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s-l300-2King Style Underwear provided me with these undies for review. This is my second pair of King Style Underwear that I have had the opportunity to review. If you are looking for something unique and have an open mind about your undies, check these out for sure.

Rating: 8.6/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 7/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: The Rayon Spandex fabric is amazing and the style is totally on point

Cons: Too much fabric in the pouch flap, and watch your sizing on these as well

UNB John’s recommendation: These are a very fun pair of undies and if you are looking for something a little different that you can wear out for the night or wear all day give these a try. I recommend these for the fabric alone.

So this is the second pair in the King Style series that I had the opportunity to review. I actually liked these a lot better than the trunks that I reviewed.  Don’t get me wrong, the trunks are a pair I will keep and wear often, but these just seemed more my style. First off, I really like the contrasting colors around the leg openings. And the racing stripes down both sides. It just adds a little more fun and style to your typical pair of black briefs. The fabric, which was the first thing I noticed was very light and thin, but yet felt strong and not cheap at all. The waistband was similar, very thin and comfortable.

Just like the trunks, I reviewed from King Style. These have a very unique pouch in the front that keeps your balls and your shaft separate. The fabric in the construction of the pouch is flexible enough to move with you and adjust with the size of your shaft throughout the day. However, it seems like there is a lot of extra fabric in the pouch. It almost feels and looks like just a wad of extra fabric. On the flip side, the coverage over the butt is amazing. I love my squats at the gym. So I have a little extra back there and with most briefs I feel like my ass cheeks are hanging out, but not with these. They made my butt look amazing which is always a plus.

The fabric is amazing is it a Rayon Spandex mix that King Style calls Micro Tencel. It is very soft and breathable which is awesome. There Ebay store also says it is naturally wrinkle-resistant and environmentally sustainable. You have to try it to really understand the greatness of this fabric.

BRAND: King Style Underwear

PAIR: Series D-Eco Fashion Tencel Fiber Brief

COLOR: Black (Also available in Navy Blue)

FABRIC: 90%Rayon, 10% Spandex

SIZE: Large

COST: AU $28.00 or about $22.00 USD



·      King Style Ebay Store


s-l1600King Style Underwear provided me with these undies for review. This is my first pair of King Style Underwear that I have had the opportunity to review.  If you are looking for something a little different these are for you

Rating: 7.8/10

• Daily Fit: 7/10

• Sizing: 7/10

• Construction: 8/10

• Styling: 10/10

• Daily Performance: 7/10

Pros: The waistband is awesome and I love the style of the fabric.

Cons: Inner separation brief is great for lift, but not sure I could wear it all day.

UNB John’s recommendation: I would recommend these if you are looking for a sexy pair of trunks to wear out. That also, provide a nice profile on a hot summer night.

This is the first pair of King Style that I have had the opportunity to review. I actually got another pair in this same package to review so be looking for that review as well.  The first thing that I noticed when I took these out of the package was the fun waistband. I love wearing your non-traditional brands. That when people see the logo waistband they are intrigued. The other thing I noticed was the fun fabric. The fabric has a slight sheer striping to it. Which makes these a super sexy pair of undies that you wouldn’t mind showing off.

The pouch is also unique. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it at first. After trying another pair of “separate pouch” trunks, I thought I had an idea. When you put these on, you will notice a hole in the pouch which almost looks like a built in cock-ring. Which can give you lift and nice profile. But it was a little tight for “everything” to fit though. so after a little research, I found that you are just supposed to put your shaft though the hole and separate your shaft from your balls. This was a lot more comfortable and was a unique feeling for sure. It took me a couple of times wearing these to get used to that feeling. The front pouch also has just a flap of fabric over where your shaft sits. Which was nice as it added for movement over the day. As you went through your day these undies almost catered to the size and position of your shaft. This was also very convenient when using the restroom. Just lift the flap and you are ready to go. I am sure this could be convenient in other ways as well. 😉

Overall I really like these as a night out pair of undies. I am not sure the pouch would be something I would be able to wear all day or to the gym. But if you are looking for a sexy pair of trunks that have a bit of uniqueness to them, these are for you. If you are looking to try something a little different and have an open mind, I think you would enjoy these as well.

BRAND: King Style Underwear

PAIR: Series D-Young & Free Limited Edition

COLOR: Black (Also available in Blue and Pink)

FABRIC: 90%Polyamide, 10% Spandex

SIZE: Large

COST: AU $21.00 or about $16.00 USD



·      King Style Ebay Store


FN-C3327-BK-2-MKing Style Side Stripe Piping Type C Brief was Furnished by King Style

Rating: 9/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Perfect mesh panel for a hot day. Interesting cut and design

Cons:. If you don’t like dressing up this isn’t for you. If you’re conservative you may not like the style.

UNB Tim  recommendation: This pair is perfect for a hot humid day. It felt great and there isn’t any discomfort wearing it all day. It’s something different outside of my comfort zone.

King Style sent us 4 pairs to reviews. I posted one earlier and this is the second. UNB John will be doing the rest. It’s been a while since we had a review from him and we’re glad he’s back. The last pair was a boxer brief with a sleeve for you business. This pair was a brief and had, for a lack of better word, for your boys.

As I said in the previous review, King Style makes interesting undies. However, they have found a great place that makes their underwear different yet comfortable. I have tried so many types of underwear. Usually, when I find a brand like King Style. They have so much elastic to keep things in place, it cuts off circulation and makes me wish I had never tried them.

This is not the case with King Style. The Brief for this review was really interesting. It’s another pair where you dress up. Again if you’re not a fan you may not like that. Your boys, for a lack of better word, sit in a pouch. Not like an ergonomic pouch but one designed for the boys. They fit snug and feels really comfy. The pouch is also made out of mesh. This feature made my day. Being in Atlanta with 80%+ humidity, 90+ degree days and 72 Degree dew point. It’s miserable. This pouch made things breath and I felt awesome throughout the day. I don’t know who came up with this idea at King Style but my hat is off to you!

I wore these all day. To my part time job that is active and in the humidity. They fit pretty well. Again the mesh pouch for the boys kept me very cool. I think at one point I felt a breeze. I was almost like I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Just like the sizing in the previous pair. Their sizing is not standard US sizing. It’s going to run smaller on the sizing chart. You may have to go up a size. So if you normally wear a medium you may need a large.

It was a pair that I will wear again. This pair is great for summer and really breathes with you throughout the day. Great job on these King Style.

Brand: King Style

Pair: Side Stripe Piping Type C Brief

Colors: Black

Fabric: N/A

Sizes:  Small – XX-Large

Cost: See site.

Furnished by: King Style


FN-C4736-BL-2-MKing Style Stripe Type C Boxer was furnished by Kings Style

Rating: 8/10

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 8/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10

Pros: Interesting design, was comfortable for a days wear. Not hard to put on

Cons:.Guys who don’t like to dress up may not like it. Others may not like the sleeve design

UNB Tim  recommendation: I was surprised how much I liked this. If you want something different that doesn’t constrain or

This is a review I swear I wrote a while back. I had King Style follow up with me and realized I didn’t post it. So my apologies to King Style for the delay. This was my first time wearing anything by King Style. They are for a lack of better word, interesting. They have some designs that are not the norm with pockets, sleeves.

Normally I wouldn’t like these types of pairs. I say this because the pairs are overly complicated in the way you put them on and how they fit during the day. But I gave it the UNB try. The Style Stripe boxer is a little interesting. They look like regular boxer briefs but have a sleep that your member goes through. When I put them on they were pretty easy to get into. One thing I noticed is that the sleeve is open at the top. So it has a bit of a peekaboo effect.

I didn’t wear these on a day where I was going to be gone for too long out of the house. If things go wrong I didn’t want to be in these for an entire day. During my wear running some errands I forgot what pair I was wearing. I was really surprised on how they fit. Unlike other pairs they didn’t constrict or bind. There isn’t any elastic involved in the pouch design. It felt like I was dressing up. So those guys who are the kind who dress up you need this pair. It will keep everything pointing up.


The sizing was pretty good. Note that their sizing doesn’t match standard US sizing. I am usually and XL and wore and XXL. This means you may have to move a size up from your usual size. If you buy from any site they will have the size chart. We also have posted it above.

  • Brand: King Style
  • Pair: Stripe Type C Boxer
  • Colors: Blue
  • Fabric: Polyamide 90% Spandex 10%
  • Sizes: Small – XX-Large
  • Cost: Around $17.50 (English version of their site was down)
  • Furnished by: King Style Underwear