Bang and Strike


There is a new brand on the market I think you guys need to know about! The Brand is called Cosmos and is available at Bang+Strike. It’s a brand I haven’t heard of before. But its super fun and very fetish inspired! Bang+Strike says this about the brand “Channel your inner super hero or disco diva in this flash, slick underwear range by Cosmos that looks like it came off the set of the latest XMen film.  These tight stretch and low cut briefs have sheer panels, gold details and space age colours in unique panels that twist around your body. Horny and sexy for men that like to dress up and experiment with their underwear”

The current line is made up a lot of smaller cuts, black and mesh! So this would be great for a romantic night at Valentine’s day. Notice a theme today on UNB! But is a great line without being over the top. Some lines can be a little costumey while this one is sexy and not too crazy. For those who don’t like fetishwear they may not like it. But I think it’s a welcome addition. There are 8 pairs in the line currently:

comos gold link slipCosmos Gold Link Slip Brief – A bikini cut made out of a leather like material and gold chain sides

cosmos hero gold slipCosmos Super Hero Gold Stripe Brief – Looking for a really different cool pair? This pair is a bikini cut with a semi solid curved striped panel over the pouch giving an exaggerated appearance of a cod piece

cosmos leather look jockCosmos Black Leather Look Web Jock – A jock cut with interlocking strips. It maybe inspired by a jock but has a new take. Like the Gold Stripe Brief it has a gold stripe down the pouch made our of rubber like material.

cosmos black and gold micro briefCosmos Black and Gold Micro Brief – This is definitely a micro brief. Made with a solid pouch and gold trim on the legs and waist with a sheer back.

cosmos black and gold panel boxerCosmos Black and Gold Panelled Boxer – A boxer taken to the next level. It has a super small elastic waist with a full pouch and mesh around the sides and back. It is accented with gold trim.

cosmos purple and orange slipCosmos Sheer Purple and Orange Slip  – Similar cut to the micro brief but this has a solid orange back with a purple sheer pouch. Has gold accents on the legs, waistbands and down the center of the pouch

cosmos black and silver slipCosmos Black and Silver Micro Slip – A thong cut with an accenting pouch. Unlike the other pairs this has silver accents around the legs and waistband

cosmos-sheer-stretch-string-p23177-57486_mediumCosmos Sheer Stretch String – If a thong is not small enough they have a sheer stretch string. A pouch with silver accents in a g-string cut.

All of these are available at Bang+Strike. I hope you check them out and give a new brand a chance!



Today I am excited to review the CR7 cotton stretch Trunk. This is the signature line by soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo. He has a great line of underwear and hosiery for men and boys.

The timing of receiving these was perfect. The world cup was playing and wore them while watching the cup lol.

My first impression of these after my visual quality inspection was high. The material was soft and stretchy. The stripes were manly but fun. The seams and construction were very high quality. The wide waistband in slight grey and dark blue have a metallic shimmer to them and the contrasting white trim and leg openings add to the great look of these trunks.

When I put them on I was pleased with the feel of the material. I have never been a huge fan of cotton because they often stretch and fade. These trunks fit amazingly when I put them on and they did not get lose and baggy as the day went on. They kept their shape throughout the day. I wore them on a busy day at work and I never once had to adjust myself. The legs did not ride up on me at all.

The cotton was light and I didn’t have an issue with sweat. It was a hot day but these trunks kept me cool and comfy. The waistband was super comfy and non-binding. It didn’t roll or dig into me at all while wearing them.

I wear a size medium and these fit perfectly. The sizing is spot on.


  • Great material
  • Fun striped material
  • Great non binding waistband
  • Comfortable, from the beginning of the day to the end of the day
  • Great fit for your butt and crotch
  • Sexy looking while wearing them.


  • Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t deliver them lol

But really, I cannot think of a con with this underwear


  • Daily fit – 10
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Material – 10
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 10
  • Overall – 10

Go to their website, and check out the entire line. They offer several lines and styles for both men and boys.

These trunks were provided by Bang+Strike for review.



We love bringing you guys stores across the world. Banglads is now Bang+Stike. They have reached out to us and we will be working with them. They sent us a pair of CR7 to review and it will be up shortly! Here is their announcement for the new site and name:

This Summer, we’ve got huge things going on at BangLads. In fact, we should probably start referring to ourselves as our new name, BANG+STRIKE. That’s right, we have grown up and bulked out!

We’ve gone from zeros to heroes in the underwear world over the past 8 years and now we are the UK’s No1 retailer of men’s underwear and swimwear. We couldn’t have done it with out the brands and designers that we stock. We would definitely like this support to continue, and hope you’ll all stick with us as we wave goodbye to the old and say hello to the new –

BANG+STRIKE is obviously an evolution of our brand name, and we hope it grows on you as much as BangLads did. We wanted to move with our customers and take the brand in an increasingly sporty, masculine direction whilst staying true to our core spirited and fun values! We think it reflects us and our customers perfectly.

We’re bigger, better and stronger than before, and we’re so enthusiastic about the future of BANG+STRIKE.

We’re still going to continue to be the UK’s No.1 online retailer of favourite brands such as Calvin Klein, Diesel, Rufskin and Emporio Armani, but will be widening our pool and bringing you a larger range and more choice. We’ve already added Okun Beachwear and CR7 Underwear to our brand roll call, as well as SupaWear as of today, and will be adding more in the next year, so keep your eyes peeled!

And so, we’re super excited to present to you our new name accompanied by our new website