In Europe we have already said goodbye to summer and went back to our daily routine. We hope you too have recharged your batteries because this autumn seems a great season for a new start. It’s a season destined for connecting with our chosen families, friends, and nature, but also for creative beginning,  reinventing ourselves ad looking after our body. Sports, among others, can be the most beneficial activities, as they can improve the way we see ourselves and our mood at the same time. Whether you enjoy running, weightlifting, or playing your favourite game, having the right attire is key to keeping yourself comfortable, safe and flexible.

Let’s take a look at a guide with the most athletic and comfortable items this season at Men and Underwear – The Shop, perfect for the gym or any intense activity you enjoy.

CODE 22 – Army Briefs – Camo Grey

The Army Briefs of CODE 22 is a square cut camouflage grey briefs style made from an athletic mesh, perforated fabric that will keep you cool and fresh. The pouch is wide and contoured to give you space and support that will last all day long. This underwear is very comfortable and provides the support you need! Retail price: €23.00, $23.09, £19.91.

Adam Smith – Mesh Long Trunks – Black

These sleek, functional boxer briefs are made with an athletic mesh for breathability and treated with an antibacterial finish to keep you cool and fresh for longer during any workout. This innovative fabric makes them perfect for sports, running, hiking, and the gym, but also great for everyday wear. The Mesh Long Trunk in black is the definition of comfort and flexibility! Retail price: €30.20, $30.32, £26.14.

CODE 22 – Basics Tanktop – Beige

Tank tops with a good look and fit are few and far between. The Basics Tanktop of CODE 22 in beige is a diverse, tight-fitting top you can wear as an undershirt, at the gym or outside with your favourite jeans. This tank top is an easy-to-wear-everywhere garment made from a super soft fabric, a mix of cotton, modal and elastane. It is super soft and with the proper stretch to be fit but not restrictive. Available in four instant classic colours! Retail price: €22.00, $22.59, £19.48.

TOF Paris – Sports Socks – Pink

Made primarily of cotton, these sports socks have just enough polyamide fabric in them to ensure they can hold up at the gym. The TOF Paris Sports Socks have a layer of towelling on the inside for a cushioned sole that gives great comfort with any kind of shoe. The overall style is designed to be your go-to pair of socks for the gym, for sports or any other intense activity. Available in pink, khaki, grey, black or white. Retail price: €9.00, $9.04, £7.79.

Marcuse – Urban Boxer – Grey

Designed with quality cotton fabric, the Urban Boxers of Marcuse are perfect for the gym. The pouch is contoured for some space with a front seam and lining. These classic boxers are comfortable and affordable, while also featuring extra stretch. Besides being stretchy, this boxer is also breathable and moisture-wicking. Available in grey, black or white. Retail price: €12.40, $12.45, £10.73.

CODE 22 – Athletic Jockstrap – Blue

The Athletic Jockstrap is made for sports of all sorts, for play and pretty much any intense activity. This sports-inspired fashion jock is made from an athletic mesh, perforated fabric that will keep you cool and fresh for longer. The pouch is wide, unlined and contoured to give you space and support that will last all day long. Available in white too! Retail price: €20.00, $20.08, £17.31.

Adam Smith – Workout Trunks – Pink

The innovative Workout Trunks of Adam Smith in pink are the best reason to work out! These modern trunks are constructed with a top quality blend of polyester and elastane to create a product that is super soft and quick-drying, with an antibacterial finish to keep you cool and fresh for longer during your activity. This technical fabric makes them perfect for sports, running, hiking, the gym, but also great for everyday wear. Retail price: €33.60, $33.74, £29.08.

Bluebuck – Arctic Green Jockstrap

The Arctic Green Jockstrap of Bluebuck is a diverse jockstrap that balances sportswear and fashion. The front pouch is made from organic cotton for durability and comfort, recycled polyester (Seaqual) with a touch of elastane to give you just the right amount of stretch. The leg straps are also made from the same fabric, unlike any other jock you have seen that is made with elasticated bands. This jockstrap will support and protect you whatever sport you’re playing, so you can keep your eyes on the prize and your mind on the job. Retail price: €23.00, $23.09, £19.91.

Barcode Berlin – Gym Socks Royal Blue-White

Made from 80% cotton, the Gym Socks of Barcode Berlin in royal blue are perfect for gym and everyday wear. The design features a royal blue ribbed body, reinforced on the heel and sole, and white wide stripes around the calf. The Barcode Berlin logo is featured at the top part of your toes. These socks are sturdy, sporty and available in two sizes to fit most! Retail price: €10.00, $10.04, £8.66.

Adam Smith – Tank Top – Black

This black Tank Top of Adam Smith is made from micro modal, possibly, the softest and most breathable fabric in the clothing industry. The style is form-fitting so it clings to your skin to follow your natural body contours. The fabric is top quality, cut and sewn to perfection to fit the male anatomy. A motivational athletic tank top might just be the little extra nudge you need to take your fitness game to the next level! Retail price: €29.80, $29.92, £25.79.

Spring arrived early at Men and Underwear – The Shop and enriched our mood with many positive emotions! This season is the time when nature awakes and everything is fresh, alive and new. Many of us start thinking about what we will do in the summer while others enjoy the scents of flowers and the good weather without making any plans for the summer. The bright colours of spring mark the end of the winter and give us the inspiration for new goals and experiences. Opposed to the dull, cold grey and white hues of winter, spring comes with a vibrant palette. One of the brightest colours of spring is the colour of the sunshine, yellow!  Yellow symbolises rebirth, hope, happiness, freshness, positivity and energy and that’s why it is among those that prevail in the underwear fashion at this moment.

So let us have a look at some special vernal underwear that star in the European men’s underwear market this season.

Marcuse – Astra Briefs

The new Astra Briefs in vibrant yellow of Marcuse are a super low rise pair of underwear where premium comfort blends with contemporary style!  Feel sexy and confident wearing this brief, crafted from a premium cotton blend with contoured, unlined pouch. We strongly believe that wearing this yellow brief during the day, can lift your mood up!

Marcuse – Brighten Thong

Our second yellow proposal of the same brand, is the fashionable Brighten Thong. This sexy, low rise thong is made from a modal blend fabric with a generous amount of elastane and that makes it stretchy but also very soft to the touch, lightweight and breathable. The best choice to add a vibrant hue to your spring underwear collection!

Barcode Berlin – Thong Miran

Another bright yellow choice is the Thong Miran of Barcode Berlin, made from ribbed cotton fabric. This thong features a contoured pouch that will give you all the space you need and a triangular back for minimal coverage of the buttocks. The waistband is narrow, in white with the Barcode logo repeated and a red line at the top. This thong is sexy, fun and fresh!

Barcode Berlin – Jockstrap Sergey

One more eye-catching underwear of the same brand is the timeless Sergey Jockstrap. It is tough and sturdy and made to last longer and withstand heavy duty. You can wear this at the gym or any other intense activities. The pouch is made from a ribbed fabric to provide the best hold you can get and the waistband is wide to provide a low rise fit and great support. Undeniably one of the best jockstraps in the world today!

Joe Snyder – Classic Bikini Spectrum

The Classic Bikini Spectrum of Mexican brand Joe Snyder is the definition of spring! This vibrant underwear in tones of green, orange and yellow is a feast of colours, which is the perfect choice for this season. This sexy style provides a sleek and snug fit, offering optimal support in the front and back, giving you a great shape. The Classic Bikini Spectrum can be worn as underwear as well as swimwear, so is great for casual or everyday wear either under your clothes or the poolside!We hope you enjoyed this selection! There are a lot more vibrant new styles already in the shop for you to discover! Moreover, we have been constantly updating our sales section with items that are discontinued at prices up to 60

Many new collections have arrived at Men and Underwear – The Shop this month from brands all around the world. It is almost spring and we see a lot of colours, monochromatic themes and some retro styling coming back! Apart from underwear, we have seen the first swimwear for summer 2022 being released and we have already started dreaming of summer holidays and bright sunny days! Take a look at some of the best styles of the month below and enjoy! 

TOF Paris – French Bikini – Red

The first pair is a European style red bikini by TOF Paris. These mini briefs are designed and made in Paris, France and feature a contoured pouch, full coverage on the back and a very discreet logo on the side. There is no waistband but a narrow piece of elastic, covered with the same, soft cotton jersey. The style is sexy, skimpy and easy to wear under even your tightest pants. From Paris with love!

Barcode Berlin – Thong Miran – Mint

The second pair is a mint green thong by Barcode Berlin made from ribbed cotton fabric. Barcode Berlin goes full on colour this season with the limited edition Miran series of thongs. The Miran features a contoured pouch that will give you all the space you need and a triangular back for minimal coverage of the buttocks. The fabric is a densely ribbed cotton based material with just 2% elastane for a little bit of extra stretch. The waistband is narrow, in white with the Barcode logo repeated and a red line at the top. This thong is sexy, fun and fresh! 

Marcuse – Astra Briefs – Blue

One more colourful pair of underwear, new this month, is the blue Astra briefs by Marcuse Australia. The Marcuse Astra Briefs are a super low rise pair of underwear where premium comfort blends with contemporary style! Feel sexy and confident with Astra, crafted from a premium cotton blend with contoured, unlined pouch. Embroidered logo on the back and a fabric loop to hang it in your locker, both trademark design elements of this remarkable brand. These briefs also feature a cosy waistband that sits around your hips, with a brand new logo for Marcuse Australia centred in the middle. Sexy, comfortable and contemporary!

Marcuse – Astra Thong – Yellow

And if briefs are nnt your thing or you like thongs, you’d be pleased to hear that the same collection, Astra, of Marcuse comes in thongs as well! In the same number of colours as the briefs, five in total, these thongs have all the characteristics of the briefs above with a half exposed, true to thong design, back. 

Marcuse – Tasman Swim Briefs – Pink

Among the new underwear styles, you may want to check this fantastic new swimwear, the perfect pair of little dusty pink swim briefs by the same brand, Marcuse Australia. The Marcuse Tasman Swim Briefs will take you to the next level of naughty and sexy. Designed with a super low waist that will just the minimum covered, you will showcase your assets in the most attractive way possible. This swimwear is made with a premium Italian fabric for comfort, elasticity and quick-dry performance. The colour is a beautiful dusty pink with thin stripes in a wave pattern. On the inside there is lining and drawstrings for a custom fit. The Marcuse logo is embroidered at the front while the back features the brand’s trademark loop to hang it dry. Sexy, fresh and striking! 

Andrew Christian – Riviera Swim Trunk – Navy

One more new swimwear we expect to be a best selling design this season is the new Riviera Swim trunks by Andrew Christian. This swimwear gets inspired by denim shorts, the glamour and sex appeal of the French Riviera. It is a limited edition, chic design that features a monochromatic theme and a slimming, form-fitting cut, that will quickly become your favourite pair of swim trunks. Sleek, sexy, and sophisticated, perfect for the pool, the beach and any kind of water sports!

Andrew Christian – Almost Naked Retro Mesh Jock – Navy

A hot addition this season is a fashion jockstrap in blue with white and red details by Andrew Christian. Vintage meets modern in the charming new Show-It Retro Pop Comfort Jock! This throwback design is the best element of yesteryear with contemporary design trends. The pouch is the Andrew Christian trademark Almost Naked pouch designed to feel like you’re not wearing anything at all! This brief also features the signature slimming Andrew Christian waistband and bold, contrasting details. You’ll love the way you look and feel in this pair!

Andrew Christian – Trophy Boy Briefs – Black

Last but not least, the revamped edition of the Trophy Boy Briefs by Andrew Christian made for well-endowed guys. If you find other underwear restrictive at the pouch area then the new Trophy Boy Briefs is the underwear that you are looking for. These luxurious undies come in an elegant style with dynamic contrasting detailing. The Trophy Boy line of Andrew Christian is made for the hung guy who wants to show off his intimidating package. Andrew Christian left extra room in the front to create the perfect undies for guys with bigger package. You should feel comfortable in a natural way, into the super-soft, larger anatomically correct Trophy Boy pouch and have a truly enjoyable wearing experience. Andrew Christian aims with these briefs to eliminate sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating, and chafing.

We hope you enjoyed the selection! There are a lot more new styles already in the shop for you to discover! Moreover, we have been constantly updating our sales section with items that are discontinued at prices up to 60% off!

We are delighted to show you today one more, exclusive editorial for Men and Underwear! The photos you are about to see feature model and designer George Tsak posing in swimwear by CODE 22. Photographed by V. Valeodis on location in Athens, this story showcases George in the role of a guy going for his first swim of summer. The swimwear he is wearing is one of our best sellers this season, the CODE 22 Lace Up Swim Briefs a beautiful pair or low rise swim briefs with padding at the front and functional buckles on either side. George looks amazing as always and the camera of Valeodis caught the model, swimwear and the setting in the best way possible; we are very happy to be able to publish again his work in our online magazine! Enjoy the photos below and stay tuned for more work of these two great men that we will show you very soon!

Photographer: V. Valeodis
Model: George Tsak
Swimwear: CODE 22

Here is one more report in collaboration with Men and Underwear – The Shop about what’s hot and what sells best in Europe! Europe is going in and out of lockdowns but this hasn’t stopped brands releasing new collections and customers continue to buy underwear and swimwear for this season. Sales in March show that the trend of bright colours continues and that Europeans went for more sexy styles and fabrics to keep them cooler as the weather Improves. Let’s see what were the best selling underwear in descending order:

5. Andrew Christian – CoolFlex Active Modal Briefs – Navy

Andrew Christian has always been a very popular brand in Europe and this month was no exception. From all their styles, the new take on the CoolFlex briefs was the most popular. Made from modal (hint, we will see two more underwear styles made from modal in the list!) these briefs are a reimagined version of a best selling Andrew Christian style! From all three colours available, the navy with white and pink accents sold slightly better than the other two.

4. Marcuse – Brighten Briefs – Yellow

The colourful line of briefs, thongs and jocks by Australian brand Marcuse proved to be very popular in Europe this month! All six colours of the briefs sold quite fast even within the first few days of their release. The most popular though was yellow, possibly the brightest of all. These very affordable briefs are super low rise and made from modal which makes them a perfect choice for this season. They feature an unlined U-shaped pouch with piping to support and enhance. They also come in a reusable bag with a plastic zip, transparent on one side you can use for your future travels!

3. Marcuse – Brighten Jock – Black

Even more popular than their briefs were the Brighten Jockstraps of Marcuse! Again, these are available in six colours and all of them were very popular. Among them tough, the black jocks went slightly better than the rest. The U-shaped technology used in their briefs is used here too. The modal fabric is a heaven to touch and the piping around the pouch makes it supportive and gently enhancing.     

2. Joe Snyder – Thong – Pastel

Thong is an underwear style that becomes more and more popular, especially during the warmer months of the year. Pair that with a fabric that allows it to be worn as underwear as well as swimwear and you get an excellent two-in-one choice of a sexy garment! Joe Snyder released more limited edition colours in its classic thongs and among them, the Pastel, was a huge hit among Europeans. Sexy, cool, colourful, what’s not to love!    

1. CODE 22 – Essential Briefs – White

In first place is one more month is a style from Spanish brand CODE 22. The essential briefs were the top choice of the month in Europe. Made from a modal and cotton blend, these briefs are extremely comfortable and easy to wear everyday, everywhere. This is the reworked basics by the Spanish brand and we hope they keep making them for a long time! Apart from white, which was the best selling colour, these briefs are available in black and in grey. 

There is a new store in the world of men’s underwear! Sound the fanfare and excitement. Our friends over at Menandunderwear have launched their own store. That’s right a blog and store all in one! I reached out to them, and they are pretty awesome and asked them about the store. They said that the store will focus on European men’s underwear brands. Which makes sense because that’s where they are located!

Was I expecting a store from them, nope, I saw it on Instagram. You never know what people are planning! The brands they will be starting off selling are Bluebuck (UK), Code 22 (Spain), and L’Homme Invisible (France). All really great brands. Make sure you go check out the awesome undies. Code 22 is one we need to cover more!

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