We know you guys love spandex gear. One company that you need to check out is a new one on the scene. 4 Hunks out of Germany has some really fun and interesting singlets. We have profiled their Spider Jock for Jockstrap Wednesday. If you loved the jock, you will love the singlets.

4 Hunks puts their own unique spin on the singlet. This one is not made for working out or wrestling. Although you could wrestle in them but, it wouldn’t be Greco-Roman wrestling. They have 5 different singlets. They are the Catcher Lad B Free, Catcher Hunk, Catcher Lad, Catcher Stud and Catcher Hunk Bottomless. The first three are a mesh fabric and the last two are spandex.

Catcher Lad B Free

The Catcher Lad B free is a very unique design. It’s more of a cross between a harness and singlet. The black mesh fabric is trimmed with red piping. It leaves very little to the imagination. The front is completely open as is the back. The 4 Hunks description said all eyes will be on you. We couldn’t agree more. The Catcher Lad B Free retails for € 75.

Catcher Hunk

Maybe you’re not as bold as to wear the Catcher Lad B Free. The Catcher hunk has a bit more coverage. The front looks like a low cut singlet but the back is open. It has a cut out for the back. All their styles are super sexy. This singlet is made from the same mesh fabric, so it will show skin. But unlike the Lad B Free, the back is solid. The Catcher Hunk is available for € 70.

Catcher Lad

If love the Catcher Lad B Free but want more coverage in the back. Try the Catcher Lad. It is the same cut as that singlet but has a solid back. Which to me is one sexy singlet. The way they designed the back and harness front is just sexy as hell to me. It’s still the same mesh as the other two singlets, even though it has more coverage. The fabric will show off more skin! The Catcher Lad is available for € 70

Catcher Stud

Let’s say you don’t want to show off as much skin as the previous pairs. You want something not made of mesh. The Catcher Stud could be for you. It is a solid material so you could wear this to a bar night. It has the same design as the Catcher Hunk. The crisscross design gives it the harness look and like the hunk is backless. The Catcher Stud is available for €70

Catcher Hunk Bottomless

The last singlet in the bunch is the same design as the Catcher Stud but is backless. This is one where your assets will show to everyone! I love the eye that 4 Hunks has for their designs. These really impress me big time! You can bare as you bare in the singlets. The Catcher Hunk Bottomless is available for € 75.

I really love the gear that 4 Hunks makes. They are about bringing out the sexy side of a guy. So, where could you wear these? Well, that’s a good question. The obvious example is the bedroom! However, depending on the bar or party you could sport them out. But, be in company that won’t mind you showing off!

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