BCNü Utility Wear


Page-2-Image-3We hope you are enjoying summer and rocking some great swimwear. There are still a few months left to Summer and if you haven’t bought your swimwear. Or if you just want some new pairs that people haven’t seen. The BCNU Utilty Wear Hero line maybe what you’re looking for in swimwear. BCNU is out of Australia and is a pretty cool company. They started in work out wear and last year brought out the first swimwear line. Now they have the Hero line.

I had the chance to talk to BCNU this past week. They have some great gear out there and I think we will see a lot more from them. The latest line is the Hero line. The Hero line has used the latest technology to make something pretty awesome. BCNU invested time and effort into meeting what their research showed.

Research indicates that 60% of Australian men do not feel comfortable wearing traditional swimwear. Most citing that the thin fabrics used, lack of reasonable hold and show through especially when coming out of the water, are the main reasons they would not wear traditional swimwear styles.

While we have plenty of guys who like to show off. If you’re new to swim briefs or want to wear them in a more family friendly area. Its important that you don’t show off everything. You don’t want to have the fabric go see through or not have support. But, you still want to look great in the swimwear. BCNU put in a lot of time and effort to create this new line. I”m seriously impressed by all the technology used in this line. We are starting to see more companies taking the technology of swimwear and underwear seriously.

So what makes this line so awesome? Here are  few reasons BCNU told us

  1. No more show through – constructed using 2 fabrics and over 7 months of design research and planning to create the perfect style to wrap around your body like a glove keeping your manhood nice and snug.
  2. Fast drying technology – Designed so that water passes through the first layer directly into the second layer which funnels out the water rapidly once you’re out of the water.
  3. SPF 100+ – Highest protection than any other swim product on the market today
  4. Cutting edge technology – using revolutionary Two Tone Double Layer Polyamide (2TDLP) construction and bonded using glue used in NASA spacesuits
  5. The advertising campaign imagery is inspired by Super Heroes. We hope this collection makes him feel heroic, invincible, daring and courageous.

Again, it’s great to see a company using some of the latest technology to make really great swimwear. The Hero line is one that is perfect starter pair for someone wanting to wear a swim brief. It will not show off or be see through. It’s fast drying and uses the latest technology in fabric and design. Lastly it will make you feel like a super hero!

BRAND: BCNU Utility Wear
LINE: Hero Line 
STYLE: Swim Brief
COLORS: Black/Aqua, Charcoal/Pink, Indigo/Orange and Indigo/Yellow
FABRIC: Engineered using Two Tone Dual Layer Polyamide Xtra-Life® 80% Polyamide + 20% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $79.00


EliaBCNÜ sent us an email and we were glad they did. They are launching a new swimwear line! You may have seen them on UNB with their great workout wear during our week of brands you should know! Now we definitely think you should know them and the amazing swimwear! I really think they did a great job with the first swimmer. It’s fun, sexy and colorful. The collection ranges from swim briefs to swim shorts. I hope you guys will take the time to check out the line

This is a press release they sent us:

BCNÜ, a premium lifestyle brand from Australia known for bringing back men’s utility inspired clothing, is adding a fresh, new swimwear category to its product mix.

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Vibrant, sophisticated, and playful, the swimwear collection display a look revolving around youth, fitness and sport and was created to appeal to every guy that is confident, stylish & wants to look good and feel good in what he’s wearing.

Apart from being distinct by design and fit, not least due to its unique blend of bold colours and high-quality fabrics, the swimwear is also crafted to encapsulate the summer, revelry spirit, which is all about fun and fervour. It combines function and fashion in a way that has not been seen before in the men’s swimwear industry. “Think about celebration and party culture, and that’s the experience that we want people to have when they use and encounter with our swimwear,” said BCNÜ founder, Paul Zack.

From the pool to the pool party and from the beach to the beach party, BCNÜ’s swimwear is made to ‘flow’ for many different occasions. It has a fashionably versatile look, allowing wearers to look and feel good no matter if they are swimming, playing or simply having fun. Paul added, ‘in our swimwear, what we really have achieved is creating the right balance between playfulness and classiness with a hint of a futuristic feel, and this, I believe, is one of the product’s greatest assets.’


BCNÜ is code for “BE SEEIN’ YOU,” and is the brand name behind Aussie Born Lifestyle Label.

The company started off as a simple idea in 2011; to fill a gap in the market with an effortlessly cool, stylish sportswear label that didn’t seem to exist at the time. BCNÜ is now the fastest growing Lifestyle Brands, reaching guys in every corner of the globe.

Like all BCNÜ’s product lines that are constantly being added with new designs, ensuring a fresh turnover of styles, BCNU’s swimwear line will be frequently added with new styles.

Find this and all the collections at the BCNÜ site.

10941021_989121107782238_6967234150691861265_nNot everything we do on the site is underwear or swimwear related. Many of you out there want to find great work out/active wear. Like underwear, you want something different than what your friends are wearing. Not every guy likes to go down to the local sporting goods store to find work out wear!

BCNU is a company we have covered but not a lot of the blog. I originally found them on Facebook and have posted a few Brief Distractions with them. But I think it’s time we give you a showcase of what BCNU is and what they have to over.

BCNU stands for “Be Seein’ You.” They started in 2011 in Sydney, Australia and as they say “To fill a gap in the 10933870_982771388417210_4610298344889770371_nmarket with an effortlessly cool, stylish sportswear and streetwear label that didn’t seem to exist at the time” Now the market for men’s activewear has taken off. It’s one of the biggest growing segments in the men’s fashion market.

What do they currently offer? Their products are divided up by Sportswear, Streetwear and Accessories. But don’t let the labels fool you, BCNU wants you to be able to wear their gear 24/7. It can be stylish in the gym or on the streets.

Like most activewear companies they have shorts, sweats, tanks, shirts, hoodies and socks. The new 2015 collection has some great Sportswear. The Arena Sporty Short along with the Academy Tank are my personal favorites. Clean and both great work working out in. The streetwear has some cool hoodies and the ones that are coming in to fashion big time, the sleeveless hoodie!

Last thing I want to mention is the socks. They have only three pairs but those who LOVE socks are going to flip for these. They call them Sporty Socks. The socks are calf level or over the calf in right bold colors. The Navy sock is my favorite, but really all three are amazing. They not only look Great but will perform great. The compression aids in circulation and incorporates Blister Management System. So they are fashion and function.

If you’re interested in BCNU, head over to their site and check them out! You should know they do offer free shipping world wide!