I purchased a Narrow Push Out Thong from Beachndance in Metallic Mint Green for this review.

Rating: 9/10 (Average of the ratings below)

Daily Fit: 9/10

Sizing: 10/10

Construction: 9/10

Styling: 9/10

Daily Performance: 8/10


• HUGE color palette

• Customizable designs

• Frequent special offers if you sign up for their email


• The only negative experience I have had with Beachndance suits is that the brighter colors I have ordered tend to fade quickly and bleed onto other clothing when they are wet. It is not an issue unless you wear a light color cover up to/from the beach or pool.

UNB Ryan recommendation: Take advantage of weekly offerings at Beachndance’s website for closeout deals, 2 for $40 deals, and discontinued fabric styles. Whether you want to build up your collection of swimwear, plan to incorporate some of these styles into your underwear drawer, or need some new suits to spice up your stage routine, Beachndance has something for everyone!

I ordered a Narrow Push Out Pouch Men’s Thong suit in Metallic Mint Green for this review.  I have been ordering swimwear from Beachndance for the past few years and am very satisfied with my experience with the brand.  Beachndance offers a unique custom order experience with their suits and will work with you to design almost anything you can imagine.  The fabric selection is one of the largest I have encountered in a custom swim manufacturer.  My experience in wearing thong swimwear has prepared me well for wearing this suit out in public, so it was right up my alley as far as comfort levels go.  While ordering this suit I immediately began to think about where I would wear them, what I would do in them, and what type of tan lines they would leave!

As soon as I pulled them out I immediately fell in love with the fit and look of the fabric.  I have previously worn this suit around the house to do chores, wash our cars, and cut the grass. The way the sunlight shimmers off of this fabric is unreal and is an eye catcher.  The mint green color is a stark contrast against a deep summer tan and I can’t wait for it to warm back up so that I can wear them outside again!  This suit feels great against the skin, accentuates your figure, and has a simple design that will look great on all body types!

Beachndance has done an outstanding job in providing top notch construction on this and all of the suits I have ordered from them.  The only thing that I would say about the fabric used is that if you order a brightly colored suit (pinks and reds primarily) then they have the tendency to fade quickly and/or bleed onto other light colored fabrics.  Many times I will wear a pair of square cut or booty style shorts over my thong when walking from the car to the beach or pool, and a couple of the lighter colors have bled through once I got them wet.

The customization options offered on Beachndance’s website are endless.  All suits are offered with the choice of four different back styles (bikini, cheeky, shortie, and thong) and I obviously chose the thong!  The pouch styles offered include basic, push out, and missile, and are offered in two different widths-moderate or narrow.  The strap styles are also customizable from ½”-2” along with varying back and front widths and rises.  The pouch I chose was a Narrow push out and it holds your package in more of a downward than outwards position, which is nice, because it allows you to wear the suit in more locations than if it were more of a straight out pouch design!

I bought this suit in a small, as I do with almost all swimwear and to no surprise it fits me perfectly.  All of Beachndance’s suits fit very true to industry standards.  The pouch on the size small fits me snugly, and the fabric used is supple and stretchy enough to allow for stretch throughout the day (or night) while swimming and sunning.  I have only ordered one suit over the past several years that fit any differently (just a little tighter,) and I attribute it to the fabric being a little bit less stretchy than normal, so it’s not anything that would prevent me from ordering again in the future.

Give Beachndance a try for your swimwear this summer, and I am confident you won’t be disappointed.  Their suits have held up well for me, in both the ocean and pool environments with minimal elastic fade or fabric breakdown.  The customization options are almost endless, and they will work with you to come up with a suit that compliments you and your unique style.  Whether you want a sexy thong or bikini, or something in between, you will find something at Beachndance’s website!

BRAND: Beachndance
PAIR: Men’s Narrow Push Out Pouch-Men’s Thong
COLORS: Too many colors to list! I purchased mine in Metallic Mint Green

COST: $27.00
WHERE TO BUY: Beachndance