Spider Jock 1This week a new brand got in touch with us. That brand is 4 Hunks. They are a company based out of Berlin, Germany. They are a mix of Brazilian sex appeal, Japanese high tech and German high quality. Which is a very interesting combination for sure! 4 Hunks has several things we love, but today we are going to focus on the Spider Jock, because it is Jockstrap Wednesday.

Redesigning a classic can go good or bad. The Spider Jock is one of those great redesigns of a classic. From the front the jock looks like a little different. You’re not sure if it’s a jock or brief. It really intrigued me. As you turn around you notice there are three straps not two. In a traditional jock you have a waist band and leg strap.

The 4 Hunks has two waist band straps and leg straps. My interpretation is that it’s a play of the wider jock waistband. But made out of two straps to show a cut out around the waist. Plus this would give the pouch a little more support, with two additional straps attaching to it. I mentioned the support above, the straps create an enhancement. It will show off your bulge, so they say. The way the construction is it creates an uplift that will show off your bulge.

There are two different color combinations as well. They are white/blue and black/red. The use of the contrasting color is pretty awesome. It’s used to create lines to enhance the pair. There is something about the strong lines that I just like. Each strap is half of each color on it. The pouch is then outlined in the contrast color. There is just something super sexy about this design to me. I think it’s so cool and innovative.

I love this jock and 4 Hunks has some more gear including underwear, singlets and harnesses. We will have more about this innovative German brand soon!

BRAND: 4 Hunks
LINE: Spider Jock
STYLE: Jockstrap
COLORS: Black/Red and White/Blue
FABRIC: 100% Cotton
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: €50 at time of publishing on sale for €35 (Sale may have ended when you read this)

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