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Edgy at the beach!

MODUS VIVENDI proudly presents the Dark Swimwear Line from the “Into the woods” Campaign. 

If you love punk style and you are just bored of typical swimsuits, then Dark Swimwear Line just landed for you. MODUS VIVENDI always trying to present unique, edgy and original designs, so does Dark swimsuits. This Line is definitely serving the needs of all guys who are fond of press stud details and chains on their outfits. You no longer need to compromise with ordinary bathing suits! You can bright up the dark part of you, even at the beach where sun is shining bright, giving that way your summer look a personalized style. 

Dark Swimwear Line comprises of classic briefs, tanga briefs, boxers and shorts and you can find them available in red, blue & white colors. Certain designs have a removable plastic chain 77 cm length ( can be worn as a necklace ) and all swimsuits are from a front part lining of fast drying elasticated fabric with a sewn rubber logo label.

MODUS VIVENDI Dark Swimwear Line Campaign is online and you can check it out here. Products available from €68.50 and you can discover them here


Photographer: Joan Crisol @joan_crisol Models: Antonio Ledesma @antonioledesma39 & Alvaro Wolf @alvaro_wolf Videographer: Joan Crisol @joan_crisol Campaign: Dark Swimwear Line Location: Madrid, Spain

You ask, we deliver! The sexiest thongs for Summer 2022!

MODUS VIVENDI presents the Thongs Swimwear Line, because thong-mania is now spread even near the beach. It’s not only that you can now enjoy the sun tanning better, but the ultimate freedom you feel wearing nothing but just a pouch! You kept on asking for MODUS VIVENDI swimwear thongs; so we deliver! 

Discover our new Thongs Line made in a great variety of colors, get yours and express your naughty sides. All designs are made of fast drying fabric and feature an iconic Nickel free, metallic tag on the back, with a cutout MODUS VIVENDI logo!

MODUS VIVENDI Original Thongs Swimwear Line Campaign is already online and you can check it out here. All thongs are available at €42.50 and you can discover them here.


Illustrator: Denis Sdobnov @drawmedenis Campaign: Original Thongs Swimwear Line

MODUS VIVENDI, this time decided to approach the right people to do this campaign, since we had a certain vision regarding the presentation of this unique campaign. We found the right man that had the necessary and the most suitable background for this yet combining those with his talent and his excellent artworks. His name is Denis Sdobnov but people also knows him as Drawmedenis.

Denis Sdobnov is known for portraying a collective LGBTQ+ imagery through his unique perspective, and visually manifesting private sensual fantasy. His works have been acknowledged and forwarded by numerous gay icons on social media. His work has been acknowledged and forwarded by numerous gay icons on social media. In February 2021, Sdobnov hosted its debut solo exhibition “Midsummer” in Shanghai.

So, let’s meet the man behind this work of art, the illustrator of this beautiful campaign. 

Read his interview below. 

“My name is Denis Sdobnov and I was born and raised in a traditional Russian Orthodox family and grew up with a struggle for self-identity. Moving to Shanghai and practicing art, have gradually become my agency for my slow but glittering process of self-acceptance and reconciliation. 

Here in Shanghai, I feel empowered by the extremely supportive and talented queer artist community, which endowed me with the strength to follow my heart and instinct, and become more visually and vocally self-expressive.

I believe being a queer artist comes with a lot of communal and social responsibilities. Your work and practice should not be a merely about portraits or self-explorations. You need to give love and supports, empowering other queer people in struggle and agony and unreservedly celebrate difference and diversity. 

Being able to showcase my work during PRIDE month would be no doubt to cheer more queer people up at the time of celebrating who you are. It would be a great chance to fulfill my mission as a socially caring artist and culture worker.”

 Every single one of you is uniquely beautiful!

MODUS VIVENDI presents the Cyclops swimwear Line, inspired by the one-eyed giants of ancient Greek mythology. This new swimwear line highlights every creature’s beauty & uniqueness. The Cyclops Line is here to serve you with all your secret desires, even for those you still don’t want to be revealing. Here to help you emphasize comfort without compromising style.

The customized printed fabric gives the illusion of a mesh design, yet not transparent. MODUS VIVENDI new swimwear urges all men to express their deepest desires through designs that are always bold and fashion side edgy.

The Cyclops Line has just been released in some really bright colors, plus the all-time classic black and white, while comprising of briefs, trunk boxers and shorts, to choose from for your day at the beach!

Modus Vivendi Cyclops Swimwear Line Campaign is already online and you can check it out here. Products available from €45.00 and you can discover them here

 Roots, morals, sexuality & sensuality

MODUS VIVENDI presents the Host Line, offering a new experience in men’s fashion. Greek roots and morals are the key elements that were adopted to create and visualize this campaign in real life. This new and unique line totally enables men to express their sexuality through their sensuality.

Enrich your wardrobe with neutral colors, adding a dash of casual chic designs. Feel free to mix and match those with key pieces from your contemporary closet, to make a lovely throw-back look for special occasions.

Host Line, with the unexpected knitted fabric in earthy tones, breaks the norm and brings fun in men’s fashion, leaving behind the traditional and plain pair of undies. The line becomes more elegant and casual chic, with the combination of cotton and the satin look fabric details.

Don’t waste your time and explore among some innovative underwear, tanktops, t-shirts, hoodies cardigan, shorts and bermudas available in beige & grey colors.

Modus Vivendi Host Line Campaign is online and you can check it out here. Products available from €22.50 and you can discover them here.

Shine bright like a diamond!

MODUS VIVENDI Luminous Swimwear Line, inspired by the 80’s, will make you shine like a disco ball. Low rise fit swimsuits that serve an all over foil printed look for situations by the sea that require a bit of extra glamour. 

Classic yet sexy swimwear, reimagined with metallic polka dots and shiny pied de coq patterns, add some extra excitement to your day at the beach. Unique bold styles of Luminous Line feature a low cut and two versions of classic swimwear briefs. This iconic, fast drying, pattern is undisputedly here to help you stand out in the crowd. Time has come to choose your most favorite Luminous swimsuit and to be a part of the eighties glam style, the most memorable and defining decade.

Party by the sea all day long with some 80’s vibes while choosing from briefs or low cut briefs that are available in black & silver colors.

Modus Vivendi Luminous Swimwear Line Campaign is already online and you can check it out here. Products available from €56.20 and you can discover them here.

Back to carefree life!

MODUS VIVENDI remembers and misses 50’s vibes and presents Country Line. A full collection has been landed and features the signature aesthetic of those days, which were full of romanticism and nostalgia. That time, when we were happy having a pic-nick under the sun, with the flavor of some homemade delicacies. Have a look in all the micro checked design from the Country Line and add a dash of fifties preppy style to your wardrobe. Feel free to wear it by blending styles from your contemporary closet and your lovely throw-back looks.

Beautiful and unique pieces featuring an elasticated matching waistband with embossed logo on them while the soft jacquard semi-elasticated fabric (ecofriendly) is the element that will make this line stand out of the crowd. Part of our responsible edit, knitted according to GOTS and under dyeing, washing procedure, complies with the OCS.

Don’t waste your time and choose your favorite country piece between of briefs, boxers, low cut briefs, jockstraps, tanga briefs, shirts & tanktop while you can find them available in pink, blue & yellow.

Modus Vivendi Country Line Campaign is online and you can check it out here. Products available from €25.00 and you can discover them here.


Photographer: Xanthos Georgiou @xanthosstudio Videographer: Xanthos Georgiou @xanthosstudio / Models: Ioannis Toumazou @johnny_tmz & Panos Georgiou @panosgeo21 Campaign: Country Line Location: Cyprus

Sustainability is the new black!

MODUS VIVENDI proudly presents the Organic Line, showing men on duty. It’s time for 100% sustainable underwear, made of organic cotton which is part of our responsible edit. And we couldn’t imagine this pair of undies but on men in nature. Retro aesthetic is mixed with a great dose of sexiness yet the kind of pure and effortless masculinity. 

Unique and specially made pieces, knitted according to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard 5.0) and under dyeing, washing procedure, complied with the OCS (Organic Content Standard 2.0). Raw materials from certified organic farms, no harmful substances, in accordance to OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100. Sustainability is here to stay and MODUS VIVENDI want to be part of it.

And who said that men cannot do the laundry? Organic Line is here to prove that vintage style can become chic and sexy in the modern world of fashion. So choose your comfort and your favorite organic piece of underwear, between optic white, classic black and dark khaki green. It is time we keep an extra eye on the planet. Line comprises of thongs, briefs, boxers, low cut briefs, jockstraps, tanga briefs, sweatshirts & tanktop.

Modus Vivendi Organic Line Campaign is online and you can check it out here. Products available from €24.70 and you can discover them here


Photographer: Gastohn Barrios @gastohn.barrios ModelsLucas Sabadini @lucsabadini & Pablo Garcilazo @capitanxpablo / Executive Production: Matias Santos / Videography: Estilo Wallo / Stylist: Martin Iglesias / Assistant: Marcelo Iglesias / Campaign: Organic Line Location: Argentina

Tie a knot, and hang on!

Modus Vivendi presents the Gordian Knot Swimwear Line for those who are looking for a bit more revealing swimsuits than the usual ones; we make sure that you understand that this line is unlined and that your goodies are covered only by some thin and delicate fast drying fabric. 

The minimal esthetic is inspired by the ancient Greek Myth of Gordian Knot. All the five available colors: black, silver, gold, cobalt blue and wine red, are serving a metallic luxury look for an extra shine under the sun. Gordian Knot swimwear have an unlined design while the extra revealing fabric made of lycra, gives you a sense of sexiness at the beach. The Line comprises of low cut briefs, classic briefs, brazil boxers and jogging cut shorts.

Modus Vivendi Gordian Knot Swimwear Line Campaign is online and you can check it out here. Products available from €37.70 and you can discover them here.


Photographer: Panos Misailidis @p2photographygr Model: Theonikos Iyagbor  @theonikosiyagbor / Videography: Panos Misailidis @p2photographygrCampaign: Gordian Knot Swimwear Line Location: Chalkidiki, Greece

If not us, then who?

If not MODUS VIVENDI, then who? With the Greek way of life running in our blood, we proudly present Hellenic Line. Ancient Greek Heritage has inspired almost every artist worldwide, so naturally did inspire us too. With all the respect to our roots, we offer you, with utmost love, some new designs which feature the Greek key design, Meander. Having Greece in mind, couldn’t resist to travel to Mykonos; the famous island, well known for the blue sky and the white architecture. 

Hellenic Line, apart from references to ancient Greek Art, obviously reflects to Greek Summer too. Celebrating Greek spirit, inspiration came from archaic yet contemporary ancient Greek meander design and the natural beauty of Mykonos. Iconic and all time classic design, serving at once, the blue of the sea, the white of the houses and the bright sun of Greece. 

Discover the Hellenic Line’s blue and white stripes; dream of Greek sun, looking at the lux detail of the shiny metal tag; Let your senses free and travel in our beautiful country. The Line comprises of thong, low cut briefs, tanga briefs, classic briefs, boxers, jockstraps, tanktop & t-shirt.

Modus Vivendi Hellenic Line Campaign is online and you can check it out here. Products available from €24.70 and you can discover them here.


Photographer: Panos Misailidis @p2photographygr Model: Christos Katsavochristos @christos_katsavochristos / Videography: Panos Misailidis @p2photographygr Campaign: Hellenic Line Location: Mykonos, Greece

The category is… extravaganza.

MODUS VIVENDI Stardust Swimwear Line. The category is… eleganza, extravaganza. Need a summer fashion boost? Need to stand out of the crowd? Now you have it! And the only question is: mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them? Either you are a mesh, sheer lover or not, you will definitely love this new style of holiday glamour. 

Enjoy the devilish color blogging made of shiny fuchsia lycra and transparent muslin either in orange or black.

Stardust Swimwear Line is here to impress and comprises of some really sexy and pose low cut briefs, tanga briefs, classic briefs and trunk boxers. Unique and stylish swimsuits are ready to be explored.

Modus Vivendi Stardust Swimwear Line Campaign is online and you can check it out here. This Line is available from €30.50 and you can discover the products here.


Photographer: Panos Misailidis @p2photographygr Model: Christos Kamarinos @christos.kamarinos / Videography: Panos Misailidis @p2photographygr Campaign: Stardust Swimwear Line Location: Chalkidiki, Greece

Loungewear at its best.

The Leisure Line has been launched and the theme is chic & comfy life. It’s time to pamper yourself and feel the bliss of luxury loungewear designed by Modus Vivendi. This posh resort collection consists of some expertly tailored pieces, which can be worn inside and outside of the bedroom and designed to look good whatever the occasion is. 

The menu of relax wear collection has: as starter – retro caftans made of cotton feel Bretton fabric; as main menu – seventies inspired robes and cord sets made of satin look lace fabric, and last but not least as desert – bold, tone to tone, stripes on satinated pyzamas. So pick your favorite style, refresh your mood and keep your spirit up, while chilling around. 

The Leisure Line comprises of pyzamas, caftans and robes. Unique and stylish pieces ready to be explored.

Modus Vivendi Leisure Line Campaign is online and you can check it out here. This Line is available from €73.80 and you can discover the products here


Photographer: Panos Misailidis @p2photographygr Models: Denis Mastorakis @denismastorakis, Christos Kamarinos @christos.kamarinos & Theonikos Iyagbor @theonikosiyagbor / Videography: Panos Misailidis @p2photographygr Campaign: Leisure Line Location: Greece

Time for fantasy. Not mourn.

Don’t mourn for your ex anymore! We got you a ticket to the dark, extravagant & edgy Berlin that will mend your heart.

Modus Vivendi is flirting with the Dark Goth movie scripts and presents the Latex Line; The scenario of a hot widow wearing latex look undies and wandering in a necropolis takes the fetish style to a new level of sophistication. Either you have a passion for latex and vinyl or you are a sheer and mesh lover, this kinky line is here to impress. Bright up the dark moments of your life with a dose of shine.

Time to get back on track in the sexiest and most extravagant way possible. That’s all you need to build a fantasy out of this world and to satisfy your ultimate sins. Embrace your fetish side and don’t ever look back again!

Latex Line is made of polyester latex look shiny fabric that it’s here to serve your naughty sides and offers you the feeling of wearing almost nothing. The devilish combination with the transparent muslin fabric, takes the fetish style to a new level of sophistication. Perfect choice either for a party or you simply want to bright up the dark moments of your life. An iconic Nickel free, metallic tag is featured on the back of thongs.

The Latex Line comprises of thongs, boxers, bottomless, classic briefs, tanga briefs, low cut briefs, jockstraps, meggings, tanktop & onesie. Unique and stylish pieces ready to be explored.

Modus Vivendi Latex Line Campaign is online and you can check it out here. This Line is available from €25.00 and you can discover the products here.

Photographer: Joan Crisol @joan_crisol Model: Paolo Bellucci @paolo_bellucci1 / Videography: Atico Norte @aticonorteproducciones / Campaign: Latex Line / Location: Madrid, Spain

When sports meet chic.

It is time MODUS VIVENDI to present Dot Swimwear Line. This Line has it all! And when we say all, we mean it! This is your time to shine and express your stylish part of yourself at the beach. Show your athletic skills and impress with your moves on the waves. Athletic yet chic swimsuits that everyone have to possess.

Did any of you ask for minimal athletic style? Don’t worry! We got you covered. Dot Swimwear Line is here and serves that purpose perfectly. Dot line is made of double face printed fabric with inside polka dots being slightly visible outside. The fit is offering enough coverage for those who loves to move, have fun and impress doing water sports.

The Dot Swimwear Line comprises of boxers, classic briefs, tanga briefs, low cut briefs & shorts. Serving simple monochromatic esthetic, all the four available colors: black, white, yellow & red that are combined with white refreshing details. Unique and stylish pieces ready to be explored.

Modus Vivendi Dot Swimwear Line campaign is live and you can check it out here. This Line is available from €26.50 and you can discover the products here.

We are excited to announce that MODUS VIVENDI got a new “Home”. Our new website is on and it’s fresh! Don’t waste your time! Click below to check it out!

Check our brand new website here or here:

New fresh start, new website, new collection, new adventures with MODUS VIVENDI. It is about time to travel with us this season! Time to pack up our suitcases and travel around the world with us. From New York to Abu Dhabi and from Paris to Rio De Janeiro, join us to this amazing journey and you won’t miss! An exciting trip is about to begin! Come!

1 journey, 14 tickets, 14 cities around the world, 14 different campaigns that you will totally adore! 

Travel with us each week to a different destination and choose your favorite one. Around the world in eighty days with MODUS VIVENDI!

Spring – Summer & Swimwear 2022 Collection has finally arrived! 14 different campaigns, 14 different lines, 14 different locations, 4 photographers & 18 models have worked to present to you our sexy and full of stylish, luxury & edgy designs. Designs that were manufactured to gratify all of your senses with flattering shapes, where style meets apparels’ future.

Designs that are made for all kind of people that live out there! In this collection you can find plenty of edgy and fashion pieces for those who dare to wear, however classic yet stylish pieces make their appearance for those who keep it simple. Combinations and looks for every kind of style that everyone could ever desired. MODUS VIVENDI Spring Summer 22 Collection could easily serve every style that anyone could ever imagine.

Natural fabrics are perfectly mixed with elements, such as leather & sensual details & knitted fabrics with metallic details, fleece linings & satin luxurious fabrics that unleash perfection and coziness.

The SS & Swimwear 22 Collection comprises of Underwear, Swimwear, Ready To Wear & Loungewear.

Every season that passes by, with the same passion and vision, we want to deliver a new fashion experience with unique proposals & to keep spreading our vision of inclusivity through our Male Way of Life; Strength lies in differences, not in similarities; this vision leads us towards creativity. 


Our SS & Swimwear 2022 Collection and the 14 new lines

have been shot in 8 different locations in 6 countries (Spain, Guatemala, Argentina, Malta, Cyprus & Greece)

with 5 different photographers (Joan Crisol @joan_crisol / Kris Micallef @krismicallefphoto / Xanthos Georgiou @xanthosstudio / Gasthon Barrios @gastohn.barrios / Panos Misailidis @panos.misailidis & p2photographygr)

and 18 models (Daniel Cajiao @danielcajiao PAOLO BELLUCCI @paolo_bellucci1 / Anton Schembri @antonschembri / Lucas Sabadini @lucsabadini / Pablo Garcilazo @capitanxpablo / Christos Kamarinos @christos.kamarinos / Diego / Edi Grabar @_edigrabar / Thonikos Lyagbor @theonikosiyabor / Antonio Ledesma @antonioledesma39 / Alvaro @alvaro_wolf / Ioannis Toumazou @johnny_tmz / Panos Georgiou @panosgeo21 / Kostantinos Panteloglou @panteloglou_ / Carlos @itgreekgod / Victor Oscar Juaranz @victoroscarjuaranz / Christos Katsavochristos @christos_katsavochristos / Denis Mastorakis @denismastorakis

When wonder-land meets leather-land.

When wonder-land meets leather-land Modus Vivendi presents Leather Legacy Line Volume II; Cause even leather fetish do hides a great volume of romanticism. Whether you hide inside the woods or you freely express your inner desires and passions, you can do it in style. The obvious choice of cobalt blue and passionate red, embraces any BDSM needs, but while others show you, pure meat, Modus Vivendi serving some art. Check the whole line and pick the designs you like the most and invest on some real value items for your quardarobe.

The Modus Vivendi Leather Legacy Line Vol. II, features a series of functional press buttons on the pouch with the Modus Vivendi logo on a nickel label hanging on the front. This line is made of polyester filam pelle fabric and with the extra soft and comfortable leather look feeling, help you to freely express your inner fetish desires and passions.

The Leather Legacy Line Vol. II comprises of boxers, briefs, tanga briefs, low cut briefs, jockstraps, tanktop & shirts that are available in blue & red. Unique and stylish pieces ready to be explored.

Modus Vivendi Leather Legacy Line Vol. II is available from €25.00 and you can discover the products here.

Photographer: Joan Crisol @joan_crisol Videography: Atico Norte @aticonorteproducciones Models: Carlos @itgreekgod & Victor Oscar Juaranz @victoroscarjuaranz / Campaign: Leather Legacy Line Volume II / Location: Madrid, Spain

How did the pandemic disturb your life and have you managed to find balance?

The pandemic has taught me to appreciate some things more which, I recently took those for granted. The most important, though, is freedom.

Do you believe in Utopia – what do you do to leave this world a better place?

Unfortunately, in these days, utopia is extremely difficult and even imaginary to exist, since nowadays people think greedily so it is difficult for people to coexist harmoniously.

What do you find sexy/sensual in your partner?

I consider sexy when my partner shows interest in herself. Sexy is to exercise, to take care of herself, her body and also her mind.

What is the one

a. thing you love doing?

b. thing you love having (item)?

a. I like to work-out and at the same time I enjoy to motivate others to work-out too since it’s my job as a trainer.

b. I love to ride my motorcycle.

We all need a win this year. What is yours?

My personal win for this year is to be always healthy and happy with a positive state of mind.

What do you want others remember you by?

I want everyone to remember me as a positive person who likes to give strength and motivation to others to move forward dynamically in their lives

What is beauty to you?

Beauty for me is when a person has a healthy state of mind, smiles and to take care of himself.

What is the quote that motivate you?

My quote is: Life is short and we must live as happily as possible, always making beautiful memories.

The Unexpected line is a retro Greece celebration. It is the ultimate come back of simplicity and connection with nature. A dream of a calm serene life, surrounded by people for whom we care about. A sense of community and a spark of creativity that makes a difference to everyone’s life. A style to live that matters and a lifestyle that is much needed.

The art of simplicity and tradition in a line. The Modus Vivendi Unexpected products are the sexiest choice for all retro lovers. Made of cotton polyester knitted fabrics, with the narrow elasticated waistbands as a crown on the top of them. This line is a tribute to retro Greece underwear that remain always traditional with some modern brush strokes in their minimal version.

The Line comprises of briefs, tanga briefs, low cut briefs, jockstraps, boxers, bottomless, tanktop, shorts, longsleeves & meggings that are available in light-blue, khaki & camel. Unique and stylish pieces ready to be explored.

Modus Vivendi Unexpected Line is available from €24.80 and you can discover the products here.

November 2021. The Christmas Shop 2021 is now open!

Christmas is all around! All fashion gift ideas that will fill your loved ones with delight are now available. This year guide is serving black, gold and of course the all-time classic red color! Let’s go, it’s time to get in a sparkling mood!

If you are searching for the most stylish underwear, our wide collection will definitely fulfil you. Pumper yourself too, by choosing a special present for you or for your beloved partner 

It is that time of the year to wear anything that shines and look glamorous. Modus Vivendi is here to help you to renew your festivewear with some of most fabulous pieces that you could possibly wear during those Christmas nights. Glitter, glow & sparkle are the key elements of a fabulous outfit. Tanktop & shirts more glowing than ever.

Feel the bliss of luxury and festive loungewear made by Modus Vivendi. The glamorous and fabulous pieces are ready to be explored. Suitable for any occasion, robes, pjs & pants are the perfect gift from Santa Claus.

Last but not least, accessories to look glamorous at New Year’s Eve. A wide collection of socks, garters / suspenders, cookwear, cock rings, belts & hats for fabulous nights during Christmas holidays.

The Guide comprises of thongs, briefs, tanga briefs, low cut briefs, jockstraps, boxers, Tanktop, pants, robes, pjs & socks available in the most festive colors. Black, gold & red. Glamorous and festive pieces ready to be explored.

Modus Vivendi Christmas Guide is available from only €5.50 and you can discover the products here.

King Cheetah Line is all about symbolism of the transition from the urban lifestyle, to a more balanced and natural way of life. The three unique lines of the wild animal, appeared on King Cheetah Line too, represent these roads that we need to constantly adapt to survive but also protect our surroundings. We are usually running away from our problems, while we should be running against them, solving them. So, be strong and do it always with joy and style.

Sexy and unique designs, made for confident men only. You can find plenty pieces that are made of jacquard fabrics, knitted with metallic yarns and also combined with a foil printed triangle pouches or stripes. These luxury body jewels will give you the iron will, to achieve your life accomplishments.

The Line comprises of briefs, tanga briefs, low cut briefs, jockstraps, boxers, tanktop & pants that are available in gun-metal & rose-gold colors. Fashionable and stylish pieces ready to be explored.

Modus Vivendi King Cheetah Line is available from €24.00 and you can discover the products here.


Photographer: Xanthos Georgiou @canthosstudio / Model: Andrew Antoniou @andrewwwanton / Campaign: King Cheetah / Location: Cyprus

L.A. Prayer was born by the concept of unity, good intention and calm. Our lives are overwhelmed by anxiety and an existential agony that can be relieved and even cured by a conversation with our higher self, meditation or prayer. Find the time, do the talk and free yourself from unnecessary burdens because life is to be lived. Transform your environment, wear some comfortable clothes and transcend to your better mood and self. 

Designs characterized by simplicity and aesthetics, designs that feature shiny elasticated waistbands and also sting lines on the back with an innovative boost back technique. This line also offers anatomic pouch, nothing more and nothing less! 

Designs that can also be transformed. You can either roll up the wide waist or wear it down and transform your boxer to a mini skirt style. Clothes that has series of functional buttons on both sides, onesie that offers extra freedom and drop crotch joggers, with elasticated cuffs for extreme freedom for either indoor or outdoor activities. Fabulous, elegant and comfortable pieces that are either made of cotton or viscose fabrics and treated by Global Organic Textile Standards.

As our routine is full of anxiety, such pieces will help you feel more free and comfy. Offered and dedicated to all those who are looking for freedom and serenity through a stylist aesthetic.

The Line comprises of briefs, tanga briefs, low cut briefs, t-strings, boxers, shorts, onesie & meggings that are available in grey, sand and striped colors. Fashionable and stylish pieces ready to be explored.

Modus Vivendi L.A. Prayer Line is available from €21.00 and you can discover the products here.

Photographer: David Vance @davidvancephoto / Models: John Wallace @john.wa11ace , Monika Ell @aerial_momo & Kevin Selby @scubsters / Campaign: L.A. Prayer / Location: Florida, USA