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We received this the other day from our friends at Bone Wear! It seems a lot of brands are getting new models! Which we never turn down aewsome pics of underwear models. I hope you enjoy and here is the info from Bone Wear:

“Bone Wear model Lysle Turner has been working with us for the past 18 months and is currently a student at the University of Pretoria. Lysle is a natural athlete having excelled at cricket, but his cricket career was put on hold to concentrate on his studies in accounting. Lysle remains active by following a daily weight training schedule. His statistics are:

  • Height: 1.74m
  • Weight: 79kg
  • Chest: 40″/ 102cm
  • Waist: 32″/ 82cm
  • Shoe: 10

See more of Lysle on the ‘Events’ page at

“CHARL’S WON!”, shouted a very excited Wilco Stemmett this morning just after 3am local time, when phoning through the news that Charl van den Berg had won the Worldwide Mr.Gay 2010 title. Wilco, co-owner and designer of Bone Wear, accompanied Charl to Oslo – not only to support and assist him – but also to represent Bone Wear. Bone Wear was the official underwear and swimwear supplier to this event and we are proud to be associated with Charl and the Worldwide Mr.Gay pageant

We have another long and over due staff podcast. We talk about whats coming up with the site:

  • Exclusive content coming up
  • Magic Trade Show,
  • Some great reviews from Lifeizpantz, Tribe, Male Power and Bonewear.
  • Then we talk about some of the things we want to see in underwear in 2010.
  • Wes talks about his socks posting

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for more podcast soon!

We congratulate Bone Wear for being the official sponsor of Worldwide Mr. Gay Pageant. Here is part of the press release they sent us:

Fresh on the heels of being appointed the official underwear and swimwear supplier to the Mr. Gay South Africa pageant in November last year, Bone Wear has now been appointed a sponsor of the Worldwide Mr. Gay pageant to be held in Oslo, Norway from 10 – 14 February 2010. This event has attracted 32 participants from all over the world, and South Africa will be represented by reigning Mr. Gay South Africa, Charl van den Berg, the first South African to participate in this event. Bone Wear is also the first South African company and sponsor to be involved in the Worldwide Mr. Gay pageant.

For more information, please visit

We brought you the trends that were in 2009. Now it’s time we bring you some of the things we see in underwear for 2010! There are going to be a few trends from last year that will continue well in to 2010.  The trends we see coming are Shaping Underwear, Return of Briefs, South African Companies,  and new colors

Shaping Underwear

Shaping underwear got started in 2009 but never took off big. The market is growing steadily and will continue to grow this year. Shaping underwear are pairs that shape and make you appear thinner. Think of it as Spanx for men. Which, I have heard that they are coming out with a men’s line. The release date is supposed to be this year.

The current companies that have shaping underwear are Equmen, Go Softwear, and 2(x)ist. There is more springing up every day. This area of men’s underwear will continue to grow. Guys are feeling left out of this market and I have heard a number of guys ask “Why don’t they have Spanx for me.” And this was from several straight guys as well as gay ones. You don’t always have time to work out and keep in top shape, and it’s great to have something to wear under your clothes to give you a bit of help.

Equmen is one of those brands based entirely on performance and shaping.  I have reviewed Equmen and have enjoyed them. The shirts really shape you and give you very good posture. They make you stand up nice and tall. I liked the shirts a lot and would recommend them.

The other brands are doing similar things. 2(x)ist has it’s Form line. Where as Go Softwear has its Enhancing line. Both have wide waistbands that shape your midsection. Both brands also have shirts designed to shape your torso.

We will see a lot more of these this year. I think they will go more mainstream this year as well. More companies will come out with lines and I think we will see more traditional underwear companies release lines. Basically, guys want underwear that will help them shape and make them feel slimmer.


I posted an article on Facebook from the New York Times, and said this before, that this year is the year of the Brief. They said that the tighty whities is coming back and dropping boxers Which has resulted in some backlash from some of our readers. Alex B. said this was one of the worst things in men’s underwear. I’m paraphrasing what he said. . Many other readers agreed, and that tighty whities are one step below Boxers.

We are all underwear lovers who read this site and I think it’s great guys are going back to briefs. This is also a chance for guys to branch out and try some new brands and styles.  I think they would enjoy low rise, pouch and other briefs.

I will say that if you had to wear tighty whities, the best to get are Calvin Klein, because they have some form and fit. The traditional ones you get at Wal-Mart, are just function with out the form. The only good thing about this trend is that boxers are falling out of favor. I have never been a boxer guy, to wear them to me is like not wearing any underwear. We will see how this plays out.

South African Companies

Last year I think that Australian companies really broke out and made a name for them in the world of men’s underwear. They have some really amazing companies such as AussieBum and Cocksox. I think in South Africa we are going to see more companies producing underwear. Right now they have three companies to watch. They are Bone Wear, 3rd Beach and Plumbum.

The first one, Bone Wear,  you have seen on our site from time to time. They have some really interesting designs and are now being sold through Dead Good Undies. They have really done some innovative and interesting things with underwear. They are doing their own thing and gaining a loyal following. Don’t take my word, make sure you check out their site

The other two brands you may not know as well. Plumbum is one I found on Facebook and they are a company that is sort of the wonder bra for men. They have a pouch engineered to show off what you have, and they have ergonomically designed the pouch. They are an interesting company.

The next one is 3rd Beach. I like their line and it appears to be more tailored for a man’s body. The briefs are cut smaller then traditional ones and are made with a little bit of lycra. This gives the undies a chance to mold to your body and not loose their form. I hope you will check out all their underwear and swimwear.

I think these three companies are on the tip of an iceberg. As the popularity grows more underwear companies will come out of South Africa. I don’t know if we will see a big influx of companies but I think this part of the world shows a lot of potential.

Colors – Not typical for men’s underwear

The last trend is colors, and not just any colors. Pink was a big trend for last year and I think this has given more underwear designer’s ideas for using colors not normally thought of for men’s underwear. You maybe asking, well what colors? I think colors such as Purple, Yellow, Green, Pastels and other colors we haven’t seen.

Pink has given more designers a reason to get bolder in color choices. You don’t have to stick to white, black, blue and reds. There is a whole color pallet out there now to use. From what I have seen too guys are more willing to try colors. Gone are the days when I think you’ll see guys say they won’t wear a color. Guys are becoming bolder and will take risks with their underwear. I know a lot of our readers are not afraid of colorsand I think this will continue to carry over to the general public.

One company that is not scared of colors is Timoteo. They have a pink jock and have come out with a purple brief. They are not scared of colors and will continue to use them in new and innovative ways.

Colros will be coming for men’s underwear. The days of just white or black underwear are gone! Look for a brighter pallet and some fun patterns too!

Continuing Trends from 2009

  • More Australian Companies – With the success of AussieBum and Cocksox we will see more underwear companies from Australia. They will continue to influence the world of Men’s Underwear
  • Mesh – Mesh got started late in 2009. There are new mesh ones coming out and I think this will continue. It’s a fun trend that doesn’t make undie look cheap any more. They are fun comfortable and just down right sexy.

These are my predictions for what will happen in the world of Men’s Underwear. Am I right? The year will tell, but it’s fun to predict what we see happening. I will do a recap at the end of the year and see how right or wrong I was… Let me know if you see any trends on underwear

I hope you all enjoy this guide! It was a labor of love and has been in the works since July. We teamed up with NorCalBodz and they shot this just for us! You won’t see these pics anywhere else, and we have NorCalBodz do our guides, so stay tuned for more … You can click any of the pictures to view the larger version. Let us know what you think, but we think this is some of the hottest underwear for Christmas.

Andrew Christian


PA186482 PA176459

PA176338 PA257184

PA257192 PA257198

  • From Top: Tory is wearing the Show-it Boxer with Flashback in blue ($32).
  • Second row: Todd is wearing the Almost Naked Boxer with Flashback ($32). Tory, on left,  is wearing the Almost Naked with Flashback, ($32) while Todd, on right,  is wearing the Marine Boxer in Grey ($41).
  • Third row: Tory is waring the Marine Boxer in Green ($41), Tory is wearing the Show-It Jock ($20).
  • Fourth Row: Tory is wearing the Show-It Boxer ($29), Tory is wearing the Show-It with Flashback Boxer for ($32)
  • You can purchase these from the Andrew Christian website




P9272372 Tory GeorgeP9294123

  • Top Row: Tory is wearing the Soldier Trench Brief ($31)
  • Second Row: Steve is wearing the Soldier Reserve Jock ($24), Steve is wearing the white Deadly Sins Brief ($28)
  • Third row: Tory is wearing Bodiform Briefs ($30), Steve is wearing the Deadly Sins Jock ($24)
  • These can all be purchased at the Aussiebum website, prices vary by exchange rate




  • Top Row: Steve is wearing the new Ribbed Jockbrief ($18)
  • Bottom Row: Steve is wearing the snug fit collection: Snug Fit Brief Black ($), Snug Fit Fishnet Brief with Phantom back ($22), Snug Fit Fish Net Trunk with phantom back ($24)
  • These can be purchased from the Baskit website. The Snug Fit Seamless will be out shortly, just in time for Christmas



  • James is wearing the Bonewear Bijou Close Fit Brief, in both Yellow and Blue. ($36)
  • These are from Bonewear and can be purchased at Dead Good Undies. Prices vary due to exchange rates


P9262113 Steve Walden


  • Top Row: Steve is wearing the Pop Stripes Brief ($17)
  • Bottom Row: William is wearing the Kenetic Active Trunk ($23), Rob is wearing the Bamboo Slider Brief ($19.500
  • These can be bought from the C-IN2 website


PB227883P9262070 William PriceP9262145

  • Top Row: Steve is wearing the Cocksox Brief ($23) and the Tank ($35)
  • Bottom Row: William is wearing the Waistband brief ($27), William is wearing the CX15 Boxer Brief ($32)
  • These can be purchased from the Cocksox website. Prices vary due to exchange rates

DMK Designs



  • Top Row: William is wearing the Swimmer Cobalt ($27.50)
  • Bottom Row: Tory is wearing the Hawaiian ($30), Steve is wearing the Cranberry Stretch Satin ($30), Steve is wearing the Celtic Shield ($27.50)
  • These can be purchased at the DMK Designs Website



  • Top Row: Kevin is wearing the blue Singlet ($89)
  • Middle Row: Tory is wearing the Precision White Trunks ($59), Tory is wearing the Precision blue Briefs ($49)
  • Bottom Row: Tory is wearing the Precision blue Trunks ($59), Tory is wearing the Precision white Briefs($49)
  • These can be purchased on the Equmen website.

Ginch Gonch


  • Top Row: Rob is wearing the Rear Axel Bumper Briefs ($27)
  • Bottom Row: Tory is wearing the Big Piston Sport Brief ($30) and Tory is wearing the Lewd Lube Brief ($28)
  • These can be bought on the Ginch Gonch website

Go Softwear


  • Top Row: Torry is wearing the V Front Trunk ($20)
  • Bottom Row: Rob is wearing the Bboy Brief ($18), Steve is wearing the Go Softwear Jock ($14)
  • These can be bought from the Go Softwear site.

Jockstrap Central


  • Steve is wearing the Nasty Pig Classic Core Jock ($18), Steve is wearing the Nasty Pig Mash Up Trunks ($24)
  • You can buy these at the Jockstrap Central site. You can also get some incredible gift wrap for Christmas as well!



  • Tory is wearing the Argylez Men’s Euroz swimwear and Rob is wearing the Brazilianz Men’s Euroz Swimwear. They will be released soon!
  • They can be bought from the Skmpeez website.

Sweat Under Gear


  • Top Row: William is wearing the Sweat Trunks ($27)
  • Bottom Row: Tory is wearing the Sweat Briefs ($25), Tory is wearing the Sweat Sports Briefs ($24)
  • These can be bought at the Sweat Under Gear website



  • Tory is wearing the purple Timoteo Super Low Rise Briefs ($19), Tory is wearing Yellow Timoteo Quake Low Rise Briefs ($20)
  • You can buy these at the Timoteo website.

Underwear Station

PB157709PA196623PA196647 Todd Roberts

  • Top Row: Steve is wearing the Gigo Comics Briefs ($25)
  • Bottom Row: Todd is wearing the Joe Snyder Exclusive Brief ($28.99), and the Joe Snyder Trunk ($32.99)
  • You can buy these pairs at the Underwear Station website.

Poster Hut



NCB Model Steve FirmanPA176403

  • Top Row: Todd is wearing the Dirty Fukker Punk Blue Brief ($22.99)
  • Middle Row: Todd is wearing the Priape Body Itcha Black Brief ($17.50), Steve is wearing the Male Power Bong Thong ($18.95)
  • Bottom Row: Steve is waring the Lee Gregory Super Bikini (With Super on the seat) ($22), Todd is wearing the Schultz Hands Free Brief ($22)
  • These can be bought at Poster Hut in Atlanta, (address) 2175 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE,  Atlanta, GA 30324,  404-633-7491

Mark Ouest


  • Kevin is wearing the Marc Ouest Man 7 brief ($22.95)
  • This pair can be bought from the Marc Ouest website.


NCB Model James Ramos

  • James is wearing the Obviously Sinuous Low Rise Thong ($23)
  • This pair can be bought from the Obviously website.



  • James is wearing the WildmanT Bobby Lift Pouch WT-38 ($22)
  • This pair can be bought at the WildmantT website

Cityboyz Fashions


  • William is wearing the Mundo Unico Pollen Briefs ($17)
  • These may be purchased on the Cityboyz Fashions website!

If you want to find out more about our Models, check out the pdf version of the guide that will be available early next week. We want to thank all the models and NorCalBodz for doing this for us. Look for our next guide, the Valentines Guide in late January!

As you all know, I am new to the world of great undies.  I have wanted to try various pairs and see how they differ from the ones I would normally buy at my local retail store.  I stumbled upon this site and began communicating with the editor who, in turn, asked me to join the team and give a straight man’s perspective on undies.  I agreed to do my best.

I was recently given an opportunity to review a pair of briefs by Bone Wear.  The editor knew of my love of all things sheer and when he received this pair, he of course thought of me.  They are a great brief with sheer panels on either side of the pouch area.  The sheer mesh is a light green in color.  When I opened the package, I immediately had to show my wife.  She liked them and could not wait to see them on me.  Of course, I wore them the next day and modeled them for her appreciation.


The briefs are constructed of 100% Spandex.  They support everything very nicely and due to the fact that they are spandex, they form to the assets, showing them off nicely.  The elasticized waistband is very comfortable and shows off the brand of undies well.  I needed to adjust the leg openings slightly in order to be completely comfortable. Once that was done, they rocked.

Fit:                               5

Materials:                     5

Put Together:                5

Look:                           5

Daily Wear:                  5

Overall:                      5

These briefs, along with an assortment of other Bone Wear undies, can be found at Dead Good Undies for approximately $34.68 US Dollars.  The briefs were generously furnished by Bone Wear for review.

Note: the Bonewear store is being redesigned and you can get them at Dead Good Undies

We continue our Fall Buyers Guide with four more great pairs of undies!


Company: Baskit
Style: Pure Bikini

Earth friendly attire in a comfortable bikini brief. Made of 100% certified organic cotton and available in three colors: basic black, super white, and natural white.


Company: Bone Wear
Style: Bonewear Bijou Close Fit Brief Red Cool Insert
Cost: $35.00

Men’s underwear for the coolest of customers. Bone Wear’s Bijou Close Fit range uses fantastically light, stretchy and translucent fabric to provide a close cut but super comfy fit. This Red Cool Insert Brief uses bright white fabric with soft red mesh panels at each hip and matching ruby leg trims to finish the sporty look. The mini brief’s front pouch is gently contoured and has an extra layer of fabric for improved support. The waistband’s soft elastic sits flat against the body and is printed with Bone Wear logos, along with a smart top trim all in black. Also available at DGU is a Pink Cool Insert Brief from Bone Wear’s Bijou Tight Fit range. 100% Spandex. You can now get these at Dead Good Undies!


Company: Cocksox
Style: Underwear Brief CX01
Cost: $21.57

Cocksox™ are the latest evolution in sexy underwear for men. It seemed unfair to us that the ladies had all the fun in the underwear department so we designed sexy, stylish and comfortable underwear for you to wear every day. The main feature of Cocksox™ underwear is the specially designed pouch that lifts and supports your ‘crown jewels’ to give you either an enhanced profile, a more comfortable ride or both depending on the pouch you choose (more about that below).


Company: Diesel at International Jock
Style: Diesel Don’t Be a Sinner Debyas Boxer
Cost:  $35.00

The daring graphic on both the front and the back of these contemporary boxers has a hand-painted look that features a big Diesel logo and the slogan “Don’t be a sinner, be a winner.” Underneath that is a smaller line of text: “Patented Leisure Wear.” The daring graphic on both the front and the back of these contemporary boxers has a hand-painted look that features a big Diesel logo and the slogan “Don’t be a sinner, be a winner.” Underneath that is a smaller line of text: “Patented Leisure Wear.”

These bold trunks include a contoured front pouch, a paneled back and a 1-1/2 inch wide soft elastic waistband. The fabric is 95% cotton and 5% elastane for a body-hugging fit. If you enjoy some edginess in your fashion choices, these trunks will certainly fit the bill. A limited edition release from the Diesel Fashion Collection. Machine wash. Imported.

Installment 4 will be out tomorrow and wrapping up on Friday!


BONE WEAR recently shipped our first major export to the United Kingdom, further enhancing our status as South Africa’s first and only international designer men’s underwear label. A select range of Bone Wear in now available exclusively in the UK through

DeadGoodUndies is carrying two colours in BONE WEAR’s new ‘Cool’ range of Tight Fit Briefs, only due for launch in South Africa in August 2009.

-3 -5


BONE WEAR is proud to be the official underwear and swimwear supplier to Mr. South Africa 2009, STEPHEN SEGAL. Stephen wowed the audience with his good looks and charm during the pageant to clinch the title held at Carnival City last Saturday night 14 March, and will now receive complimentary BONE WEAR every month for the duration of his reign.

Visit the ‘Events’ page at to view more pictures of Stephen wearing his Bone Wear during the final.

img_4421-1 img_4525-1 img_4526-1 img_4527-1


Titan Men star Dillon Buck was recently invited by SALeathermen to South Africa to join them as their special guest at the Hellfire Club Party held at Station Bar on 30 January 2009. The Hellfire Club Party was a charity event held to raise funds for the Cape Town based Dibani Aids Project.

Dillon stopped by Bone Wear a few days after the Hellfire Party event to choose some complimentary underwear from Bone Wear owner and designer, Wilco Stemmett.
Dillon prefers wearing briefs.

More pictures of Dillon Buck wearing Bone Wear can be viewed at his blog, or on the evnts page of

Here is a short gift guide of some of the special Undies that are around just for Valentines Day.

Bonewear is having a special promotion with the Global Guys Gear. You can get the special undies in two different styles, the briefs or trunks. They have heart cut outs on them! They are Valentines but not over the top!

International Jock is celebrating Valentine’s Day by offering a huge selection of sexy, intimate gifts that are sure to please that special man in your life. Choose from sexy mens briefs, boxers, thongs and jocks from International Jock’s famous brand name manufacturers. IJ has put almost everything that’s red or pink, meshy or sheer and a wide variety of erotic men’s underwear and swimwear on sale from now until February 14th. While you’re there, be sure to check out International Jock’s fresh new offerings from Go Softwear, C-IN2, Tulio and Ed Hardy and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Ginch Gonch has two new great lines for Valentines Day. First is the Heart On collection, undies with a heart on the crotch. You can get it in sports briefs, low rise briefs and jockstrap. Also they have the Lips line as well, with a pair of lips on the crotch. Both are fun and festive for valentines! In the picture above is the Heart On in a red brief and white jock and last is the Lips in red. The line is available in red, black and white.

Say you want something that leaves more to the imagination. Well Aussiebum has some great boxers for valentines day. The one at the top are the Heart and the bottom are the Arrow boxers. Both are very fun and out for a limited time. We have posted the video for these and the model sure makes them look sexy!

This is only a short list of some of the cool things we have seen. There have been more come out, such as:

  • The Dirty Fukker red band line we posted earlier today
  • Menaus always has something hot and sexy you can get that special guy or yourself
  • Timoteo red briefs are very sexy and can be for every day as well
  • Gigo heart undies, which are very flattering, fun and out for a limited time as well.
  • ABC Underwear always has great undies as well and some fun costumes that could come in handy for Valentines Day!
  • As we see more we’ll post them!

This is the first of many gift guides we will be doing. The next one I think will be summer swim wear. Stay tuned and keep reading!