Pool Boy Swimwear


Do you love super fun printed swimwear? If you answered yes, there is a new brand that you need to check out. It’s called Pool Boy Swimwear. I saw the owner post about it on Facebook, I wasn’t aware the people that brought you Cheap Undies is now making amazing swimwear!

I will say I do love this new line. The prints are just super fun. They are for a lack of better word whimsical. The ducks, sharks, cherries and more would be fun to rock at any beach or pool.

Our last swim collection of the summer has arrived and we’re going out with a bang! For this exclusive collection we’re offering a ton fun print options in our sexy swim brief and swim shorts. Our staple swim briefs not only fit well, but stand out! This design features a classic contoured pouch that is double lined. Needless to say, if being the center of attention is your thing, these are the ultimate summer accessory to enhance your warm weather wardrobe. Hurry and get yours before they’re gone!

The swimwear comes in swim shorts and briefs. Priced around $30 for briefs and $35 for shorts is a pretty good deal. You could get a few of these at a time!

Go check out Pool Boy Swimwear!! I think you will find a few pairs you will love!