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Today is the day of swimwear at UNB! Today we wanted to share a classic swim brief with you guys. We also wanted a new and brands. Quid & Buck is one we have profiled once before but thought we def should give it another look over! So I looked through the Quid & Buck site for the perfect pair and the Black/White Panel brief was perfect.

Coming up I remember wearing the actual Speedo brand swim briefs. I have always had a thing for the classic 2-3 inch sides of a swim brief. Some of their patterns and prints have been out there. Quid & Buck have that classic feel to me. The sides are closer to 2 inch rather than three of the competition briefs.

In the world of swimwear you can have solids alway the way to super crazy designs. Everything has its time and place and I have worn the gamut of swimwear. This pair caught my eye for the simplicity of the design. Simplicity is not a bad thing to me. Sometimes simple is best. Also, white swimwear is not the norm, it can be see through and a bit on the naughty side. That said I don’t think this pair is see through when went.

This pair is not on the cheap side. It retails for $69.50 on the Quid & Buck site. We are seeing more and more mid to high end swimwear companies come on the market. This is a good thing for the world of swim because guys are buying it. It’s broadening the market of men’s swimwear. Also, it’s getting more swim briefs out in public. Which is always a great thing.

If you are interested in this pair or want to see more of Quid & Buck has to offer head over to their site and see some awesome swimwear.

polka+brief+featureFinding new companies is one of my favorite things to do here at UNB. The new brand I found is thanks to Eric Turner. He posted a picture in this brief and I had to investigate who made it. The company is called Quid & Buck. They make awesome swimwear! Here is the post I found the brand on:

@erictastic sporting our Polka Dot brief and looking pretty damn awesome.

Posted by Quid & Buck on Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Here is a bit about the company: We launched in 2015, with great ambitions to become THE swim destination for men looking for a cooler, higher quality swimsuit. Based in the U.S but designed by our London team, we bring you a British take on classic swim cuts, that will see you through any pool or beach time, in style.

The Navy/Burgundy swim brief is a blue background with burgundy dots. This make the pair not so over the top. The dots don’t stand out but mix in and make the pair a lot more interesting. At first it took me a minute to see the dots. The material is a 85% Polyester, 15% Nylon blend. Which they say hand wash and don’t tumble dry. Note that before you buy! Do not put in the washing machine.

They make a point to say its true to US Sizing. But note the sizes are based on inch size and not a range. The sizing is small to XL and the XL is a 36 waist. A medium is 32. Pay attention to the sizing chart if you plan to order!

If you love the pair it retails for $69.50 on the Quid & Buck site, also check out all the other great pairs!