db_file_img_429_1200xautoAs someone with a lot of underwear it is hard to pick my favorite pair of underwear. My favorite can change as quick as the weather does here in Oregon, and that is very quickly. I have a few pairs that I love and would call favorites but there is one pair I want to wear all the time.

My current favorite pair was actually reviewed by Alex on here. It is the MyPackage Weekday boxer briefs. What makes me love these so much is the fabric. It is made from 95% Modal and 5% spandex. I don’t know if I have ever felt such a comfortable pair of underwear before. They also stretch perfectly over my bubble butt and with all the movements I make during the day.

The color of this pair is really fun too…it is bright orange with a nice sea foam green color on the inside of the waistband. They are bright and just fun to look at…they may be plain looking just like boxer briefs, but I feel the color makes them interesting.

Another part I love is the pouch, even though I don’t need a big pouch. MyPackage includes KeyHole technology that is a nice comfortable pouch to hold your package. The special pouch also helped to keep your “boys” from getting sticky and sweaty during the day.

So if you get a change I highly recommend you check out MyPackage….I also have the Weekend Boxer Briefs and love them as well.

mypakage-weekendThe pair I am reviewing is a pair of black MyPakage Weekend Boxer Brief. I had never heard of this brand so I was really curious. On the front of the package it mentions keyhole comfort technology, which looked really interesting from description and the picture. When I pulled them from the packaging they were so soft. I don’t remember the last pair of underwear I got that was this soft.

I wore this pair twice. The first day I wore them when I went to work. I was curious how the “keyhole comfort technology” would feel. It is some elastic that your bits fit inside. I must say I wasn’t that impressed since I didn’t do these justice in the pouch region. This pair is very soft to wear, but I noticed I was having to pull my pants up constantly because they were sliding on the underwear. I wore them to work and the constant readjusting was troublesome. They were comfortable but not the best for work.

The second day I wore them on the weekend when I was just going to be lounging. They were extremely comfortable and seemed to perform better when I wasn’t as active. Though once again I wasn’t filling the pouch area and so the keyhole comfort technology didn’t do much for me.

This pair is a size small that covers a 28 to 30 inch waist. I am a 28 to 29 inch waist and have a bubble butt so normally have no issue. The waist of the pair fit me perfectly, it stayed in place and looked good. The rest of the boxer brief seemed loose on me, even on the butt. Normally my butt stretches all pairs but this pair had some extra room on the butt. These felt more boxer like to me than boxer brief. This pair is made of 95% modal and 5% spandex which makes them so soft. I love how that material felt against my skin.


  • Super comfortable material
  • Waistband stayed in place


  • Pouch was too roomy for me
  • Fit more like boxers
  • Caused my pants to slide down some


  • Daily Fit – 7
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction/Material – 9
  • Styling – 8
  • Daily Performance – 7
  • Overall – 7.8

MyPakage furnished this pair for review.


The one thing I love about UNB is the ability to try new brands of underwear. Over the last few years I have tried brands I never would have heard of any other way. Many of those have become my favorites.  I was given a pair of MyPakage as a gift. It is not my usual style of underwear, but the pouch intrigued me.

The Boxer Briefs are made with the patented KeyHole Comfort Technology. “The 3-dimensional internal pouch provides both unparalleled support and comfort. By cradling the male package, our KeyHole Comfort Technology™ allows absolute freedom and eliminates the need for any shifting and adjusting.” Which makes a really interesting pouch design. I was kind of skeptical but as they say looks can be deceiving.

I received a large and to me it seemed to be a little big. I am just about to be back in a 36 in waist. The large fits 34-36 inch waists, which seemed to to be almost a little too big fit . The material is a 93% Modal and 7% Spandex, making it really soft. The fabric composition was one of the favorite things. The KeyHole Comfort is another great great feature. The pouch that is created is an ergonomically designed one. It really gave good support and held up through the day.

My biggest complaint with boxer briefs is they ride up in the legs. This pair did ride up but it wasn’t too bad. If they had a little more elastic in the waistband legs, this problem could be solved. No other major complaints for this pair. I wore these at an active day at work. They held up nicely.


  • Super Soft Materials
  • Great patented KeyHole Comfort Technology pouch


  • Legs bunched and rode up


  • Fit – 3.5
  • Materials – 5
  • Construction – 5
  • Look – 4.5
  • Daily Wear – 3.5
  • Overall – 4.3


You can find these at the MyPakage website. They also have a list of retailers as well as an online store.