Jock Thong



We all search for that pair of underwear that helps define who we are and what we feel when wrapped in that waistband.  Some guys prefer boxer briefs, while others prefer briefs and so forth.  It may be a brand, a style, or even a color that we feel our best in and really excites are inner being.  As time passes, underwear, like everything else, evolves and changes into something new.  I have always enjoyed many types of underwear from various brands and styles but over the past year I have discovered a style that encompasses everything I love about underwear.9514_0224

The first time I saw the jock-thong I could not believe my eyes.  I love a jock for its exposure, support, and fit.  I love a thong for its sex appeal and the way it makes me feel.  When both were put together, I knew I had to have it for myself.  I bought the Andrew Christian Jock Thong last summer and tried it on.  Oh my it was amazing!  I actually feel that the jock thong adds more support than a regular thong or jock because of the side straps brought together a little closer and tighter by the center strap.  In fact, I recently told a straight male who was interested in getting more into thongs that the jock thong may be a good transition pair of underwear because of its additional support and feel.  The side straps take away some of the pressure from the center strap, making it more jock like than thong like.  So to everyone who enjoys a brief or jock and wants to give a thong a try, this is the way to go.


I am excited to see more brands taking part in this new underwear evolution.  Andrew Christian was my first jock thong purchase and they have since offered a few more selections.  I have recently seen brands such as Jack Adams, Candyman, PPU and more come out with new jock thong combinations.  This is a new market in underwear that has potential to really expand.  As underwear enthusiasts, we need to expand our underwear knowledge and continue to grow with the underwear community.  I encourage anyone to take a chance and sample the jock thong  that is evolving within the underwear community.

Let’s hope 2015 continues to see the development of the jock thong market where men can embrace this new pair.