Swim Thong


Swim thongs are increasing in popularity every month I think. More guys are wearing them and if you take a look through IG and twitter, you see more and more guys wearing them to the beach, pool, and to lay out in. The newest company that has put out a swim thong is Timoteo. They have done it in Timoteo style.

There are four different prints for the Capri swim thong. The colors are Leopard Blue, Palm Sunset, Zebra Pink, and Zebra yellow. My personal favorite is the Palm Sunset!

The thongs also have a 1 inch side and a fully lined pouch. There is no tie in the waistband like most thongs is an elastic waistband.

Leopard Blue

Palm Sunset

Zebra Pink

Zebra Yellow

PAIR: Timoteo Capri Swim Thong
COLORS: Leopard Blue, Palm Sunset, Zebra Pink, and Zebra yellow.
FABRIC: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $39.00

Swim thongs are now one of the must have pairs for summer. Guys across the spectrum are embracing the swim thong. Which is awesome because it gives guys more options for swimwear and out of the boring board shorts. One company that released a massive collection is Rick Majors at International Jock.

The new Rick Majors collection has 21 new swim thongs. This is the largest collection of swim thongs this year. The new swim thongs come in solids, Patterns/Prints, Animal Prints, and florals. It’s an incredible collection, and if you don’t find a thong you love, then I don’t know what to tell you.




Animal Print



Swimwear season is not canceled only delayed. We will have a summer and we will need amazing swimwear and one company making amazing swimwear is N2N Bodywear. They just released a whole set of printed swimwear. The best thing is you can get it in a bikini, string, and a thong! I admit I”m a sucker for matching swimwear. You can shop these all at N2N Bodywear. Here are all the prints:

Millennium Print

Summer Funday Print

Paradise Print

Shades Print

Get all these at the N2N Bodywear site.

You guys LOVE swim thongs! Some of you like the super skimpy wile others like a more T-back design. One brand that I wanted to profile is Rick Majors. It’s a brand that I believe is exclusively at International Jock. The line has really impressed me with the underwear and swimwear.

One pair in particular I think you guys would love to check out is the Low Rise Swim Thong. The first reason is I thinker’s a great cut for a thong. Second is the colors that are available. Most times swimwear comes in just a few colors. This line has 8 different colors.

Here is a little about the line itself.

Created in California, Rick Majors underwear and swimwear is designed for men who want to be seen, not hidden. Each style in the collection utilizes a fit, color and fabric to accentuate the best you have to offer and make you feel cool, comfortable and confident. Unconventional men wear Rick Majors to create an irresistible attitude that starts from within, comes out in their clothing and sets them apart from all the rest.

If you are looking for a new swim thong, check out the Rick Majors line. They also have the same colors in a swim brief.

PAIR: Rick Majors Low Rise Swim Thong
COLORS: White, black, turquoise, navy, orange, pink, royal, and charcoal
FABRIC: 82% nylon, 18% spandex
SIZES: Small- X-Large
PRICE: $46

Who’s ready to rock the thong this summer? Many of you guys are ready to wear a swim thong to the beach/pool. N2N Bodywear has a new thong that may look a little familiar! They have had bikinis with similar prints and one with a buckle before! Now they have combined the two and made the Fire Island Thong!

N2N Bodywear says this about their super sexy new thong: “Our latest sexy thong gets just a little more scandalous with just the push of a button. Make a splash at the pool, beach or home for some wild fun.” The front of this pair has a seamless pouch that should give you some great support. The side buckle, as mentioned above is fully functional and can be used to put on or take off. Whichever is your choice! There is no drawcord in the front and it’s unlined. Many of you like unlined because it shows off more.

The prints are pretty fun as well. If you want a more low key version to wear, I’d suggest the Mocha or Grey. If you want to show off a little more the purple will draw attention to you, but let’s face it. If you’re rocking the thong in public, you won’t mind having a few eyes on you!

N2N Bodywear has made some of my most favorite swimwear over the years. Andrew knows how to make something that fits a guy amazingly. That looks great on all body types. Lastly, one that shows off a guys body in the most flattering way possible. I”m working on trying to get an interview to go over how they have changed the way they are doing things this year. Stay tuned.

Pair: N2N Bodywear Fire Island Thong
Color: Mocha, Purple, or Grey
Fabric: 92% rayon 8% spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $30.00

The three colors