Long Johns


If you’re in the northern part of the US, the cold weather has set in. And fashion is giving way to comfort, or should we say warmth. If you’re like me you don’t care what the undies look like as long as they are warm and keep you comfy.

Well Ginch Gonch has come out with a line of Long Johns that match their underwear lines. Now you can mix fashion and function in one! The inspiration for the line come from the fact Ginch Gonch is based in Montreal, where it gets REALLY cold and they wanted to keep warm and do it in style!

They are designed to keep you warm and fashionable and here is why! They are constructed 95% with a 4 way stretch cotton 5% is lycra. So are comfortable and won’t bind when you’re doing your daily activities.

They have created them with the new Load’n Dump’n line as well as come classic lines:

  • Blue Buns -from the Wiener Eater Collection (see above left)
  • Fire Crotch – from the Fire Truck collection
  • Diamond Stud – from the Argyle collection
  • Shaft Blaster – from the Victoria Load’n Dump’n collection (Above Center)
  • Tire Rider – from the Victoria Load’n Dump’n collection
  • Might Muscle – Multiple Trucks Load’n Dump’n (Above right)

I personally love the Argyle ones. I think they are the best looking Long Johns around. If you’re looking for a great but fashionable way to stay warm you need to check out the Ginch Gonch Long Johns.