Bone Wear


BONE WEAR has launched two new designs in their popular Tight Fit Briefs range, now available in silky White Bijou with Red Stripe Inserts and silky Navy Bijou with Blue Stripe Inserts.


  • Made from 100% Spandex
  • Available in Blue and Red
  • Made with solid elastic waistband

Shop from their store at 355 Lynnwood Road in Pretoria, or purchase online from their website:

I know you are saying that its going into Fall and new swimwear? Well in the southern hemisphere it’s approaching spring and summer. Bonewear is one of those companies I think is doing really cool things. The suit in the pic is one I really like, it’s not over the top camo but it’s just fun. Acutally all the suits are, if you want something different then everyone else, check out the three new suits from Bonewear.

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BONE WEAR is proud to showcase the photographic talents of Michael Andrew Photography.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Michael approaches his shoots with an open mind and his diversity has gained him exposure on a number of notable fashion and culture sites like Ethansays, YVY Magazine, reFRESH Magazine and beautifulMAG.

BONE WEAR is thrilled with this set of photos that Michael has done for us of model ChrisD, and there will be more from him over the next few months.

View the full set of photographs on the ‘News and Events’ page at

Bone Wear is now in the US
Bone Wear is a brand we have been covering for a few years now. I think since we pretty much started the blog. They have been a company out of South Africa that has grown and done some really cool undies. They just released a new jock and continue to grow. Now they are in the US at UnderBriefs. You don’t have to do international shipping or if you put off buying now you can get it here in the State! Check them out if you haven’t, they have always rated well on the site!

Are you looking for some fun and festive Christmas Underwear? If so check out the new Christmas Boxers from Bone Wear. They are a really fun festive print on a red background, with the signature Bone Wear waistband. You can buy them directly from the brand new Bone Wear Site or from their shop in Pretoria!

The new website is live and ready for you to shop. So even if you don’t need some Christmas undies, go check out the Bone Wear site!

BONE WEAR is proud to announce our new ‘Cowboy Glam’ range of briefs in two-way stretch denim with metallic fabric trim in seven exciting colors: Blue; Bronze; Gold; Silver; Lime; Red and Multicolour. The Cowboy Glam briefs are low rise and cut over the bum with a side opening fly in a classic design. Available at R215 (US$ 30) from Bone Wear at 355 Lynnwood Road Pretoria, or register and purchase online at

Bone Wear is yet another new brand I have recently added to my underwear drawer.  It was a brand I had heard a lot about and had seen in promotional emails and featured in online stores, but I had never really been so intrigued to buy.  When I found out I was getting a pair of their new Bijou boxers, I was very interested in giving this brand a try.

Bone Wear is located in South Africa and is their only international underwear company.  They strive to bring “men a unique range of well designed and high quality underwear, gym wear, and swim wear made from the best fabrics.”  They are right on with their philosophy.  When I first looked at this pair of undies, the quality and fabric were the two things that stood out the most.

I received the square Bijou Boxer in a black sized medium to review.  Simply looking at the pictures online, you wouldn’t think there is anything that sets this pair of boxer brief style undies apart from any other boxer brief.  Once you get these in your hand, you can definitely tell these undies are special.  The Bijou line gets its name from the type of spandex that Bone Wear uses its construction.  Bone Wear wanted to make sure this cut, looking like a typical boxer brief or trunk, was a little looser fitting and offered in a wide range of colors.  The Bijou fabric is some of the softest spandex material I have ever felt.  I have reviewed my share of undies and have felt lots of different fabrics, but this is something everyone should experience.  The boxer is well constructed with a contrasting white triple stitch on all the seams and a white logo waistband.  The pouch is very roomy and the fabric is breathable, feeling great under jeans, gym shorts, or dress pants.

I have worn these multiple times, not only to work but to the gym and a night out on the town.  They wore great no matter what test I threw at them.  One thing I did enjoy is the fact that the loose fit still offered support without being restricting.

Overall, I really enjoyed these undies.  They aren’t going to catch someone’s eye, but they will give you a lightweight comfortable fit.

Fit 4
Materials 5
Put Together 5
Look 3
Daily Wear 5
Overall 4.4

You can purchase the Bijou boxer directly from Bone Wear’s website for about $32 USD.  The Bijou style comes in a variety of colors and patterns.  Colors include Black/White, Jade, Rust, White, and White/Black.  They also come in a blue or red cartoon pattern.  While you are at the Bone Wear site,, check out all the other styles of underwear and their swimwear collection.

Bone Wear provided me with this pair of Underwear to Review!