This weekend I had a chance to talk to Eric, the founder and CEO of Neude. Neude just recently launched a Kickstarter on Wednesday. As I write this, they are already halfway to their goal of $10,000 and will reach their goal of $15,000 eof asy!

Our talk I found out that Eric has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years, including being a stylist for many A-list clients, which many of you may have seen on the red carpet. He’s taking this experience and channeling it into to his new brand Neude.

When I talked to Eric, he said one of his primary goals was to focus on sustainability. This includes the packaging and the items he produces. I know that more and more guys are looking for sustainability in their underwear. Outside of sustainability, here are some areas his brand is going to offer:

  • A comfortable fit
  • Breathable fabric
  • Supportive & lifting features
  • Neutral styling options
  • Versatility for any outfit

Lastly, one thing that struck me about him is he’s going to make a brand for all men. He’s not focused on guys with abs who are 20 years old. This first line will be small, but I expect him to grow his line into more colors and styles! Go check out the Neude Kickstarter and when they go live for sale, we will let you know.