Alright readers, if you have been following my content I have been mostly writing about swim thongs. They are pretty exciting, right? Well I wanted to write to you today about Men’s Yoga Pants, especially these ones made by Go Softwear and how they have put me on the frontlines of gym dress codes of the 21st Century.

These pants are incredibly comfortable. The material is moisture wicking and actually quite roomy for the “boys.” However, I have scoured the internet to find ANYTHING like this. NOTHING. ZILCH. NADA. This is it guys, the only tight fitting yoga pants I could find.

Which brings me to my next point; Why are tights and especially yoga tights not made for men? Or better yet, why are tights maybe frowned upon today? What is…everyone afraid of?

I guess someone has to say it- I think people, even in the 21st Century are afraid of the sight of well…a penis. GASP. IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS?! Yes people, and half of the people on earth today come equipped with one when they are born. That is what I think the elephant in the room is, pun intended.

So I have a little story for you all. I strolled into a local gym to work out. I’ve gotten into yoga recently, hence the pants, and after a yoga session, I would go hit up the free weights to get my strength training in. Well, I had been doing this for several weeks at said gym, in my Go Softwear tights and all without incident.

Then out of the blue a male gym attendant is standing in front of me after I am finishing some bent over rows. He’s looking at me, half glancing, in my eyes signaling he wants to talk to me. So, I take my headphones out.


“Sir, I’ve been sent over here to ask if you have a pair of shorts to wear over your pants. You are, um, too revealing.”

Granted this is in the weight room, in front of EVERYONE, listening to this AWKWARD conversation.

“No I don’t” I said.

“Well next time you come in please wear basketball shorts. Sorry to bother you.” And like that I was crushed… I guess the future would have to wait for Shawn…At least at this gym.

The next day, I strolled in, begrudgingly wearing good ole basketball shorts and I do my daily workout. Then out of the blue, GASP, another man in tights walks into the gym and rides the stationary bikes. I keep peeking from my workout to see if the REDCON 1 ALERT is activated for this man’s egregious choice in gym apparel.

Nothing happens. In fact, no one even blinks. NOTHING IS HAPPENING!

Now I am now for lack of better words…PISSED.

I knock on the glass door to the weight room manager’s office and speak to the gym manager to explain my case and obvious inequality in gym attire enforcement.

“Oh that’s Jeff he’s been coming here for years,” the manager said.

“So then why did I have to change?” I ask.

“Well no one’s ever complained about Jeff…” the manager casually said.

Might as well have thrown a brick through his glass door.


Needless to say, the manager back peddled and insisted that MY tights were “more revealing.”

BS. Let me talk to the Director. And I did.

And guess what? Men’s tights are not prohibited on their national brand dress code and I was vindicated. Checkmate. Business as usual.

I continued to work out there for several months, but my job has taken me to a new gym, and I am now going through the same litigation to get approved to wear my Go Soft Wear tights. What is the world coming to? As I have found out surprisingly, it is MEN complaining about my attire? MEN!! Seriously!?

Being a trendsetter takes work and courage, and I will continue to fight this double standard between women and men and yoga pants everywhere I go. What do you guys think? Am I wrong?

Let us know below!



  1. You are not wrong at all, it’s a double standard for men… but it can also be as well for women if their tights are too tight and revealing or they’re just wearing a sports bra… such a double standard.

  2. Very proud of you! You’re right, people are afraid of a man’s bulge, yet women wear tights that show her camel toe.

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