically liberal city, whose exploding growth has brought people of all persuasions and backgrounds to shores of Lake Washington on an 80 degree Sunday. I figured I should have no trouble fitting in, and I was correct; Madison Park Beach in Seattle is a great place to wear your swim thong.

Nestled just south of the University of Washington and is hiding behind winding and secluded neighborhoods east of downtown. Madison Park is one of the few Lake Front parks with an actual beach. The sand is minimal, but few public shore line spots along Lake Washington offer a comfortable and inviting sunny weekend afternoon. With a dock equipped with a diving board, sandy beach, grass promenade, lifeguards, this past Sunday this parked was PACKED. Towels, beach chairs, Frisbees, footballs, wine, booze, loud music, children, couples, university students, retirees, gawkers, loaners, were present with Me in in my Pikante print swim thong.

The anxiety is always there. The moment where you transition from an unremarkable 20 something year old guy in Basketball shorts and T shirt to a renegade-trend-setter sporting a swim thong. That moment takes courage as you know the gaze of on lookers will lead to judgment, because YOU chose to be different.

This monumental moment in a new beach, new area, seemed fairly uneventful. The park was quaint at 10 am, maybe 15 people max around, and few really seemed to care. I got a few snickers from college aged mixed group in front of me, but that quickly melted away and I blended into the Summer Seattle scene.

As the temperature climbed into the 80s and the day wore on, here came the people. And no one said a word about my risqué suit. Soon I had neighbors inches from my towel and didn’t hear a peep. Maybe it was because I wasn’t listening, but honestly, other than a couple of stares then a shrug, most people were more focused on their summer day than me.

One of my good friends came down to meet me, this would be the first time he had seen me in a Thong. I actually was quite nervous for that, it’s easy to wear thongs…anonymously, but when you introduce this secret life to your friends, you wonder how it will change things. Well for my buddy it really didn’t change anything, as predicted. We go back to many fun days back at school and he just kind of was like, “you do you man, I aint going to stop ya.”

Once again, me and my buddy, and my swim thong just blended into the Sunny afternoon. He and I decided to cool off in the water as the temperature climbed. Walking back to the towel, finally someone had decided to say something.

“Hey I like your suit!” said this girl roughly my age. She was with her friend, boyfriend, and another guy friend. “I am in design and work for Nordstrom, and I really like that style,” she went on.

Instantly the whole group and I began talking about me and my suit, and how I wasn’t gay, and how great that was that I had the stones to pull off a suit like this so well. Turns out the boyfriend and his friend shared similar interests with me and we “bro-ed” out a little.

My buddy ended up leaving eventually, and I spent the rest of the afternoon with my new friends shooting the breeze, throwing Frisbee, diving off the diving dock, and listening to Weezer on their Bluetooth speaker. We exchanged numbers, instagrams, and said our goodbyes with plans to meet up sometime again this summer.

Literally, the whole experience was awesome. NEVER, have I felt so good about who I am. It is so refreshing to meet others who can be friendly and really just get along with some dude wearing a thong. Maybe its Seattle, maybe its them or me, but what a great Sunday it was.

To echo former stories here at UNB, just go out there and DO IT. Wear what you want and be yourself. You are in for a surprise on how rewarding a day like I just had can be!


Rating: 8/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 7/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 7/10


  • Love the construction- Are there beaches in Canada I don’t know about? Because Gregg Homme just nails the construction of this swimsuit. Great lining on the pouch smooths and refines your man bumps, and the material is exceptionally durable. Will survive salt water and chlorine adventures for a long time!
  • Refined sexy styling- If Sherlock Hommes (pun intended) wore thongs, this would be his first choice. The black and grey version is sophisticatedly masculine, daring, and sexy. The GH tab with drawstrings bring together the sexy, refined look! If you want wilder colors, the orange and turquoise pair bring your vibrant and sexy appeal to a new level.
  • Back Strap- Simply yet sexy. Sometimes less is more, and this T Back strap is so comfortable. Just enough fabric to show class in thong terms, but not too little to feel like you are being split in half. Excellent comfort.


  • Pouch size- Unfortunately this is what brings this suit down from perfection. The pouch itself with lining is at a specifically designed size; once you reach that size, your goods will be forced to comply or simply bust out. Larger guys-Be careful!
  • Color options- I feel like the contrasting design really could be taken advantage of with more color options say a blue, red, or even a green? It’s such a great design only to 3 colors.
  • Sizing- Runs smallish, I got myself a medium, and I am 33-34 waist, and it was a little tight, but if I got the large it might be too big!

UNB Shawn Recommendations

Gregg Homme is pricey, but you get what you pay for. This swim thong is no joke. It was constructed to last the harsh environments of the sun and water. This was my first swim thong because the styling and construction seemed like a good investment; it was. Just like their underwear, the swim thong will not disappoint with the reputation of quality Gregg Homme consistently delivers.

This thong as seen the beaches from west coast to east coast on me, and I would say I felt fairly regal for a thong wearer on the beach. I own the black and grey version, and it seems less attention drawing than the vibrant other colors. It fits my style. I wore my thong for ME, not gawkers. The straps narrow enough to move up and down your hips to manage those thong tans lines if that is your persuasion.

Fabric and construction are outstanding- truly top notch. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the pouch size became a concern for me. I do have to squeeze in there. I love these thongs, but they are not made for larger sized guys, their design size for the pouch was simply smaller than I. For me, there is enough room for me to contort and adjust to fit the pouch evenly, but barely. When active or lying out, I am semi-regularly managing the pouch to ensure coverage.

Sizing runs a little small. I would say it is similar to the sizing of Gregg Homme underwear, but this thong design is petit. I am 6 foot 185, athletic, 34 waist, and medium seem about the best fit for me, but a little tight, large may be a little loose around the hips. Just my two cents.

Overall a great piece of clothing to buy, and an even better first swim thong. Go big or go home with Gregg Homme, you will not be disappointed.

BRAND: Gregg Homme
PAIR: Reef Thong
COLORS: Black and Grey, Orange and Turquois, Turquoise and Black
FABRIC: Quick-drying 73% polymide, 27% elastane

COST: $54.00

You took the leap and bought yourself a swim thong. Congratulations, you are on the road to not only the best tan, but the best experiences in the sun.Feeling the sun on your cheeks is truly an experience. It’s no wonder women’s thong bikinis are taking off at the moment, and there’s no reason why men can’t experience the fun!

Coming back to down to Reality- Men’s Swim Thongs are taboo. As much as we all wish we lived in a utopian-love-everyone-respect-everyone-world…THIS is not the case.

No matter where you decide to wear your thong publicly(legally* of course), maybe except for nude beaches, SOMEONE is going to feel THREATENED. “HOW DARE HE BREAK THE RULES?!” “THIS ISN’T RIGHT…” “MY CHILDREN WILL BE SCARRED FOR LIFE.” Amongst other thought’s like “LOOK, Honey, it’s a Gay Man.”

Either way, you get the point. I am a mid 20s, fit, straight guy who has worn swim thongs coast to coast, Mexico, and the list grows. I have received these negative vibes in all these places AT FIRST* and fully expect to continue finding these expectations where ever I decide to go Suns Out Buns Out…Life is all about “managing expectations” and YOU need to have these expectations too.

You are beginning a quest; KNOWINGLY GOING INTO TO BATTLE TO CHALLENGE GENDER NORMS.  Your thong is your armor and your attitude is your sword and it must be sharp! This will not always be socially easy or comfortable but that is why I am here to help.

I have made the mistakes and learned to RIGHT way to go from “Honey that’s a creepy guy in a thong over there” to “Hey I guess that guy isn’t all that bad…and he’s got a cute butt!” The last part may depend, but it’s true! YOU CAN BE ACCEPTED if you know and embrace these expectations/tips-

Ask yourself-Do you look good in a thong? Maybe a girlfriend/boyfriend says so, or a spouse… but more importantly, do YOU think so? I am talking 100%, feel it in your bones “Damn, I look good” attitude. Whether you feel out of shape, hairy or some other insecurity you must address those issues BEFORE you go out into the wild jungle of social judgment. If you don’t have this CONVICTION that you were born to wear this, who else will?

You run the risk of setting yourself up for more ridicule and people ultimately afraid/unsure of you.

Some people are awful…they sense wounded pride or vulnerable people. I can’t explain their issues, but some feel adamant about pointing the figure or making fun of people BECAUSE THEY CAN AND THEY ARE SELF-LOATHING INSIDE. These are the people who will ridicule you first. They smell fear, apprehension, and awkwardness. They are everywhere, unfortunately. KNOW THY ENEMY. Don’t be a gazelle. BE THE LION. OWN your swimsuit and walk and act with confidence. You are here for YOURSELF not for anyone else and you rock IT. It gets pretty awkward for those self-loathers to make fun of a guy and see ZERO response from you.

In fact, what’s really fun to walk directly up to them and start a conversation like a Bro, BECAUSE YOU ARE THE UBER BRO, the ALPHA in the sand or at the pool. THE BRO WITH THE CONFIDENCE TO WEAR A THONG. Most of the time they are stunned and realize you ARE a normal guy, it turns you from an object to a person, who may not be all that different from themselves. Imagine that- even self-loathing people have feelings too. Shower them with kindness they need it more than anyone.

The other people on heightened alert are Parents with little-ones. A guy in a thong is a threat until proven otherwise. You are not to act deviant, reclusive, or creepy. Don’t be that guy. Have friends with you, MAKE new friends!  All eyes are on YOU and YOU must demonstrate you’re a normal dude who just happens to have a thong on. Being social *validates your “normalcy.” Give families space and respect that. Sometimes your quest to flexing your buns in the sun will make families uncomfortable if you give them a reason to doubt your honest respectful self. Be carefree, smile, and be yourself. Most people get behind that, and you should have no issues.

Tips for starting conversations/making friends– This is by far the hardest part, but if you are going solo with your thong on, I highly recommend this as a part of your public thonging experience. It may prevent any “excuse me sir, but we received a complaint…” conversations as well. Here are some good starting points to make new friends-

  • “Could you watch my things? I need to go to the bathroom/get a drink/ETC…by the way, my name is….” By far the easiest thing to initiate a conversation. It’s honest and it serves a purpose NOBODY wants their things stolen. See you ARE a real human being?! 😉
  • “Any recommendations about where to eat…go…ETC…I am NEW here…” I don’t care how long you have lived or been where ever you are but you can learn something new about your area from anyone, and people LOVE to talk about themselves and what THEY like to do…give them that opportunity, you may be shocked what you have in common.
  • Bring a Frisbee/football/game. Invite people to PLAY. The easiest way for people to put their feelings aside and FOCUS on a game rather than your thong. Sooner or later you will be high fiving and have a great time. I have done this numerous times.
  • The Elephant is in the room. Tell them you are aware of the Elephant too! You know you are in a thong, but you are acting as if it’s completely normal, because you look great in it, RIGHT? Sometimes this scrambles people’s brains and you need to just come and be one to say, Yes, you, in fact, are in a thong…It releases the stress of those around you not wanting to…admit that. “Love your bathing suit, I just got mine and love it!” or “Ya just being a trendsetter over here” or “Yup usually I am the only one thonging over here it gets lonely!” Make a joke or bring it up, it relaxes the sometimes awkward situations.

These suggestions are by far not the only way to wear your thong in public. You may do the exact opposite of me and have a splendid time. GREAT! THIS IS GOOD. However, from my experience, these attitudes and expectations set me up for success. You have to be in the mood to battle social norms thonging in public. Put on your game face and ROCK IT.

With these tips and lessons learned for me I have played ultimate Frisbee and volley ball with a group of 10 dudes and girls on the beach. I have had several women say  “LOVE YOUR SUIT!” and continue to fawn over my physic and more importantly my CONFIDENCE to wear a thong. Women love that. I have turned people to pointing and laughing at me to high-fiving-“nice-to-meet-you-man” experiences time and time again with these tips and expectations I gave you.

Now GO FORTH AND DO GOOD THINGS UNB readers. Maybe I’ll see you in the sun one day and we will tag team up our efforts to prove Male Thong Normalcy to the world.