American Essential



At Brief Tales Spring has Sprung !

A young man’s thoughts turn to… the essentials. Tighty Whitie American Essential …Like American Essentials Undies! They’re back! And with all the luxury you remember- in softest Peruvian Pima Cotton. (One of) the nicest things to have close to your skin. Tighty Whiteys. Ballsy Blackys… plus T’s, of course!

And- Joe Snyder Enhancement Sling. Are you… just bursting out? Bust your moves in our surprising new Joe Snyder Enhancement Slings. Plant a surprise for someone you care about… (including yourself). Like Tulips, these slings (what there is of ’em) come in Fresh Spring Colors. Red, Mango, Black, and… our vanishing foliage Camo!

Of course, we all know- Spring is time for New Jocks!
ActiveMan Swimmer Jockstrap Active Man Jockstrap. Check out our New Jocks from the studs at ActiveMan JockStraps In a comfy 3″ waistband. Or the sleek narrow Sport Jock, at a cool, aerodynamic 1¼”. With all the style of a swimmers jock, you’ll slip through your workouts. (Hope your shorts stay on.) Gold and olive… tasty!

Waist eliminator from GoSoftwear at BriefTales
Don’t know about you, but- …I’m working up (and working out) for Summer. So I’m glad we’ve added our new GoSoftware Waist Eliminator Slimming Briefs. They’ll trim me down… until I can catch up. I love seeing what I’m going to look like.


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