4 Hunks

One of my favorite features we have on UNB is Fetish Friday. It allows all of us to step outside our box and try new things. I love to share my passions and show you guys some new things I think you will like. Underwear should be fun and fetishwear should be extra fun!
I am a big fan of spandex, been one since as long as I can remember. One brand that is impressing me with all their new pairs is 4 Hunks. From the singlets, underwear, jocks and now spandex shorts. They have a design style that mixes sports and spandex gear. Two of my favorite things. As we have discussed many times, we all have our own favorite fetishwear. Mine has always been sports/spandex/singlets. I can appreciate leather, lace and more but spandex will be my first love!
The new shorts are called the Teaser Hunk and for obvious reasons.  We asked about this pair and this is what 4 Hunks told us about:
We designed this short to give you a gear that you can tease and play with other Hunks. To tease them taking selfies or flirting in a bar or club. We choose the lightest lycra so that you can show your male vpl through the lycra. Fabric that feels cool on the skin and that follows every centimeter of your body, and that feels awesome when you rub it against your skin. In addition to that, we searched for the best proportion between the mesh and the lycra to enhance your butt form. Your butt looks yummy on this skinsuit short.  On the front, we add a pop-up area to tease Hunks hoping that something might pop-up outside to the mesh area if you get too excited flirting.
Are you ready to tease some Hunks?
I think I’m ready to tease some!
FABRIC: 96% Polyester 04% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $29.80

4 Hunks is introducing their very first thong! The company known for jocks and sports-inspired gear designed their first super fun thong. It’s called the Swing Thong. As you can see from the picture it has an ample pouch designed to fit the guys who need a bit more room in the front. In fact, they say “This is the perfect Thong to show off and tease guys with your massive tool!”

We got a chance to ask them about this thong:

I wanted to design a piece that really gives an impression. For that, I thought I need to give a good push from the bottom. So I constructed the pouch pattern upside down. Starting from the bottom to the top. It pushes everything to the top and front. I feel like it’s my duty to improve underwear.

When asked about this design, they told us they thought they could make the design of a thong more manly and sexy. I will say that they achieved this pairing. It’s a pair you can wear and show off in at the same time. I think they took on this challenge and succeded in making it pretty awesome.

As I have said 4 Hunks mixes some of my favorite things. Sportswear, spandex, underwear, and fetishwear. They called the mash up Sportishwear. Which I think is the appropriate terminology for their gear! This new thong is a great addition to their line up. You can also wear it with their harnesses and other gear.

If a pouch is important to you in a thong this is a must-have pair for you. It’s the first of many thongs I hope we will see from 4 Hunks. Each time they produce something new I am impressed!

SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: 15.50 Euros

4-Hunks furnished the Bomber Jock for review. All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by 4-Hunks.

Rating: 9/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10


  • Mix of fetish and sports gear
  • Has an innovative pouch with no center seam
  • Sports mesh material keeps you cooler


  • The mesh material can rub you the wrong way
  • May not be a jock for the gym

UNB Tim recommendation: I love the designs of 4 Hunks. I personally love fetishwear and athletic gear. They mix the both of these things in one. This jock is a perfect mix of both. It’s sexy and fun. It can be worn more than just in the fetish world. If you want a fun jock you need to check it out!

I was looking forward to this jock for a while. I love the design of this jock. It’s a mix of athletic and fetish in one. Well, that’s my take! The mesh front makes it perfect for working out and the back design definitely has a fetish inspiration to me. After reviewing the Load Brief, I was curious about this pair.

One thing I wasn’t sure in the picture was the material of the pouch. I wasn’t sure it was all mesh or the center panel was mesh. Well, I can say it’s all mesh but the side panels have more material. The center has no pouch. Those who hate center seams on pouches rejoice, this one was purposefully made without one.

I wore this to work when I knew there would be a lot of physical activity. I wanted to sorta put it through its paces. The pouch occasional rubbed me the wrong way. But, that’s this material and how it reacts to me at times. It just takes a little adjustment and it’s back to feeling good. I’m not sure I would wear this to work out. It would def draw looks in the locker room!

The fabric for this pair was very similar to the Load Brief. It was well made and actually kept me cool all day. Fabric composition of the pair isn’t listed on the site, well that I could find. The front is a sports mesh type material. The pouch has a full frontal bulge pouch. This pouch will give you ample support throughout the day.

The sizing is something you need to look at the sizing charts. This pair fits me pretty well. I had no complaints. It’s always important to look at the sizing chart. 4 Hunks has one that doesn’t go to full sizes. It’s VERY important to check it out. The XL I got fit pretty well.

I really loved this pair. The mix of athletic and fetish makes it super sexy. You can pair this with one of their harnesses and go full on fetish. Or you can rock it under a pair of jeans or even a suit. It’s up to you to wear to the gym! If you’re a guy who doesn’t want to draw attention to yourself, don’t wear it. If you don’t mind the attention, well then rock on!

PAIR: 4 Hunks Bomber Jock
COLORS: White with Red elastic
SIZES: Small – X-Large

COST: 34 Euros

4 Hunks has some amazing gear! They have been releasing more than just underwear in the last few weeks. One of the newest pairs is a thong. However, there is one issue that is causing an issue. They don’t have a name for it. 4 Hunks is holding a contest to give away the thong and get the chance to name it.

As you can see by the pic it’s a pretty sexy as hell thong. It’s the first time 4 Hunks has made a thong and I hope not the last. I’m loving the gear they create. It’s great gear that you can wear for regular wear or fetish time! Who doesn’t love versatile gear!

So how do you win this amazing thong? Go over to the 4 Hunk site. Navigate to the Promotions page. Follow the rules and then come up with a name. If chosen as the winner you get the thong and the pride knowing you named a piece of underwear. Heck, even I haven’t done that yet. I’ve done a lot but never named a pair or line. I guess I need to try harder!

After this pair is released we will bring you more in-depth coverage on the pair.

Where are our show-offs? We have something that is made to show off in. 4 Hunks has created their very first pair of spandex shorts. These aren’t just any shorts they have the sexy and erotic spin that you would expect for 4 Hunks. 4 Hunks are all about helping a guy wear gear that they just feel sexy AF in wearing. Having received a few pieces, I feel like I can confidently say that!
Here is what 4 Hunks told us about the new shorts:
We designed this short to give you a gear that you can tease and play with other Hunks. To tease them taking selfies or flirting in a bar or club.
We choose the lightest lycra so that you can show your male vpl through the lycra. Fabric that feels cool on the skin and that follows every centimeter of your body, and that feels awesome when you rub it against your skin. In addition to that, we searched for the best proportion between the mesh and the lycra to enhance your butt form. Your butt looks yummy on this skinsuit short.
On the front, we add a pop-up area to tease Hunks hoping that something might pop-up outside to the mesh area if you get too excited flirting.
Are you ready to tease some Hunks?”
Check out the new shorts! We hope you wear them out and have fun!
FABRIC: 96% Polyester 04% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: 25.50 Euros

4-Hunks furnished the Load Brief for review.  All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by (brand).

Rating: 9/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10


  • A great mix of fetish and regular pair.
  • Fits great and gives great support
  • Super fun design


  • Note if you have issues with some mesh it may rub you the wrong way
  • May not be a work pair if you have to show undies

UNB Tim recommendation: It’s a great mix of a traditional pair and fetish. You can wear to work under jeans or a suit. Then head out for a fun night at the bar or home with a harness. It’s a great pair that I really enjoyed and plan to wear a lo tmore

This is my first pair of 4 Hunks for a review. This won’t be my last either, I have a few different things to try out. I’m super excited because I love their style that is a mix of regular underwear and fetishwear! The brief I am reviewing is the Load Brief. This brief is a mesh brief. I have some issues with mesh briefs. Some of the fabrics feel like a cheese grater on my business. It’s not a design or brand but the mesh and me. I usually have to adjust and it’s fine.

Unfortunately, this happened with this pair. But it was something I expected and prepared for, so it wasn’t an issue and I didn’t take off for that in my overall review. I wore this pair to work on a regular day. I didn’t do anything too athletic or working out. I really liked the fit and feel of the pair. The mesh was stretchy and gave great coverage. It was even more so than I expected.

The look of the pair is super sexy. You can wear it just as is with jeans or a suit. I think it would be awesome under a suit. Pair this with their harness and it’s total fetish pair. The sports mesh harness would be ideal but any of their harnesses will make a great partner. I like pairs that can be fetish or regular underwear!

The sizing surprised me. I was expecting it to be smaller than it was. The size received was an XL. On the 4 Hunks size chart that fits 41-42 inch waist. They have an odd size chart but for the most part, it’s pretty standard. The medium is a 31.5-33.4 inches. Just double check the size chart before you buy!

PAIR: 4 Hunks Load Brief
FABRIC: Polyamid
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: 29 Euros

I love it when brand take on the pouch to improve them. It’s the most important part of underwear, as far as I am concerned. 4 Hunks is taking on the traditional pouch and giving it their own spin. We have reported on a few things that 4 Hunks. They are all about making a guy feel sexy and still feel great. The new 4 Hunks is worth checking out. Here is what they shared with us about the collection:

The Pouch Evolution – 4 Hunks Bomber Jock – Pouch Evolution

We believe that is time for an evolution in the underwear world. Therefore we are taking the underwear pouch to the next level. At 4 Hunks we develop the first real seamless pouch technology. The grenade pouch technology provides a full-frontal bulge look, as you have never experienced before!
We believe that the grenade pouch technology will empower you to a next level. In addition to that, we designed a pouch; which drives all the attention to the front part, due to the one layer sheer front.
The built-in enhancing technology gives your junk an extra support, lifting it up and molding it like a grenade ready to burst. 
The most challenging is to design a jock that empowers you on every angle, also from the side and from the back.
For that reason, we create a unique front with low waist, a slim side waist view and a big round butt look from behind to empower you to the next level. 
This new technology empowers you to a whole new level!
Get ready to load up! 
FABRIC: See Site
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: 34 Eruos

4 Hunks has a jock many of you will be interested in. The Extra Bulge Jock Bicolour –  Thunder Jock, is one that is supposed to give you an extra large bulge. Enhancing underwear is always popular but mix it with some fetish and you have a winning combination!

The front of the jock is more of a bikini cut than a jock. When you think Jock, you immediately think of a wide waistband. This pair has what would be considered a bikini waistband. Very small covered from the front to the back. The back has about an inch of fabric around the back to give it the look of a traditional band. The waistband plays into the enhancing effect. “Especially relevant is the no waistband, because the jock if made to fit the male body than to the opposite, as a result you get that full dropping packed Bulge look.”

The leg straps are the traditional size. Unlike regular jocks these jocks have a multicolor band. They are black with a yellow or red stripe down the strap. If you couldn’t tell the pair comes in two different colors, Red and yellow. Made out of a 95% Cotton 05% Elastane fabric blend.

This pair really intrigues me in the way it is designed. When thinking of most enhancing undies there are always waistbands, straps and more. To see how they create this effect with this is intriguing. 4 Hunks is on the border of sports gear and fetish. I think that’s the reason I love the designs so much. Mix this with a harness (one from 4 Hunks or a leather one) and it’s a perfect combination!

You can find this pair at the 4 Hunks page!


BRAND: 4 Hunks
COLORS: Red or Yellow
FABRIC: 95% Cotton 05% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: 32 Euros

When you think fetishewear you think of rubber or leather looking gear. Or it could be super skimpy underwear in lace. We each have a different vision of fetishwear. One thing in the fetish world that seems so have taken off lately are harnesses. When I think about a harness, it brings images of a leather store and getting fit in the gear. Not something that you easily buy off the rack. Also, you think of a certain guy in a harness, the uber masculine daddy type.

Well that image is no more. There are a ton of underwear companies coming out with harnesses. They are much cheaper than the leather ones and come in many more styles. When these items came out I didn’t think they would catch onto a wider audience. They were kind of novel and seemed interesting that underwear companies would produce them.

Now, there are more underwear companies making them. I think SlickitUp was the first to really embrace the harness. Then companies like 4Hunks Gear, Andrew Christian, Marco Marco and more started to put them out. It made me take notice.

The gay world is quite familiar with harnesses. Speaking from my own experience I have had a few over the years. These new ones really interest me. First, I like these because they don’t need to be sized. They are made out of elastic and can fit various sizes. Next, the the designs are pretty cool. You can do more with elastic and spandex over leather. It can get into shapes that leather can’t do! Lastly, it’s good for guys to step outside of their comfort zone and have fun.

My one question was would the straight audience catch on to the harness. I’m not talking about the kink couples but mainstream couples. Many guys still have issues wearing “fun” pairs to bed, I don’t know how a guy coming to bed in a jock and harness would go over. I’m curious as to what you straight guys think of harnesses. Are they something you would wear or something you don’t get.

NOTE: Picture by 4Hunks

We know you guys love spandex gear. One company that you need to check out is a new one on the scene. 4 Hunks out of Germany has some really fun and interesting singlets. We have profiled their Spider Jock for Jockstrap Wednesday. If you loved the jock, you will love the singlets.

4 Hunks puts their own unique spin on the singlet. This one is not made for working out or wrestling. Although you could wrestle in them but, it wouldn’t be Greco-Roman wrestling. They have 5 different singlets. They are the Catcher Lad B Free, Catcher Hunk, Catcher Lad, Catcher Stud and Catcher Hunk Bottomless. The first three are a mesh fabric and the last two are spandex.

Catcher Lad B Free

The Catcher Lad B free is a very unique design. It’s more of a cross between a harness and singlet. The black mesh fabric is trimmed with red piping. It leaves very little to the imagination. The front is completely open as is the back. The 4 Hunks description said all eyes will be on you. We couldn’t agree more. The Catcher Lad B Free retails for € 75.

Catcher Hunk

Maybe you’re not as bold as to wear the Catcher Lad B Free. The Catcher hunk has a bit more coverage. The front looks like a low cut singlet but the back is open. It has a cut out for the back. All their styles are super sexy. This singlet is made from the same mesh fabric, so it will show skin. But unlike the Lad B Free, the back is solid. The Catcher Hunk is available for € 70.

Catcher Lad

If love the Catcher Lad B Free but want more coverage in the back. Try the Catcher Lad. It is the same cut as that singlet but has a solid back. Which to me is one sexy singlet. The way they designed the back and harness front is just sexy as hell to me. It’s still the same mesh as the other two singlets, even though it has more coverage. The fabric will show off more skin! The Catcher Lad is available for € 70

Catcher Stud

Let’s say you don’t want to show off as much skin as the previous pairs. You want something not made of mesh. The Catcher Stud could be for you. It is a solid material so you could wear this to a bar night. It has the same design as the Catcher Hunk. The crisscross design gives it the harness look and like the hunk is backless. The Catcher Stud is available for €70

Catcher Hunk Bottomless

The last singlet in the bunch is the same design as the Catcher Stud but is backless. This is one where your assets will show to everyone! I love the eye that 4 Hunks has for their designs. These really impress me big time! You can bare as you bare in the singlets. The Catcher Hunk Bottomless is available for € 75.

I really love the gear that 4 Hunks makes. They are about bringing out the sexy side of a guy. So, where could you wear these? Well, that’s a good question. The obvious example is the bedroom! However, depending on the bar or party you could sport them out. But, be in company that won’t mind you showing off!

NOTE: Post contains an affiliate sales link


Brief 340 Werbung Black

Earlier this week we profiled the 4 Hunks Spider Jock, today we share the Slash Brief. It’s a regular brief but with a cut out in the back. Well, it is Fetish Friday!

BRAND: 4 Hunks
LINE: Brief Slash
STYLE: Brief
COLORS: Black or Blue
FABRIC: 96% Cotton 04% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: €45

Spider Jock 1This week a new brand got in touch with us. That brand is 4 Hunks. They are a company based out of Berlin, Germany. They are a mix of Brazilian sex appeal, Japanese high tech and German high quality. Which is a very interesting combination for sure! 4 Hunks has several things we love, but today we are going to focus on the Spider Jock, because it is Jockstrap Wednesday.

Redesigning a classic can go good or bad. The Spider Jock is one of those great redesigns of a classic. From the front the jock looks like a little different. You’re not sure if it’s a jock or brief. It really intrigued me. As you turn around you notice there are three straps not two. In a traditional jock you have a waist band and leg strap.

The 4 Hunks has two waist band straps and leg straps. My interpretation is that it’s a play of the wider jock waistband. But made out of two straps to show a cut out around the waist. Plus this would give the pouch a little more support, with two additional straps attaching to it. I mentioned the support above, the straps create an enhancement. It will show off your bulge, so they say. The way the construction is it creates an uplift that will show off your bulge.

There are two different color combinations as well. They are white/blue and black/red. The use of the contrasting color is pretty awesome. It’s used to create lines to enhance the pair. There is something about the strong lines that I just like. Each strap is half of each color on it. The pouch is then outlined in the contrast color. There is just something super sexy about this design to me. I think it’s so cool and innovative.

I love this jock and 4 Hunks has some more gear including underwear, singlets and harnesses. We will have more about this innovative German brand soon!

BRAND: 4 Hunks
LINE: Spider Jock
STYLE: Jockstrap
COLORS: Black/Red and White/Blue
FABRIC: 100% Cotton
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: €50 at time of publishing on sale for €35 (Sale may have ended when you read this)