040104_42501--1426_1952--1395611421It’s like Christmas in August! A lot of new lines come out and is like you get all these presents all at once! 2(X)ist is one of those that has dropped a new line. I know I had to have seen this but I don’t recall it in Vegas. However, when I pulled up my notes, Jason showed it to me back in February.

The newest line is Electric. It’s made out of microfiber and has wicking qualities. This will make it really great to wear to work out or be active in. This is good for you if you live in a hot climate (like Vegas or the Southwest). Electric also is available in a Jock, No-Show Brief, No-Show Trunk and a Boxer brief.

Colors in the line are White, black, red and navy. These are the main colors but the No-Show Trunk has 8 colors. By far the most of any in the line! If you’re a jock fan I have bad news, the only colors in the jock are Black and White. I wished they made the jock in the pink and blue waistband that is in the No-Show Trunk. I think a pink jock is HOT!

As mentioned above some of the pairs have contrasting waistbands. This is something I do like when underwear companies do it! It sets off a pair very nicely. If you’re not a fan don’t worry there are matching waistbands. Speaking of waistbands the band has the 2(X)ist logo with a silicone imprint. Some of you out there don’t like this so keep in mind when buying. To me it doesn’t bother me. The Sport collection had something similar.

If you’re a fan of 2(X)ist check out the line and all the colors! I tried to get pics but didn’t have much luck so go check it out on the site. Below is the pic from the email. The prices range from $26 – 30. You can find it at the 2(X)ist site or your fav retailer



I’m starting the mind numbing process of job hunting. I wish UNB was my full time gig! But I must do like most and subsidize my underwear love with a real job! UNB is an amazingly fun distraction from the job hunt process. 

If you are a long time reader of the blog you know I had a job interview when the blog started, I put on my tie, dress shirt, pants and looked good then looked down to notice a huge bulge. Now, in many circumstances this would not be an issue and in some instances it would be welcome! However, in a “professional environment” a pronounced bulge is not the image you want. The pair I was wearing was a CX01 in Magenta for a review. I promptly changed the undies to something that was less bulgerific. Which I hated to do because Cocksox really makes me feel great when I wear them.
Underwear should give you an unseen confidence when you wear it. Wearing something super sexy and fun under a suit should be the norm. I don’t think you should ever wear anything you don’t feel great in. Underwear adds the to wardrobe even if no one sees it. One thing I love to do is match my tie and undies. Now I don’t go out of my way to do it but having a few hundred pairs i usually have something that will do the trick.
Flash forward to the present. I am looking for underwear that gives me confidence when you walk in a room but not overly show off everything I have at the first meeting. The pairs that are going in my interview underwear drawer are from N2N Bodywear, Joe Snyder, CK and 2(X)ist
N2N Bodywear Signature Trunk
N2N Signature Line – This is the line that has a great pouch but not overly prominent. It feels great and is one of the few that I enjoy in a trunk. The thing I love about this pair is the fit. The way they designed this fits like a glove and keeps everything in place. I usually reserve this pair for a 2nd interview. Since the first round went great but want something to keep up the energy.
Joe Snyder Pride Frame – Briefs are my super favorite. The reason I wear this one is the piping around the crotch. It does just what it says and frames your pride. The bright colors from Joe Snyder make this a favorite. No one knows I’m wearing a purple brief or a pink one! When I go on an interview and need to feel a bit more confident this is the go to pair. The fit and feel and knowing I’m in a pink brief takes my mind off the stress
Calvin Klein Micro Modal Bikini – This pair is all about comfort. The bikinis CK has done over the years have been a staple in my underwear drawer. My favorite pair just got a hole in them and need to be replaced. I will be doing that this week. The fabric feels super soft and they rotate colors but usually can find a black pair. Its got support that isn’t as the Joe Snyder but the modal more than makes up for that. I wear this on an interview I am feeling good about going into, and know I”m more than qualified. (picture from International Jock)
prld-1.xlg2(X)ist Sliq Mesh – This is one of those pairs I”m surprised that I like. I am not a big fan of 100% my lon pairs. Mainly because they have no stretch or give. I like undies that conform to me and my body. The part i love the best is the way this feels against my skin. The first time I put them on I was like OMG these feel amazing. This pair won’t show off a huge bulge but the feeling of the fabric just does something to me. The red pair I have is perfect for interviews. It feels great with out being too distracting and gives a good amount of support. (Picture from International Jock)
You maybe asking why not a jock or thong. To me is about confidence and not being distracted by the undies. As much as undies can give you something extra, wearing something you don’t normally wear can be the opposite. It can make you loose your train of thought and appear like you are not the best fit for the job. So I stick with tried and true pairs.
What do you guys wear on interviews? I know my pairs aren’t everyones and some of you prefer jocks and thongs. Let me know what you wear and why!

2xistSpeedBriefWhiteAs a collector of underwear my “favorite” pair changes almost as often as I actually change underwear. But I have a new fave that’s held the top spot for a couple months now and I want to tell you about them.

My current favorite underwear is the 2Xist Speed no show brief. Now I like all cuts and styles of underwear, but the Speed are really unique. The nylon spandex combination stretches and gives in all the right places yet still offers support where it’s needed.

The feel of the material is soft and sensual but stands up after repeated wearing and washings. They have a nice shimmer to them, which makes them stand out when I’m wearing them.

The colors are bright and vivid. They don’t fade after several washings. They look as red now as when I first got them. The red is my favorite color, but the black and two shades of blue (light and darker) are awesome too. I even have a pair of the white and I am not a big fan of white underwear.

They have a nice wide waist band with colorful, contrasting logo and stripes. One of my favorite parts of the design of the brief is the seams just above the leg holes that are contrasting stitching with a tasteful embroidery look.

If you’re a briefs kind of guy they are a must have for your collection, and if you don’t wear briefs often these might be the pair to change your mind.

You can find these at many of the big retailers as well as the web. has them and they also have trunks and jock straps. Give them a try, I bet you will love them.

Happy collecting and give these a try.

Yoga-Underwear-2xistAs a collector of underwear my “favorite” pair changes almost as often as I actually change underwear. But I have a new favorite that’s held the top spot for a couple months now and I want to tell you about them.

My current favorite underwear is the 2Xist Speed no show brief. Now I like all cuts and styles of underwear, but the Speed are really unique. The nylon spandex combination stretches and gives in all the right places yet still offers support where it’s needed.

The feel of the material is soft and sensual but stands up after repeated wearing and washings. They have a nice shimmer to them, which makes them stand out when I’m wearing them.

The colors are bright and vivid. They don’t fade after several washings. They look as great now as when I first got them. The red is my favorite color, but the black and two shades of blue (light and darker) are awesome too. I even have a pair of the white and I am not a big fan of white underwear.

They have a nice wide waist band with colorful, contrasting logo and stripes. One of my favorite parts of the design of the brief is the seams just above the leg holes that are contrasting stitching with a tasteful embroidery look

If you’re a briefs kind of guy these are a must have for your collection, and if you don’t wear briefs often these might be the pair to change your mind.

You can find these at many of the big retailers as well as the web. has them and they also have trunks and jock straps. Give them a try, I bet you will love them.

Happy collecting and give these a try.

142_LARGE_HOME_PAGE_76569If you’re a fan of 2(X)ist? If you are you should check out the new Volume line was just released! You maybe asking what is new about the Volume line? Before I get into that, the last few years 2(X)ist has really found a way to keep their lines fresh and new. They are having fun playing with materials (like the Sliq Mesh), Colors (in their prints) and waistbands (they change them up often).

Back in August when I met with 2(X)ist they showed me this line. They are one of the few that shows six months out. So, by the time they come out I have to refer to my notes and remember what we talked about.

The first thing that pointed out to me was the waistband. If you look at the picture above you will see the pattern in the background. The pattern is an equalizer, similar to ones you see with DJ’s. This is a subtle print with metallic 2(X)ist written across the front. This is where the name of the line comes from!

Next, is the pouch which is original Contour Pouch. This pouch made to support and boost. There is a trim that runs along the pouch and around the back that accents the pouch.

Lastly, the Volume line comes in a N0-Show Brief, No-Show Trunk and a Jockstrap. The six colors are Black, White, Parakeet (Green), Directore Blue, Poppy Red and Lemon Chrome. Prices range from $24-28.

Find this and more pairs at the 2(X)ist Site


mensunderwearstore-whats-hot-aprilHere’s what’s hot in the US from Each month we team up with Mensunderwearstore to bring you some underwear you know and some new pairs you may not! Brands this month include CK, 2(X)ist, for those you know and Bread & Boxers for one you don’t!

Private Structure YellowPrivate Structure Contour Briefs
Private Structure’s Contour Briefs bring basic comfort together with a sexy, low-rise shape. The focus here is color. If you’re a guy who’s used to neutral basics and want to amp up your style game, these briefs come in 10 colors, including 6 bright shades that are perfect (and just in time) for spring. The briefs are made of a cozy stretch cotton and feature a contour pouch for ultimate shape and support.

Calvin Klein Athletic TrunkCalvin Klein Athletic Trunks
Quick-drying, supportive underwear for the gym make for a great workout. The Calvin Klein Athletic Trunks provide the best moisture-absorbing technology and support level. These trunks stretch to the body, and the nylon fabric won’t bunch or hold in sweat. Whether you’re pushing your body during an intense workout or going on a light jog, you’ll have the perfect level of comfort in these trunks. Plus, they come in seven color variations from basic black to bold red.

CK Dual Tone Hip Brief FrontCalvin Klein Dual Tone Hip Briefs
Calvin Klein’s Dual Tone collection gives a cool shift to the brand’s classic styles. The underwear are woven in a way
that when they stretch around the body, they reveal an extra layer of color that complements the top layer. Like all other CK styles, the hip briefs feature a supportive pouch, a logo waistband, and a figure-flattering fit that’s unmistakably classic.

Bread Boxers Briefs Front
Bread & Boxers Briefs
If you’re more of a basic-basics guy, Bread & Boxers, the trending lifestyle brand, produces some of the best basics on the market. B&B’s underwear are made of soft stretch cotton and come in the most comfortable basic fits. These briefs are no-brainers; Sure, they’re not flashy and come in three neutral colors, but these are the kind of comfortable, well-fitting undies you don’t have to think about when you’re getting ready in the mornings. Call them “no-stress underwear.” We call them the new basic must-haves.

TX Turbo collage 22(x)IST Turbo Collection
2(x)IST’s Turbo collection is easily our hottest pick of the month. These microfiber underwear and tank tops come in a stretchy, smooth microfiber and 5 color combinations in an edgy design. All of the styles (the briefs,
trunks and jock straps) hug the body for an extra sexy look and comfortable support. The best part: our entire selection is 25% off Snag a pair while you still can. These undies are going fast.

PUMP Touchdown Trunk
PUMP Touchdown Trunks
Sporty underwear is right on-trend for spring, and no other brand does this style better than PUMP! These trunks  are made of mesh fabric that’s slightly see-through, giving it a hint of sexiness. With a  bold logo waistband and bold striped leg openings to give them a rugby vibe, these trunks provide style, contouring and a comfortable fit whether you’re wearing these during a hot and heavy workout or sporting them casually.

Find these and more at

We all love great undies if reading this blog, that’s a given! But not all of us have an amazing budget to buy underwear. I know you think the life of an underwear blogger is all underwear all the time, but it’s not. Just like you guys, we look for great deals for underwear too. I freely admit I don’t like paying full price.

One way I have found to save money is to buy underwear in three packs. I”m not saying the ones you used to wear and buy at Wal-Mart. I will NEVER go back to those! If I did you guys would have ever right to stop reading the blog. Because I will have gone insane and would loose all credibility.

Three packs are what most companies call basics. Meaning they won’t be the uber stylish newest undies out by the company. They will be their take on the classic brief. Which, I think every guy should own a pair of classic white undies. Its a must have pair in my opinion.

Here are some great suggestions for those wanting good undies at a better price.

2(X)ist Men’s Essential Collection – This is the 2(X)ist classic brief! Which is available in white with a functional fly. I used to LOVE the classic brief from 2(X)st, they were the only classic brief I ever owned. 2(X)ist makes some of the best undies lately. Available for $32 from 2(X)ist

554003-frontPapi Cotton Low Rise Brief – These briefs from Papi aren’t traditional, meaning they don’t have a fly. But they are super comfy. I have owned quite a few of these over the years. Previous collections were white with different color writing on the waistband, now they are available in different colors/waistbands. They now have 8 different color combos. They are really great quality at an amazing price. Perfect for everyday wear.  Available for $24 from Papi Underwear

62011183_010_mainCalvin Klein Low Rise Brief – CK is prob one the company you think of when you think of classic underwear. They have been around since the 80’s. Their iconic ad back then featured a guy in white briefs against a white stone. It, in my opinion, sparked the men’s underwear market. They now have the briefs in three packs in black, white, grey, and two blues. Available for $27.50 from CK Underwear

These are some suggestions for those wanting classic undies. We will be bringing you more suggestions soon for all kinds of undies!

hero2(X)ist is one of the oldest men’s fashion underwear companies on the market. You would think they could get set in their ways after almost 20 years on the market. However, that’s not the case. The print line is the perfect example of how they keep revamping this line for each season.

At Magic I always get to talk to Jason Scarlatti, the creative director, and he always out does himself. He’s one of my favorite people to meet up with. Each time when I think they have reached the limit on stripes and prints, he pulls another rabbit out of the hat! It just  amazes me how they create new and fun prints. Jason  has an eye for what’s coming and going to be big in the world of men’s underwear.

This collection has three new prints. The first is my favorite. The Digi print.

2xist-digi-printThe print is just as the name suggests. It’s digital inspired. I have seen some camo prints in and out of underwear in a similar style. Which I really like this, and it sorta reminds me of camo but is not in the traditional camo colors. The bright blue they use in each style  sets them out of the camo sphere.

2xist-stripesI Love how 2(X)ist mixes colors in their stripes. Granted I”m not a fan of super crazy stripes but these mix a great color pallet. It’s mixing colors I wouldn’t think of mixing to create a great pattern

Wave Print
2xist-waveThe Wave print is more of a chevron style print. Its the most subdued print of the bunch but still very colorful and fun. The part I love the most are the matching waistbands. Each series in this has a matching or complimenting waistband. The Wave is one that has a 2(X)ist color matching band that sets it off very well!

Rugby Strip
2xist-rugbyLast is the Rugby Stripe. This stripe is not one I would thing in men’s underwear. With underwear being so small I wouldn’t think of using a wide stripe. It would seem to get lost and only a few big stripes. However, with the stripe and the contour pouch it really has a nice design. I think the pouch is the part that makes me like design so much. The stripes accent what you have and the way they make a chevron. The V in the front just shows off what you have

I hope you guys check out the collection and let us know what you think! These briefs are available for $18 at the 2(X)ist website. They are also available in trunks as well!

NOTE post contains an affiliate sales link, we get a percentage of sales generated, no money was exchanged for the post.


My “Brief Beginnings” were in no way ever planned to becoming a Men’s Underwear Designer.  I always knew I wanted to be a designer.  I was sketching since I can remember – and at the at the age of seven I remember drawing my favorite cartoon characters or super hero’s and then changing their costumes in my sketch.  Wonder Woman would have a purple costume rather than a red one.

Things like that is why I geared my studies at school towards Fashion Design, and took summer classes at The Delaware Art Museum and Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia.  (It was a Girls School, but they allowed boys during the summers).  When I graduated from High School I went on to get my BFA at Parson’s School of Design in New York City.  I’ve always wanted to design glamorous evening gowns or red carpet dresses for celebrities.  (My cousin has taken that part over – Dennis Basso).

After Parson’s I worked for Joseph Abboud as an assistant designer in his licensing division.  I was (and still am) in awe of Joseph, and he took a liking to me and my sketching ability.   He would always have me sketch to frame as gifts for friends – and do illustrations for his biography “Threads.”

In the licensing division at Joseph Abboud I was able to work on many different categories; Women’s Sportswear, Home Furnishings, Shoes, belts, bags, Outerwear and also Men’s loungewear and underwear.  It was the perfect job for a designer right out of school.  I got to have a hand in designing every product category.  After three years I heard about a job at Tommy Hilfiger in Men’s underwear and loungewear.  I was intrigued to know one product inside and out. To know every detail – rather than dabble in a variety of different products (grass is always greener syndrome.)  I was intrigued.

I moved to Tommy Hilfiger, where I spent the next five years working on Men’s underwear, loungewear and eventually socks.  The underwear business really intrigued me.  It was actually very challenging.  There are only so many things you can do to a pair of underwear to make it “new” each season.  I loved the challenge.  I absorbed as much as I could about the industry and the product.

We worked closely with JOCKEY underwear, whom at the time was the licensee of Tommy Hilfiger Underwear.  In time, Tommy would launch a collection based out of Europe with a European Licensee called Schiesser.  I learned from the best, two power-house brands that have been around for over 100 years.  I learned about the product and also learned how different countries and communities require different attributes.

I wasn’t ready to leave Tommy Hilfiger after five years – but a friend of mine heard of a position at 2(X)IST.  I adored the 2(X)IST brand, and thought it would be the perfect next evolution  in my career.

I remember being really impressed with how extensive the underwear offering was when I first started at 2(X)IST, and how impeccable the quality and construction was.  I wasn’t sure I had what it takes to design so many collections of….well….just underwear every season.  Again, I loved the challenge.

This year will mark my tenth year at 2(X)IST.  Each year has been better than the previous. I am still continuing to learn.  I still feel like we push the boundaries and bring something new to the table.  I love what I do. I love the craft. I love the industry and I respect the competition.  It is magical to me.

The 2(X)IST brand has grown and is continuing to grow in many different catagories.  My position here feels like it is changing yet again, and morphing into overseeing new product categories.  We launched swimwear 2 years ago, we have socks and the no-show ped and this year we will launch Activewear that we teased the public with in our fashion show this past October.  The brand continues to grow into exciting new ventures and so my “Brief Beginnings” have proven to be all too fruitful. I am blessed and thankful everyday, and I am most thankful to have communities, enthusiasts and friends such as yourselves at UNB whom are interested in it all.

Thank you for asking about my “Brief Beginnings” and I am excited to share all that’s new to come with the 2(X)IST brand.


unb-reader-award-winnersWe want to thank everyone who nominated and voted in the 1st Annual UNB Reader Awards. It was a lot of fun to do and thank the brands that really got the word out. You have a year off till the next one! But you spoke and here are the winners of the 2014 UNB Reader Awards.

Some of the votes were really close and it went right to the wire! All the pairs nominated were awesome pairs so you can’t go wrong with any of them. It was cool to see some new brands you guys love and some standards.

The Winners are:

Best Bikini – Cocksox CX16 Waistband Bikini



Best Brief 2(X)ist Sliq Mesh Brief


Best Thong – Andrew Christian Almost Naked Smooth Vive Spider Thong



Best Jock – Andrew Christian Coolflex Active Jock



Best Jock Brief – Andrew Christian Airsculpt Locker Room Jock



Best Trunk – Timoteo Rugby Scout Square Cut Brief



Best Boxer Brief – Andrew Christian Color Vibe Boxer



Best Fetish Wear Brand – Cellblock13



Best Swimwear Brand – Andrew Christian


Best Overall Brand for 2013 – Andrew Christian



Best Online Retailer – Underwear Nation



Best Brick and Mortar Store – Andrew Christian Flagship Boutique


Best Underwear Model – Colby Melvin


Best Photographer – Jerrad Matthew



These are our winners!







2xist-turbo2(X)ist has a new line out this week and it’s called Turbo! You may be asking why is it called Turbo? Well, I would say it’s because of the moisture wicking fabric. Lately there has been more of a trend to making underwear for sports and working out. More companies pay attention to how a guy uses their undies and what they are doing. You don’t want to go to the gym/run/be active in cotton underwear.

The fabric they are using is 89% Nylon/11% spandex blend. So it will move with you and take moisture away from your body. The second thing you will notice is the colors. They came out with some amazingly bright colors. They include blue, black, red, yellow and white.  Each as a contrasting color on the site.

Thats not all they have a new branded waistband with the 2(X)its logo on the left hip. It matches the color of the underwear. The styles available are the Jock, No-Show Trunk, No-Show Brief and a tank. They range from $26-34 at the 2(X)ist Website

2xist-turbo-tank 2xist-turbo-trunk 2xist-no-show-brief 2xist-turbo-jock



I was really excited to have the opportunity to review the 2xist SAIL  Sculpted Brief. It’s a pair I’ve had my eye on for some time (thanks, Tim!). The SAIL collection was introduced as part of 2xist’s Spring 2013 line and features what has become standard fare for the label: a brief, a trunk, and a tank top. The pair I am reviewing (that’s me in the photo above) is the “Lake Blue” color option from the line, which features several other colors combinations. The first two things I noticed when I got it out of the box was 1.) how soft the cotton was and 2.) that the cut of this brief is much more traditional than most of the images of them suggested.

After putting them on initially, I knew I’d be giving them a great review. The sizing and fit is exactly what you would expect from 2xist. My 36″ waist fit comfortably into the L (36-38) and as always I suggest that if you are in between sizes on the size chart (31, 35, 39) that you drop down a size. Once you get them on you really appreciate how soft this cotton is. 2xist calls it their “Soft-Fle(X)” cotton which is 95% cotton and 5% spandex. While this brief comes from a featured line, it really could be marketed as everyday underwear given how comfortable it is.

The key feature to this brief is the way it has been constructed. The brief features a large, logo waistband which is incredibly soft both on the inside and outside, while I am not a huge fan of humongous logos on my waistband I don’t take much of an issue with the “2(X)IST” that is plastered on the front of the waistband on these briefs. The prominent feature on these briefs in terms of how it fits, is put together and the overall styling has to be the much larger-than-average leg bindings which are tapered to visually enhance your man-parts. The leg bindings are the same soft cotton covering spandex that lay flat on your legs for a really comfortable fit. I am not sure how much they enhance the contour pouch in reality, especially if you’ve got bigger/muscular thigh muscles.

In terms of how they look, I was expecting them to look a bit different than they do once I got them on. The taper in the leg bindings seem to create the look that these are more of a “bikini” or modern cut brief, but in actuality they are very much a traditional cut brief, with quite a bit of fabric between the waistband and the highest point of the leg openings. While I prefer a more modern cut in briefs, the functionality of the tapered leg bindings certainly make them feel like a modern brief especially when sitting down.

Overall, the fit of the 2xist Sail brief is fantastic. They can be worn for just about any occasion, but I would say that the cotton is fairly thin so I won’t be using these briefs for any strenuous activities or workouts. I really like the look and while the contour pouch could be slightly larger for me, for most men there will be ample room.

These 2xist SAIL sculpted briefs retail for $24 but with several 25% off sales for major brands, you can typically find them for a much more reasonable $18.

If you have any questions about the SAIL Sculpted Brief, or general questions for me,  you can get a hold of me on Twitter, @UNBBrandon 














  • Soft, comfortable fit
  • Great styling
  • Innovative construction


  • I really can’t find any 


  • Daily Fit – A
  • Sizing – A
  • Construction/Materials – A
  • Styling – A
  • Daily Performance – A
  • Overall – A


 hero 2(X)ist is having their Semi-Annual 25% off event. This sale is site wide. So go save one some great pairs.

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  free-jockstrap-june-2013 GET A FREE JOCK WITH EVERY ORDER OF $40 OR MORE

From now until Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 (midnight EST), when you shop at Jockstrap Central and your product total is $40 or more, they will throw in a free jockstrap. While supplies last, the free jockstrap will be one of their Wolf Athletic Supporters (If they run out, you’ll still get a free jock, just not one of those.) On the last step of your checkout (the invoice page) you’ll be asked to choose your size and color preference.

Wolf jockstraps are phenomenal and if you don’t have one already, this is a great chance to get one to “try” out. We’re sure you’ll be hooked! If you already have one, get yourself another for when the first is in the wash.

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 summer-kick-off-sale_12 Save 25% off on CK underwear now at Men’s Underwear Store. You may notice the picture is very “Back to the Future” Also while there save on 13 of the most popular brands!

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 International Jock - June 2013 - Sauvage, Pistol Pete, LASC, Go Softwear International Jock is having a sale on Armani, C-IN2, CK, 2(X)Ist and more. Save 25% off these brands

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 E.Blast-(layout) C-IN2 is having a Father’s Day Sale. You can save 25% off the entire collection. There is one week left in the sale so don’t miss out

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 Arb5.html.png It’s swimwear season and is giving you 25% off all swimwear styles. This is for a limited time so don’t miss out. Some brands they have are Clever, Vuthy, N2N Bodywear, Rufskin and more!

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I asked a few of the guys on the site to give me what undies would they suggest for summer. Each guy gave me a pair and a reason why it would be a great pair for summer. Here is our list of what we think would make great additions to your underwear drawer.

 133137-102025_58131_1 UNB J.D.Bjorn Borg Check It -Nothing says summer light bright yellow, purple and pink plaid, Check Yourself in the awesome pair of Bjorn Borgs.
 o4e0c427738496_cx01_orange_34_301x340 AtlBriefsCocksox CX01 Bikini Orange – Cocksox brief in orange. Aside from the fantastic fit, the bright color definitely puts some pep in my step
 c-in2_ss13_3426_clearwater_teal_f_zen_mens_underwear_street_jock_strap UNBBrandonC-IN2 Zen Street Jock Clearwater – I am a huge fan of bright colors so it was difficult for me to pick one but I am also not the kind of person who punts when asked to pick just one thing. So for me, it’s my pair of C-IN2 Zen Sport Briefs in “Clearwater.” I think the light turquoise color is very summery, and the underwear itself is perfect for hot summer days because it features perforated rayon (mesh) fabric.
 0010-X37620-80014 Alex B2(x)ist Cabana Stripe – 2(X)ist does a great job picking new and flashy colors and designs. This pair has it all, the colors  and the stripes. These bright colors are the colors of this summer.
 921616_10151425491013325_772501945_o Tim2EROS Jock Line – My personal favorite is the blue pair. The bright blue material with the contrasting red accent will brighten up your undies drawer!
 41  TTheamazingAndrew Christian Trophy Boy Boxer Brief Electric Blue – I love the electric blue color because it makes me think of the carribbean and i’m on vacation


What Makes Great Date night pair of Underwear? One that will be remembered for future dates? We have a few suggestions on that. But the underwear depends on which date it is (first, thrid, or fifth) and the connection you have to the other person on the date with you.

Over the course of the blog fewer things have brought controversy like bringing up date night underwear. That is because to each guy “Date night underwear” means something different. Underwear is personal and date night underwear is even more so!

We decided to break down a few categories of date night underwear and have you guys tell us which pair you wear and why?


Classic Underwear – We don’t mean the tighy whities that come in a six pack. Rather a brief/boxer brief that is no frills. It’s styling is simple but very comfortable.  One pair that would be good is the 2(X)ist Essential No-Show Brief or Trunk. Another pair is the Calvin Klein Bold Cotton Boxer simple with an off setting waistband.

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Colorful/Patterned – Colors are an expression of our personalities. On a date night there is a greater chance the underwear will be seen. I know in the past I have worn really fun/bright underwear when there is a chance things get busy. A great pair of colorful underwear is JOR Paris Brief. If you’re a boxer brief fan then you should look into the Papi Eye Candy Brazilian trunk.

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Jockstraps/Jockbrief – Many of our readers wear jocks every day. They are no longer just for the locker room. Over the last few years companies have been putting their own spin on the jock. The C-IN2 Grip jock is the perfect example of a company taking the jock to the next level. If you’re not up to wearing a jock but want the coverage of a jock, the orignator of the  jock brief Baskit has the Pure Jockbrief.

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Erotic/Mesh – If you’re past the first date or out with your significant other maybe you want to show a bit more of your wild side. This could be either Mesh or something considered wild. If you want to show off everything with mesh then we suggest the Gregg Homme NoDoubt Thong Maximizer, It shows and enhances. If you don’t want to share it all but want to wear something you won’t find in your local department store, then we suggest Modus Vivendi 11011 Leather Look Brief with Zipper.

These are some examples of different types of underwear you can wear on a date night. You can go from mild to wild depending on the date! Let us know what pair you like to wear on your date.


It’s time to vote for Underwear o the Month. Each month we have our four Underwear of the Week compete to see who will be our underwear of the Month. This months choices are:

  • 2(X)ist Sail Contour Brief
  • Gregg Homme Target Trunks
  • Pistol Pete Power Mesh Briefs
  • Calvin Klein CK One Micro Hip Brief

Vote below each day for your favorite pair. The winner will be announced Saturday!