Harnesses are growing in popularity. One brand making some super fun ones is Raystraints. I found him on Instagram and had to interview him.
Harnesses have been growing in popularity the last year, how did you get into the harness business?  
My weekend job is working as a Jell-O shot guy at our local gay bar in San Jose, CA (@SplashSJC). When I started, I would wear what the gogo dancers wore. I’ve always been into “gear” and stumbled upon harnesses worn by Club Papi gogo dancers. I looked on IG & searched #Harness and came across a few pages and that’s how I started incorporating harnesses into my bar looks.
Making harnesses why do you think harnesses are gaining popularity and possibly going mainstream?
Harnesses are an extremely sexy accessory to any outfit. Worn alone, with underwear or layered with clothes, they show a sexy confidence in whatever body lines you have. Harnesses are now even being built into one piece singlets where no underwear is even needed. Also, Harnesses have been around for a while. There are quite a few brands I personally have been a fan/follower/customer of in the past few years. I think that harnesses themselves were initially viewed as what people would consider fetish or gogo gear. However, in the last few years, there have been trends of harnesses being worn outside those typical norms like street wear. There are designers who had incorporated them into fashion designs. The lines of a harness work in more fabrics than just elastic or stretch materials. This past season of Project Runway showed some awesome uses of harnesses in unconventional challenges.
You currently don’t have a website, which you said was coming, is Instagram the way you are getting your name out there?
Instagram was how I happened to find and purchase my first harnesses. My instagram was how I started to put myself out there as a jello shot guy. Naturally, my followers were the first to see the process from the beginning and as I created harnesses for myself, I posted the pics of the progress and me wearing them. Interest was sparked, DMs came in & requests for pieces started. I intend on putting together a portfolio of styles, professional photographed & start an Etsy page.
The designs you come up with are pretty creative. Where do you get your creativity for harnesses?
I literally have bins full of harnesses I bought from other designers. I first started by deconstructing pieces I stretched out and used them as pattern pieces to recreate them for myself. Started with super thick elastic and a hot glue gun haha but that first style I perfected in hot glue is still one of my most popular. Now, I have a 3/4 mannequin to help create them on thanks to @alotmoore & I have body form sketches I copied thanks to @eyeizright . I sketch ideas just playing with lines on the body and then I put it on the mannequin. There’s no right or wrong way to get creative. Sometimes even after a sketch, the final product ends up a different design. I just like things to look sexy and alluring BUT can be worn on any body size.
What has been the reaction on Instagram to your designs?
The reaction has been CRaZY!!! Every time I post a #CustomerSelfie sent to me & customers post & tag me, I get DMs like crazy. I tend to sew at night and post the pics of the finished product before bed and wake up to order requests.
Are you planning to make more than just harnesses?
I recently just dabbled with making a harness style tshirt. I definitely have a long way to go with learning of fabrics & patterns & garment creation. I want to dabble with underwear and jock straps but I want to perfect harnesses first.
Is there someone you would love to see in your designs?
My favorite underwear models and Gogo dancers @travis_yukarin, @brandonshieldsla, @arad.winwin & any of the @jeffreysanker @whitepartypalmsprings gogo dancers 😍😍😍 I am totally open for suggestions. If YOu GuYs think anyone specific would look good in my gear, tag them on my page or tag me on theirs. Body size makes no difference (go check out @sixfootfiveguy in my body harness).
If someone wants to commission you to design a harness what do they need to do?
I ask they DM me on Instagram @ray_the_robot or @raystraints. Send me a screen shot of the style you like or even a sketch. Be understanding that I don’t work with fabric yet. But once a design is picked, we discuss colors, details and price. Payment accepted via Cash App or PayPal.