I love when a pair of undies can be used for multiple purposes. Like wearing a jockstrap for the fun and sexiness but yet have it be functional at the gym. I had the opportunity to review a pair of undies that I would not only wear everyday under a pair of jeans.  But wouldn’t mind laying out by the pool in these guys either.

I had the opportunity to review the 2(x)ist Black Light SLIQ micro truck in a size medium. I have to admit, I was a little confused when I first opened these up. They looks like a sexy pair of square cut trunks and heading into winter. I was a little concerned that I wasn’t going to be able to give these a fair review. But as soon as I took them out of the package and tried them on, I was SOLD. The fit is amazing, the fabric is amazing, the overall construction is amazing. These are just an all-around great pair of undies.

The fabric on these is a 88% polyester 12% spandex blend. The polyester gives them a little bit of a sheer look to them.  Which is what made me think they were swimwear when I first got them.  The spandex adds for a great amount of stretch and movement. This fabric is lightweight but yet seems very tough and would hold up to even the craziest gym workout. They design of this trunk is very minimalist with a screen printed logo on the left hip and pattern on the fabric extends all the way up through the waistband. The inside of the waistband has a great logo design and also is very soft. The pouch is great as well. It roomy and I had no issues with feeling cramped at all during the day. The low-rise cut is awesome and fit perfectly below the hip, right where a good pair of trunks should!

The color/pattern is kind of hard to describe, but it wouldn’t be my first chose. It is a very random almost “tie-dye” look to it. I wasn’t a huge fan of it, at first but it is growing on me for sure.


  • Great fit and true to size
  • Great construction and attention to detail
  • Great fabric for everyday wear, stayed in place all day!


  • Not a big fan of the color. These look great but would love to see more pattern options.


  • Daily Fit – 10
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Materials – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 10
  • OVERALL – 9.6

This pair was furnished for review by 2(x)ist. These come in the Black Lights, Blue Danube Lights, and Purple Lights. This pair can be found through the 2(X)IST website  for $22.50.

2XistThe Tartan line is one of the staples in the 2(X)ist collection. Every winter they release some amazing new underwear to keep you warm. Previous collections have had long johns, boxer briefs, briefs and the usual underwear. This year they have put in something different, the Bike suit!

What is the Bike suit? Its a cross between a henley muscle shirt and a boxer brief. It may sound odd but on a winter’s night it will be one of the perfect things to lounge by the fire in, and I would be eating s’mores! The designs you could also say is kind of like a onesie. But not so juvenile in it’s execution.

The Bike suit comes in three different colors. They are Black, Black/Heather Grey and Cranberry/Grey Heather. My personal favorite is the Cranberry. I can see guys wearing it Christmas morning opening presents. The suit is made out of 100% cotton. This means it will be comfortable enough to wear around the house or sleep in on a cold night.

The design has a 9 button up front. Each of these buttons are fully functional. Which is a good thing, could you imagine having to take it off if they weren’t! Below the buttons is where the Tartan print comes into play. It’s definitely a nice touch!

You can find each of these at the 2(X)ist site for $54.

2XIST_SS16_Runway_Images-2XIST_SS16_Runway_Images-Look_15_closeup2(X)ist just held their fashion show for showing current and pairs for Spring. They are one of the few brands that puts on a runway show in the wold of men’s underwear! We got a chance to talk to Jason Scarlatti, Creative Director & VP Design for Attribution about the show. He gave us some insight into the shows and 2(X)ist!

Q: 2(X)IST just held their fashion show for Fall (or were you previewing spring). They are one of the few brands that puts on a runway show in the wold of men’s underwear!
A: Our annual fall fashion show previews the upcoming spring collection for underwear, athleisure, swimwear and accessories. This year, in addition to a Spring 2016 preview, 2(X)IST is celebrating our 25th anniversary and the debut of our new women’s collection.

Q: 2(X)IST has been doing runway shows for a while, why are they so important to you guys?
A: The 2(X)IST fashion show is a multifaceted event and is an extremely important part of our year. In addition to providing us with a platform to preview the upcoming season to key press and industry buyers, it also helps us to illustrate the full lifestyle of the 2(X)IST brand. Our evolution over the last 25 years is brought to life through the fashion show, allowing us to tell various stories through editorial, retail, and social media.

Q: How often do you do runway shows for the brand?
A: The 2(X)IST fashion show is held annually each October and is comprised of items currently available in the collection, as well as pieces that are launching in the upcoming spring season.

Q: What product lines did you profile in the show?
A: This year’s fashion show celebrated the evolution of the 2(X)IST brand. Kicking off with a video montage that highlighted the past 25 years, the direction of the show focused on the full lifestyle of the brand (expanding from an underwear destination) and where the brand is headed in the near future. The show featured everything from men’s underwear, swimwear, socks, watches, bags and athleisure, and new for the upcoming season, the introduction of women – his counterpart. The 2(X)IST women’s collection is comprised of loungewear, daywear and underwear.
Q: Putting on a show is a lot of work, what is the hardest thing about producing the show? On the flip side whats the best thing about the show?
A: The hardest thing about producing the show for me is distinguishing an element of surprise. I know the clothes will deliver. I know the models will deliver. Our production team and PR team are the very best. So I’m always confident in the show, and I know the show will run. But I always want that moment where people say “WOW”…. and that’s what I think makes our brand and our show different.

The BEST thing about the show are always the people — from backstage to the models to the crowd. Hands down you can always feel the energy in the room and its electrifying! I thrive on the entire event. The stressful parts and the glorious parts.

Q: A show is not planned over night. How far ahead do you plan the show?
A: We have a 6-month calendar set up to produce the show, but I’m laughing inside because usually the day after we are thinking how to top it the next year!

Q: Models are a key part of the show, what does 2(X)ist look for in a model for the runway show?
A: Our models reflect our core company values — the 2(X)IST DNA. They’re all gentleman and sophisticated women who like to have fun and own a room when they enter it. They are approachable and energetic. They care about the way they look. They take good care of themselves and others. They are confident and proud of where they are – and hungry for where they will go. These are all core attributes of our brand that speak to us in every aspect of design, casting and marketing.

Q: Would you ever have a celebrity model in the show?
A: We definitely would – but our focus has been our product, so the timing hasn’t happened for us yet.

Q: Speaking of celebrities, do you get many to attend the show? What do they have to say about the show afterwards?
A: The attendee’s to our show’s over the years have been a wide variety of buyers and press that span different aspects of lifestyle media. At times we’ve sprinkled in celebrities, as well as stylists, bloggers, and influencers. The buzz is always electric and that’s something we thrive off of.

Q: This up coming year is the 25th year of 2(X)ist, can we expect big things from the next runway show?
A: You can expect new and exciting extensions from all the runway shows we do. Our passion is to consistently evolve with and for our customer. To round out his — and now her lifestyle with fashion forward solutions.

Find all the underwear, swimwear and activewear that has already been released on the 2(X)ist website.


2(X)ist Releases the2(X)ist has released a few new lines. One of the newest is the Double Diamond. You maybe asking why do they call it the “Double Diamond?” Well I’m glad you asked, the collection is called this due to the fabric and the waistband. The waistband is a lot of fun but the pair overall is very classic.

When we met with 2(X)ist in Vegas in February Jason gave us a preview of the Double Diamond collection. The fabric is an embossed fabric that has squares turned on the point to form diamonds. The fabric is a wicking fabric that is perfect for being active and on the go. Made out of 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex.

The waistband is my favorite part of this pair. The Double Diamond really comes out. Much like other collections 2(X)ist really pays attention to detail. The waistbands either match or accent the main body color. The 2(X)ist logo is on the left hip. It’s fun but not totally over the top. They described it as a ombre waistband!

The styles that are in the Double Diamond are the No-Show Brief and No-Show Trunk. The colors available are Cobalt, Blue Danube, Formula One (red) and Black. The pairs retail for $26 for the brief and $30 for the Trunk. Find this and more at the 2(X)ist website.

041933_43700--426_583--1658990985 041920_40701--426_583--428431656


When the topic of thongs comes up I always think of the 2(X)ist Y-Back thongs. It is probably one of the most classic thongs on the market. When it was released men’s thongs were not big on the market as they are today. The Y-back thong was also some what of an innovation on the thong. I can’t remember any thongs that resembled it at that time. It is one of the classic thongs in the world of men’s underwear!

I was unaware that this was for sale. I thought that 2(X)ist had discontinued it. Which I wasn’t happy about. Then I was asking about them something else and threw out the I wish they had the thong. They responded its on the site! So I headed over and there it was, and it was hidden under Jocks!

So, why should you wear this pair for Thong Thursday? First, as I covered above it’s a classic. It is one thong I thing I have worn more than any others I have ever owned. I bough many pairs of this style over the years. Next, it’s a very good starter thong for those wanting to try thongs. The string isn’t bulky and its designed to fit just right. Lastly, its not too skimpy for a thong. That might sound counter intuitive for a thong. Not every guy likes to wear super small thongs.

The Essential Y-Back comes in just black and white. It’s the same colors they had when it first came out. You won’t hear me say this too often but I think it would look odd in other colors. The black and white kind of fit a classic pair of this sort.

I know this may not be for all of you out there. This thong has quite a following and many have said they missed it. If you want to get the pair, it’s now available in a two pack for $22 on the 2(X)ist website.



2(X)ist has launched a new line called Barcode. What makes the Barcode line so awesome? To me its the modal fabric used in the new collection. Modal has become one of my favorite fabrics in the world of men’s underwear. Its super soft to your skin and breathes well during the day. It’s AMAZING to me. I don’t know why more brands didn’t use modal in more pairs.

The new BarCode comes in three different styles. They are No-Show Brief, Bikini Brief, No-Show Trunk and Knit Boxer. This marks one of the few times 2(X)its has released a boxer. When I saw it I had to do a double take in Vegas! You maybe asking where does the Barcode come from? The tag on the pairs says 2(X)its and has a bar code.

Each of the new pairs comes in four different colors. The colors are Formula One (red), Directore Blue, Black and Black Stripe. The No-Show pairs have a waistband with an accenting color. The Boxer and Bikini have a small band of accenting color at the top of the band.

The pairs retail for; No-Show Brief & Bikini Brief $26 , No-Show Trunk and Knit Boxer $30. Find these pairs at the 2(X)its website.

Its Thong Thursday and I have 5 suggestions to make it a fun day! You maybe going, “Yeah but you’re a big thong lover.” I’m not one who normally wears thongs.” You would be wrong! I love underwear and briefs are my favorite thing. But, there are several thongs I love and would recommend for Thong Thursday


Gregg Homme Torrid Thong  – Gregg Homme is the king of sexy and wearable underwear. The Torrid thong is one that is small but super comfy. When you take it out for the first time you will go “No way that will fit me.” The fabric will stretch and feel amazing all day. Available in 10 colors and retails for $26.95


2(X)ist Essential Y Back Thong – This is the classic thong when I think of thongs! This was one of the first thongs I ever bought. The Y-Back design is super comfortable and fits amazing. Made out of cotton with a great pouch. Available in a two pack either white or black. Retails for $22


N2N Bodywear Vintage G – The vintage collection from N2N has become a favorite. The super soft fabric feels amazing against your skin. In addition to the fabric they make it with the awesome nhance pouch! The vintage line is made out of a muted color tones. Available in three colors and retails for $19.00


Kiniki Henley Classic Thong –A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of trying Kikini for the first time in a few years. Their thongs come in amazing prints. I won’t go into all the great things about Kiniki thongs but you can read the review I did! If you are a fan of prints this is the line for you. I choose the Henley but you can go with any one of them because I couldn’t pick them all! Retails for £15.90


Cocksox CX05 Thong – The last thong I recommend trying is the Cocksox thong. Why? Because just about anything from them makes me feel super sexy. Its especially good at showing off the front and the back! The last reason I love it is the supplex fabric they use in their underwear. Its soft, conforms to your body and holds up great! So it’s a win-win in the thong department. Available in 7 colors and retails for $25.00.

Here are some recommendations for Thong Thursday. I’d love to hear your favorite thongs and why you love them!

C-TROPIC-41433-Methyl-RGBThis is the year for color in men’s underwear. More companies are going out and picking colors that we don’t normally see in men’s underwear. 2(X)ist is the latest company to do some amazing colors in underwear. The newest line they released is called the Tropics. You maybe asking why did they call it Tropics?

The line has a very beachey feel. The colors are summery and remnant of colors you would see in the tropics. The colors are laser (yellow), Honeysuckle (pink), Methyl Blue (blue) and White. Each color has a tropical waistband in which colors of the main style are featured in print. Its a great addition to the pair.

Tropics is available in 2 different styles. They re the No Show Trunk and No Show Brief. Both of these are standard styles offered by 2(X)ist. The brief retails for $26 and Trunk for $30. Made out of a 87% Polyester / 13% Spandex blend as well.

I love this line for the waistband. The typical print is just a lot of fun. Its great to see brands having fun with the waistbands! The waistband with the color just makes this a great pair. I will have to tell Jason, great job! You can find this and some other tropical prints at the 2(X)ist site.

3111101201-33804_FrontWe are on a kick this year about swim briefs. But not every guy feels comfy enough to wear them to their pool. The prime example of that is our Jon went on a family cruise and wanted to wear a swim brief. He knew it would never get past the parents or friends going. They would give him a hard time or go “go change now.” If you are in a situation like this sometimes a great trunk is what you are after.

2(X)ist has some some really amazing fabrics in swim. Overtime I get to sit down with Jason Scarlatti from 2(X)ist and go over whats new. He points out a lot of the amazing prints they come up with and most of them are a play on stripes. The new Sunglasses print is just fun. From a distance it looks like a blue or red print. The close you get to it the more you notice it’s made up tiny sunglasses.

This pair could definitely be conversation stater on the beach. The Ibiza short is the shorter trunk that is in fashion now. Out are the longer board shorts. Most brands are doing this length. Made out of a 100% polyester fabric means it’s fast drying and will be comfy all day. It is available in Red and Blue

Over the last few years 2(X)ist has expanded their swimwear line. Each year the bring out amazing new pairs in fun and festive patterns. Prints are always big in swimwear, more so than underwear. It’s interesting that a guy will wear a pair like the Sunglasses trunk but be very classic in his underwear. My other favorites in the line are the Tropical Floral print and the Tye Die Floral. We may just profile them soon!

If you’re looking for cheap swimwear, this pair isn’t for you. This pair retails for $75. However, for the price and being from 2(X)ist it will hold up and last. Where can you find this pair? Unless you live in a big city you won’t find these in too many stores. The only place I have seen 2(X)ist swim was in the Macy’s at Beverly Center in LA . That being said you will more than likely have to order them from the 2(X)ist site.

Last night I think the Holiday party season really got kicked off. It made me think of what would be great pairs to wear to a holiday party. Now I am not one for the kitty over the top holiday prints. A few companies like aussieBum do them very well but the ones at big box stores I usually stay away from. No cartoon characters or elf prints for me.

So this got me thinking what would be 5 great choices to wear to a holiday party and be in the spirt but not be over the top. I also wanted them to be pairs you could wear the rest of the year because let’s face it wearing Merry Xmas undies in July is just sad. So I put my brain in over drive to come up with what would be 5 great pairs.


1. 2(X)ist Tartan No Show Trunk 

This pair is a mainstay at 2(X)ist every holiday season. It’s just festive enough to be considered holiday but can be worn year round. The new cranberry stripe is just fun. Before they had a plaid print and a solid. I think this addition is a great one. Available at the 2(X)ist site for $24. Also available in a brief and long johns.


2. John Sievers Natural Pouch Brief in Racing Red

I personally think the John Sievers line from International Jock is one of the most under rated brands on the market. You don’t hear about it much but its some of the most amazing underwear. Especially for those who have extra up front. The pair I have I just love. So when I saw the Racing Red this is perfect to wear under your holiday best. It will keep those endowed guys super happy all night and look great while doing it! The pouch is one of the best on the market, hands down. Available at International Jock for $24.95

2209 (2)

3. Clever 2209 Soccer Boxer – Green

I know we have many fans of the boxer brief and the long boxers are one of the biggest trends in men’s underwear right now. This one from Clever is perfect for wearing to a party and coming home and lounging around in them after. Made out of a sports mesh you could wear it to the gym outside of the holiday season or during your favorite sporting activity. Available from GDD World at Candyman Fashions for $31.48


4. Mosdus Vivendi Masai Boxer Red 

Not everyone wants a long boxer for Holidays, they can be a little uncomfortable under a suit. The Masai Boxer from Modus Vivendi would be great under a suit for your company holiday party. It won’t give you any crazy underwear lines under your pants and has a low waistband that will keep you comfy all through the night. Plus the color is bright and festive. A tip, wear a tie that matches your undies for the holidays! Available at Modus Vivendi for 25.50€


5. Andrew Christian Almost Naked Arch Jock – Holiday Collection

We had a brief, trunk, long boxer and boxer. What would the holidays be with out a jock? Not everyone wants to wear something traditional. The Almost Naked Arch Jock from the AC holiday collection would be great under jeans you would wear to any party. The pouch will give you great support through out the night and if anyone saw it it would be a conversation starter to say the least. This is a limited edition pair and is available at the Andrew Christian site for $26.93

These are a few suggestions we’d love to hear more of your choices on what you should wear or what you did wear to a party!

Note: the Andrew Christian link is a affiliate sales link

StayWhat would the winter be without a new Tartan line from 2(X)ist. Every year like clockwork they refresh the collection and make it better than the last! This year they have a few new styles. The one that is really cool is the Union Suit! I am going to focus on the Long Johns of the collection. Long Johns are the one thing that seems to get bigger every year and 2(X)ist has put their spin on them with this collection.

The collection has four different colors. They are black, grey heather, cranberry and grey heather/cranberry stripe. My personal favorite is the striped. Its like the print to me that pops. But pick the favorite color and its topped with the famous tartan waistband. Each year they tweet it to make it better than last years. This is a big selling point for me.

You maybe asking sure it looks great but will it function in cold weather? The line is made out of 100% cotton that can be worn under your favorite pants without being too bulky. This with ribbed ankles so they will stay in place through out the day! Lastly, it has a functional fly for those who like those!

The collection is out now and comes in a limited edition log box. This package is one of the most creative for underwear I have seen in a long time. So if you need long johns this year check the Tartan line out from 2(X)ist. The Long Johns retail for $39


2xist-activewearUnderwear companies are no longer just selling underwear. Many are branching out into other areas. The most obvious is swimwear, however more are going into activewear and loungewear. The latest brand to enter activewear is 2(X)ist. I got a chance to see this in Vegas back in February!

In February Jason Scarlotti gave me a run through on the new collection. I will say I was impressed with the collection. I looked back at my notes and said “We must cover this.” The collection has what you would expect, shorts, pants, shirts and hoodies. But, it has the 2(X)ist stylish spin. It is a brand extension that really is a good one!

I got a chance to talk to Jason this week about the collection. It was just released and has been flying off the shelf. He said if you go shop you may have issues finding your size because it has been super popular. Which is a great problem to have when you create a new collection.


My favorites are the Branded Fleece Hoodie, Terry Sweat Pant and Terry Short. The Branded fleece hoodie has 2(X)ist written across the chest in bright blue letters and outlined in day glow yellow. Made in just the traditional heather sweat material. The second is the Terry Sweat Pant, 2(X)ist has updated this classic with a more flattering fit and silhouette. Available in light heather and black heather. The last pair I like is the Terry Short. Its similar to the sweat pants but made into a short.  Made in Mineral Teal Heather, Light Heather and Black Heather.

So if you have been looking for some new workout wear or even use it to lounge around the house, check this new line out. I think it’s super fun. Find them at the 2(X)ist website.

Turbo-2xistFor this 4th installment of the “12 Pairs Every Man Should Own” segment, I’m keeping to my crusade for the brief! This time however, we’re talking about something with more of a twist. Consider this the advanced level of my “12 pairs” suggestion, if you will. The 2xist “Turbo No Show Brief” is another pair for the books. 2xist has been making men’s underwear for a long time and it definitely shows; the quality and breadth of options is the product of many years of refining and honing their look. The results of that process are at the root of my recommendation.

The Turbo line of underwear from 2xist is just an overall fun addition to the brand. Let’s talk looks first: sporting an impressive 5 different color options, the Turbo No Show Brief is sure to have a color for everyone’s interest: whether it’s “Fiery Red” for a hot date look, or “Azure Blue” for the gym. Each style comes with a color contrast side panel for an extra pop of color as well. Your “Fiery Red” comes equipped with blue accents, and darker blue panels and red piping compliment your “Azure Blue”. For those of you who appreciate the “one stop shop” method of purchasing underwear, this means you can have a nicely diverse collection of pairs with just a few clicks of your mouse. So, they look great and come in a few cool colors. Cool. Awesome. Not enough to be on the list, right? You’re absolutely right! So let’s talk about fit, function and finances.

Coming in at a cool $26 might be a little steep for guys who are new to the market, but overall, these pairs fall on the cheaper end of the spectrum. For the money, you’re getting a brief that is made from great quality fabric that, while breathable, also hugs close to the body for a sexy and sleek feel. The material is so weightless that you almost forget you’re wearing underwear when you have them on. The high cut on the thigh comes in at a comfortable angle on the leg, and the no show band sits low on the waist. A solid design for a solid pair, and a pretty reasonable price. This makes the 2xist Turbo No Show Brief, a must have.

Let me know what you think guys! @UNBPaul on twitter!

In my world there are mainly only two types of undies, jock and brief. I wear other types as well but these are my favorite. My go to briefs are the 2xist Military Brief for their fit, great styling and wonderful materials.

The Military Briefs are made with a slightly stretchy fabric that hugs your body showing off what you have while balancing support and snugness. A pair of briefs that can balance sexy snugness while not being overly tight makes a perfect pair. The fit on these briefs doesn’t leave bunching or sagging (the worst) and is a perfect all day pair.

The waistband offsets of these briefs with just a hint of metallic, but not over the top. The overall look of these briefs is sophisticated while showing off your assets and can be worn with just about anything. These briefs are exactly what briefs should be and should be sitting at the top of your undies drawer.

Made by 2(x)ist and released in Feb 2011